What the Pro-Aborts Won't Say in D.C.

The American abortion lobby is poised to hold its death march in Washington, D.C., and renew their commitment to the slaughter of premature babies.  Of course, they will cynically disguise their agenda as concern for the lives of women who might be killed if abortion is again made illegal.

As always, these people are lying through their teeth and as proof I predict the following:

1) There will be no mention of the women who are currently being killed in their "safe and legal" abortion clinics.  At LifeDynamics.com, we list several hundred of them and we know of several hundred more including at least six in just the last few months.

2) There will be no mention of the American women who are being murdered by pro-choice men because these women refuse to submit to abortions.  This is a common and very well-documented problem that has victimized women for years.

3) There will be no mention of the suspected link between abortion and breast cancer.

4) There will be no mention of the women who are raped and sexually assaulted in these "safe and legal" abortion clinics.  This problem was well documented in my book, Lime 5.

5) There will be no mention of the almost universal use by abortion-industry lawyers of the "slut or nut" defense against women who bring malpractice suits against abortionists.

6) There will be no mention of what the abortion industry intends to do about the substandard quacks they know are working in their "safe and legal" abortion clinics.  Even some industry apologists have admitted that they can only attract the washouts and losers of medicine, with one chain of clinics killing at least 10 women as of February of 2000.

7) There will be no mention of what the abortion industry plans to do to stop over-the-counter sales of emergency contraceptives despite the fact that these drugs are known to cause serious problems in some women.

8) There will be no mention of the new internet abortion business in which the pro-choice crowd is teaching underage girls how to use powerful and dangerous drugs to induce abortions on themselves.  In the past, these drugs have proven to be potentially fatal, even with medical supervision.  Now, the abortion industry is showing 13-year-olds how to get them without a prescription.

9) There will be no mention of the fact that the American abortion industry is currently operating a nationwide pedophile protection racket (see ChildPredators.com) despite the known consequences for young girls who are victimized by older men.

The list goes on and on, but the point is that one would have to be either stupid or naive to believe that America's abortion profiteers care about the welfare of their customers.  As is always the case with these people, the bottom line is ... the bottom line.

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We MUST start a Pro-Life politician training camp! Let's scout for some REAL Men and REAL Women to start handling this country's leadership! Begin with local city, county, legislature, state, and national.
I feel the mess we are in today, and what a depraved mess it is, is because WE are NOT challenging the politicians (most of whom are lawyers) or secular media.
If you aren't commenting on at least 3 Pro-Abort stories a day, (via Pro-Life America.com, etc.) you aren't doing much of anything to speak of. Shame on you. Have an ounce of courage, a drop of energy, BE ON THE TEAM THAT WILL WIN BECAUSE OF YOU!! We love you and even more, NEED YOU!

I also believe we should get Pro-Life national celebrity spokes-persons in movies, art, music, sports, drama, TV, fashion, etc. Whack the world with our BEST SHOT. Go completely public with the realities of abortion and all it's ramifications. Hit hard and raw....and stop ''preaching to the the choir''! Hitting the demons with the bible is great, but ... I think Christian's have their hands full hitting each other with the bible... rather, hit the demon with new political Pro-Life candidates, celebrities, and reality in terms of humanity. God can enter through that in the somewhat open door.

We should have access to every Media by phone, e-mail and letter. Difficult to find that information. Every reporter should be investigated and reported on their bias, publicly.
# Posted By Gera Schmidt | 2/28/08 2:37 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics