What the Devil is a RoeBot?

For years, the pro-life movement has grappled with the issue of what to call the people who defend legal abortion.

Calling them “pro-abortion” allows them to tie us up in some loopy “am not / am too” argument about whether they are pro-abortion or pro-choice.  And while this circus is going on, no one is talking about the killing of children or the butchering of their moms, which is exactly what the other side wants.  The fact is, one of their fundamental strategies has always been to avoid defending – or even talking about – abortion itself.  Luring us into some meaningless argument like this is the perfect way to do that.

On the other hand, we don’t want to call them pro-choice and reinforce their fraudulent claim that the issue is not abortion but choice.  However, while that is a valid concern, in my book ProLife Answers, I give specific examples of situations in which we actually benefit from calling them pro-choice. 

But now I’ve come up with another potential solution to this problem.  Why don’t we simply start referring to them as RoeBots.

Think about it.  What better way could there be to describe someone with a brain-dead allegiance to Roe vs. Wade.  After all, if the last thirty years have proven anything, it is that these people have been thoroughly programed.  When forced to defend their position, all they can do is mindlessly, and without question, regurgitate the abortion mafia’s standard worn-out “party line.”  Any way you look at it, when the switch is flipped on, they are instantly oblivious to all human reason and morality.    

I may be wrong, but that sure sounds like a RoeBot to me.

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Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics