It’s Time to Lose the Rose-Colored Glasses

A woman recently came onto the Forum to talk about the grief she was experiencing over the miscarriage of her unborn child.  The response she received was very revealing.  Immediately, she was verbally savaged by two of the pro-choice hyenas who routinely patrol the forum.  One of them ridiculed her and called her a “drama queen” saying, “you have lost nothing.”  Shortly, the other one joined the feeding frenzy and informed the woman that she should just get on with her life since an unborn child is nothing more than a “bump in the belly” 

Now you can be assured that both of these people have seen sonogram images and know exactly what the unborn child is and is not.  So not only were they coldly indifferent to this woman’s suffering, they knew that they were lying about the nature of her loss.  But in their small minds, any discussion that acknowledges the humanity of the unborn is a threat to the pro-choice political agenda.  If protecting that agenda means that a grief-stricken mom has to be demeaned and attacked, so be it.

Of course, more sophisticated pro-choice types would have known better than to go into the public and make such moronic and heartless statements.  It’s not that they don’t feel that way, it’s just not good public relations to admit it.  But the fact is, this attack was a perfect reflection of the pro-choice mentality.

However, in a world where the reality of the unborn is becoming harder to deny, many in the pro-choice mob will now concede that the unborn child is indeed a living human being.  But they still contend that it is okay to butcher them.  In their war to advance their demented worldviews and political agendas, they consider the humanity of the unborn as inconsequential and their deaths as collateral damage.   And that is quickly becoming the core operating principle of the pro-choice movement. 

It also defines the nature of our enemies.  Although some pro-lifers would prefer to see them as just misguided or uninformed people with whom we have a philosophical disagreement, that is simply not the case.  With almost no exceptions, those who most vehemently defend legalized abortion are morally bankrupt, self-absorbed people who dismiss concepts like “right and wrong” as quaint and irrelevant. 

At the moment we accept that reality, we gain a much better understanding of what it takes to beat these people.   In short, if we want to stop the killing we must not be naïve about the killers.

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Quite so, Mark.

The most cruel persons-- those who would destroy the most vulnerable-- must labor to portray themselves as compassionate defenders of "reproductive rights," "women's rights," whatever. But their denial of the truth, no matter how it's painted, is ugly testament to denial of the Holy Spirit who evinces himself in everyone through the natural law that's written on the human heart.

While we must endeavor to change our perverted society and laws through the avenues of human institutions-- courts, legislatures, etc.-- we also must pray and catechize toward their conversion.
# Posted By John Francis Borra | 8/23/07 9:13 AM
i think that abortion is every woman choice i have done 2 abortions h ions and i am an abortionist so i think that everything is a choice
# Posted By clementine | 9/19/07 1:55 PM
We MUST gather immediately to establish "A-Teams" Pro-Life perspective political candidate lineups that will run against current Pro-Abort politicians. "Vote out the Vile, Vote in the Victory!" With a tandem of comprehensive guidance and advisory consultants, any Pro-Life politician newcomers in the "A-Team" lineups will be formidable challengers to the reigning Pro-Abort government leaders.
The media exposure alone, of Pro-Abort murder mentality stances, will be an advance to ending the apathy of ignorance dilemma! Talk about talking about the ugly reality of abortion! Wow, what a forum!
Wake Up! Shake it Up!! We Can Do!!! May God's Will be Our Movement.
N O W !!!
(Can it get anymore exciting and positive than this?)
Pro-Life posse mount immediately! Charge forward courageously to reclaim Our Mountains of Compassion, Humanitarianism and Truth in the Glory of Love and Life.
# Posted By Gera Schmidt | 2/21/08 9:55 AM
Look at the best example of this concept I have just discovered!!!

Let's duplicate immediately!
# Posted By Gera Schmidt | 6/1/08 3:04 AM

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