Figures Dont Lie But Liars Do Figure

Our enemies consistently claim that most Americans are pro-choice and that there is no consensus in the United States for making abortion illegal.  then they’ll trot out some poll that seems to back up their argument.  

But remember, the pro-choice position is that abortion on demand should be legal through all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason whatsoever or no reason whatsoever, and paid for with tax dollars.  And there has never been even one poll which showed majority support for that.  The most that can be said is that a majority of people may support abortion in the extremely rare “hard-case” situations.  Since even abortion industry studies show that virtually no abortions are done for these reasons, the only conclusion is that most Americans do not support the vast majority of abortions that are actually performed. 

The fact is, this “pro-choice majority” lie is nothing more than political spin and the abortion industry’s own actions prove it.  Anyone who truly believes their viewpoint has majority support will steer their battles toward the legislatures where majorities rule.  But the abortion lobby has spent over 30 years doing whatever it takes to keep abortion out of the legislatures and in the courts.  Only people who know they can’t win in the legislatures – the court of public opinion – would do that.  

As for the consensus issue, let’s not forget that, in 1850, there was no consensus in America for outlawing slavery or allowing women to vote.  There was also a time when the popular consensus was that the earth is flat.  In fact, world history is littered with examples where “consensus” simply meant that most of the fools were on one side. 

Moreover, if consensus is what should drive out country’s abortion policy, that’s just one more reason to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  After all, no one can honestly claim that, in 1973, there was a consensus in America for legalizing unrestricted abortion on demand.

And that’s still true today. 

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Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics