Decisions In The Dark

In recent years, organizations like the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, Pro-Life Action League, Justice for All, Missionaries to the Preborn and others have been displaying graphic images of abortion in public places. Their goal is to show the American people exactly what this holocaust is about.

Of course, whenever they do this the pro-choice gang goes ballistic. After all, when people commit crimes against humanity it is natural that they would prefer to operate in the shadows. Abortion defenders hate the graphic images of abortion for the same reason they panic over technology like 4-D and color ultrasound. Both expose realities the abortion lobby needs to keep hidden. Ultrasound transforms the pro-life argument that the unborn are living human beings from a belief into an observable fact. The graphic photos prove that abortion is the brutal murder of those children.

Until now, the abortion lobby's effort to stop this public exposure campaign often centers around the claim that the pictures are phony. Fortunately, that lie has been a colossal flop. The public may not like being forced to see these graphic images, but they have not been tricked into believing that the pro-life movement sits around and fabricates them.

So now, our enemy is rolling out a new strategy. Their latest claim is that the pro-life movement should not be allowed to show these pictures because they traumatize women.

Let's make one thing clear. The only women who may be emotionally damaged by seeing these images are those who have had abortions. Women who have not had abortions have no reason to be traumatized by them. In other words, it is abortion that causes the damage, not the pictures of abortion. If that were not the case, the graphic images would have the same effect on women who have not had abortions as they have on those who have. But no one is claiming that to be true.

When abortion apologists respond that women who've had abortions would not be traumatized if they didn't actually see what they had done, it is evidence of the paternalistic attitude these people have toward women. The fact is legal abortion survives only because the abortion industry does whatever it takes to keep both the public and its customers in the dark.

Now, if that is not true, here is a way to resolve this whole problem. If the abortion industry is so concerned about post-aborted women being traumatized by seeing these images, why don't they show them to their customers before they actually do the abortion? That way, the women who might be traumatized could make another "choice" and no woman would ever again be able to claim that she didn't know what she was doing.

Of course, that's the very reason this will never happen. Abortion profiteers know that many, if not most, of their customers would fly out the door if they saw what abortion really is. Make no mistake, the pro-choice gang is aware of the seesaw relationship between abortion information and abortion rates. They know that for either to go up the other must go down. Once that is recognized, it doesn't take a genius to do the math.

The bottom line is the pro-choice gang has inflicted a crippling emotional trauma on American women. Now they are trying to blame it on the people who tried to prevent the abortions in the first place. Like I've said many times, the gall and hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking.


We Hate to Say, We Told You So. But

From the day the battle over abortion began, the pro-life movement has been saying that repeat abortions are a natural and logical progression of the pro-choice mentality.  Unfortunately, a new study by the research arm of Planned Parenthood – the operator of America’s largest chain of abortion mills – reveals that we have been right all along.

Statistics released by the Alan Guttmacher Institute show that repeat abortions are on the rise and that about half of all abortions in the U.S. are now done on women who have had at least one previous abortion.  That is up from about 40 percent just a few years ago.  We have also seen other research indicating that it is no longer uncommon for women to have several abortions.

This new information should surprise no one.  After all, watch any serial killer interviewed on television and you will hear him say that killing becomes easier each time it’s done.  It would be illogical to think that this phenomenon does not apply to moms killing their own babies.

For the pro-choice crowd, these latest revelations have created a public relations minefield.  Remember, since before Roe vs. Wade, these people have always said that abortion is never used as birth control and that women use it responsibly and only in the rarest of circumstances.  For them to now defend the practice of women having repeat abortions would confirm the fact that they’ve been lying all these years.  

In an effort to dodge that admission and appear reasonable to the average person, the abortion lobby’s damage control strategy is to give the illusion that even they don’t support women having multiple abortions.  The good news is that their new position is illogical, dishonest and easily exposed.

Imagine that five individual women had their first abortions today, and a sixth woman had her fifth abortion.  According to the abortion lobby’s newly concocted standard, what the five women did is okay but the sixth woman’s behavior is unacceptable.  The obvious flaw is that, in both cases, the same number of abortions happened.  In other words, by the abortion industry’s macabre reasoning, it is acceptable for five women to kill five children but not acceptable for one woman to kill five children.

There is also a second philosophical question raised by the abortion industry’s contrived concern over repeat abortion.  Simply put, if elective abortion is morally defensible, and if it is not the taking of an innocent human life, then what is the basis for saying it is wrong for a woman to have 10 or 20 or a 100 of them?  Abortion is either right or it’s not, and how frequently it occurs has no bearing on that question. 

The bottom line is, it is naked hypocrisy for the choice mafia to sell abortion as a constitutional right which protects women and then, for political cover, condemn women who freely – or even repeatedly – exercise that right.  It is also dishonest.  For these people to claim that they are uncomfortable with women having multiple abortions is as phony as it would be if the CEO of General Motors claimed to be uncomfortable with people buying more than one car.   

So don’t be deceived.  The only people in America unhappy about repeat abortions are the same ones unhappy about first-time abortions.  That would be you and me.  As for our enemies, a pregnant woman can walk into any one of their death camps and say she is there for her 15th abortion and the only thing that would keep her feet out of the stirrups is a lack of money.  And you can bet the family farm that the killing of her latest baby would not cause the hired killers to lose one moment’s sleep.

Counting the Costs

Today, the American holocaust is 34-years-old and, so far, it has claimed about 50 million victims.  These children had committed no crime, they were given no trial, there was no judge, no jury, no appeal, and no stay of execution.  They were simply carried into an American death camp and killed.  

It is easy to expose the incoherent logic used by the Supreme Court to justify its Roe vs. Wade decision.  We can also make a perfect case that the justices responsible for it – and those who have reaffirmed it since – were not just wrong, but willfully evil.

However, what is often overlooked about Roe vs. Wade its implied suggestion that a nation can execute millions of innocent human beings without consequence.  That assumption is a testament to the unfettered stupidity of man.  There is always a price to pay for tolerating evil. 

Think about this.  Those of us who are baby boomers didn't give America legalized abortion.  The 1973 Supreme Court was made up exclusively of people from the World War Two generation.  However, it has been baby boomers who have had the most abortions. 

Now shortly, we'll be reaching retirement age in numbers that are going to financially overwhelm the Social Security and healthcare systems.  And so the question becomes: in a nation that morally bankrupted itself by using child sacrifice to address social problems, why would any solution to the social problems created by the elderly be unthinkable? 

After all, if we believe God was serious when he said that man reaps what he sows, we cannot ignore the fact that a generation which killed one quarter of its own children because it saw them as inconvenient, unhealthy or expensive, is about to become inconvenient, unhealthy and expensive itself.

Like I said, evil always has a cost. 

Not So Fast There, Bub

In 2004, Arizona abortionist, Brian Finkel, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for sexually assaulting patients. 

But recently, the Phoenix New Times received a letter from one of Finkel’s cell mates, convicted child molester James Stites, stating that Finkel was bragging to all his fellow prisoners that he would be getting out soon because the state had made mistakes during his trial. 

Stites told the paper that he was alarmed about the possibility of Finkel being unleashed on the public.  He said that Finkel was always talking about how much he loved his job because he got to play with a lot of breasts and rub his patient’s crotchs.  The good news is, despite Finkel’s jailhouse delusions, authorities are saying that he is not going anywhere.  In fact, they say he will not even be eligible for parole for at least 20 years. 

With that settled, the most interesting aspect of this story is that this pro-choice hero is so disgusting that even baby rapers don’t want to see him out on the streets.  Of course, what Mr. Stites and the rest of America don’t understand is that inmate Finkel is no worse than the overwhelming majority of abortionists currently working in America’s death camps. 

The only difference is that he got caught.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics