Beat Down Women

The pro-choice crowd continues to use the sales pitch that legal abortion is something that empowers women.  This is, of course, and out-an-out lie.

If you want to see the weakest and most subservient women in America, just stand in front of the nearest abortion clinic and look at the faces of the customers going inside.  What you will see is sadness, desperation, fear, and resignation. 

What you will not see is women who feel empowered or in control.  These faces make it clear that, like suicide, abortion is a choice made by tragic people who have been convinced they have no choice.  Better than anyone else, women who submit to abortion understand why no woman was ever admired for her abortion, and why no woman ever bragged about her abortion, and why no woman ever climbed off an abortionist's table felling better about herself than she did when she climbed onto it. 

This loony idea that having a clean place to kill their babies is the cornerstone of women's equality, is simply a marketing tool of the abortion industry.  It is also a perversion of real feminism.  With almost no exceptions, pioneers of the women's movement like Susan B. Anthony, Mattie Brinkerhoff, Sarah Norton, Emma Goldman, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were outspoken opponents of legal abortion.  Alice Paul, who wrote the original Equal Rights Amendment, called abortion the ultimate exploitation of women.  Even suffragist newspapers such as Woodhull's and Claflin's Weekly had editorial policies which openly attacked both abortion and abortionists.

These early feminists never bought the idea that women need surgery in order to be equal to men.  They saw that abortion is patronizing and paternalistic and that a woman's willingness to submit to it doesn't free her, it devalues her.  They also understood that legalized abortion is nothing more than a safety net for sexually predatory and sexually irresponsible men.  And that may explain why – since the day this battle began – polls have consistently shown that the greatest support for legal abortion comes from men, not women.   

The fact is, as pro-life feminist Melissa Simmons-Tulin once said, “Women will never climb to equality over the dead bodies of their children.”

Get a Grip

Last night, the American people took the Republican Party to the woodshed.  Immediately, frantic pro-lifers across the country began pacing back and forth feverously wringing their hands.

While understandable, this reaction is wholly unjustified.  Let’s not forget that when Bill Clinton was elected, the abortion lobby and their media stooges tried to talk us into quitting by telling us that the battle was over.  That was not true about the 1992 elections and it will not be true about the 2006 elections. 

In the first place, God did not lose His office.  He’s still sitting on the throne and He’s not going anywhere.  Second, this election was not a referendum on abortion.  In fact, during the campaign the Democrats did everything they could to keep it from becoming one.  Their constant attempts to politically insulate themselves from their radical pro-abortion position proved, once again, that even they know it’s a loser.

Third, several of the Democrats who were elected are pro-life and some of the Republicans who lost were pro-abortion.  Given that the GOP was never going to let these Republicans lose in the primaries, the only way they were ever going to be voted out was by the Democrats.  And that’s what happened. 

Fourth, the fate of the pro-life cause has never been joined at the hip with the fate of the Republican party – and it should never become so!   Without a doubt, the most irresponsible thing the pro-life movement could ever do would be to put the lives of helpless babies and desperate moms into the hands of those clowns and jugglers found inside the GOP’s “big tent.”

The bottom line is, the Republicans got what was coming to them.  In the so-called “Republican Revolution” of 1994, they were given control over both houses of Congress for the first time in generations.  Then in 2000, they kept that control and added the presidency.  But with time, it became clear that these people believe in little, will fight for even less, and are just as corrupt as the Democrats.  In the end, they squandered the opportunities they were given in 1994 and the beating they just took was predictable, inevitable and well-deserved.    

So let’s just get back to work and let the Republicans lick their own wounds.  Our attitude should be that if one of the nation’s political parties ever decides to get serious about stopping this holocaust, they know where to find us.  In the mean time, we’ve got babies to save.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics