Why the Big Rush?

As I watch Congress deal with the mess on Wall Street, three things come to mind.


First, we are once again forced to watch as a collection of buffoons who couldn’t run a lemonade stand are allowed to manipulate the largest economy in the history of the world.  In all fairness, however, I will concede that it is possible that they will make sound financial decisions.  If pressed to give the odds of that actually happening, I’d say they are roughly the same as the odds that a monkey flailing away at a typewriter would type out the Old Testament.    


Second, I am suspicious of the speed at which this calamity unfolded.  It seems that within about an-hour-and-a-half after all this became public, Congress was in emergency session.  Then a few minutes later, a trillion-dollar bailout plan was announced as if it were a done-deal which, as we now know, it wasn’t. 


I get the uneasy feeling that Congress wants this whole thing to go away as quickly as possible.  The question is, why?  They are claiming this is the biggest meltdown since the Great Depression, so wouldn’t it be wise to take some time to design the right solution?  So why aren’t they?  And don’t for a moment believe that they are scurrying around like this because they are worried about the impact it will have on the American people.  I will assure you that whenever you see Congress running down the field like their hair is on fire, there is always something in it for them. 


Call me cynical, but it seems to me that Congress wants to get rid of this problem before the public has a chance to figure out that they are the ones who caused it.  And if that is indeed the case, I will also assure you that whatever bill is finally passed will be one that covers-up that reality.  Remember, this is an election year.   


Finally, there are moral considerations related to this problem.  In America today, we want to treat morality as if it is something that only applies to issues like abortion and homosexuality.  But the fact is that every decision a politician makes has a moral component.  In this case, the problem was created by financial institutions that ignored the immorality of loaning money to people that they knew couldn’t pay it back, and consumers who took these loans knowing the same thing.  


The point is that the best financial minds in the world cannot solve this problem if the solution is indifferent to morality.  Unfortunately, when you look at the people in Congress who are in charge of addressing this issue, what you see is that the vast majority have morals that are so low they can support the wholesale slaughter of unborn children.  In short, while their financial qualifications may be weak, their moral qualifications are non-existent.  And we are fooling ourselves if we think that such people can come up with anything more than a temporary patch.

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Has anyone ever done a study that would unveil the amount of money that is made (or should I say exchanged)
directly or indirectly through the abortion industry?
Talking about all of it--money made from the sale of surgical supplies used in abortion clinics, wages for clinics workers,
even the amount paid to the utility companies to keep the lights and heat on. Wasted (murdered) lives.... wasted money.
Who was it, that so-called Wright, who spoke of chickens coming home to roost? Please don't call me anti-American, but our country's gotta change R v. W., or our nation is doomed. Just some thoughts from the wilderness. G'day.
# Posted By Len G. | 10/5/08 9:36 PM
Dear Mark,

As I watch your monthly show LifeTalk on DVD, I would like to ask you if it is better to support a truly Pro Life candidate like Chuck Baldwin or vote for the lesser of two evils like everybody says. Can you please clear up my uncertainty ? Thank You for your helpful insight. God Bless
# Posted By Tom | 10/6/08 10:18 PM
Comment by Eileen on CA Catholic daily website (Monday, October 6, 2008): "Many years ago I went to listen to Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta speak at Veteran's Stadium [Philadelphia?]. I heard with my own two ears, Blessed Mother Teresa say, "the downfall of America will come through the sin of abortion". No sooner had Blessed Mother Teresa finished those words when the 30' American flagpole fell across the stage to the ground. There was complete silence. Everyone wondered if they were witnessing a prophecy. One year later a priest who knew Blessed Mother Teresa told me that when the flagpole fell, it even shocked Blessed Mother Teresa and that she was terrified for America. At the same talk Blessed Mother Teresa said that America had gained technology but that America had lost God. It is time for all of the stubborn and prideful defenders of sin who offend and challenge God's Laws to go to confession. The financial crisis has caught the nation's attention. Look at our priorities. God is in charge. It is time for serious reflection and repentance. That flagpole falling was a merciful warning."
# Posted By Charles O'Connell | 10/8/08 11:29 PM
The abortion meter is nearing the 50 million mark. Before we arrive at that number, I think it should be commemorated by a substantial publicity roll-out. The thanatophile media monopoly made a big deal out of the "6 billionth baby". It could help rally our cause at this dark time.
# Posted By Charles O'Connell | 10/11/08 8:37 AM
It's so amusing that the late Mother Teresa was so terrified about the downfall of America "because of abortion".

Didn't she realize that abortion rates are much higher in the world's poorest countries where it's illegal?

How deliciously ironic ! And the moronic Bush administration which denies desperately needed help to poor countries out of fear that they might make abortion illegal only adds to the number of abortions there because of this. What a bunch of idiots ! If those countries just made abortion LEGAL and got help with contraception and the US government would help them, those high abortion rates would go way down.

Human stupidity and hypocrisy knows no bounds.
# Posted By Robert Berger | 10/14/08 2:04 PM
Worldwide, about 35 of every 1,000 women of childbearing age -- 3.5 percent -- have abortions each year. About 26 million women have legal abortions each year, and about 20 million have illegal abortions. What is most striking about recent studies of abortion around the world is that whether it is legal or not, women are just as likely to get an abortion. The World Health Organization, with AGI, found in 2007 that abortion rates are "virtually" equal in rich and poor countries. Looking at abortion trends from 1995 to 2003, researchers concluded that regardless of restrictive abortion laws, women sought abortions. ~ By Mehribon Abdullaeva, NOW Foundation Policy Intern

Robert Berger, give it up.
# Posted By Defender Of Childlife | 10/18/08 12:44 AM
Murder is sin - Legal or not! Why is it just restricted to
the unborn what next? I'm just saying.... example: new
law a few decades from now? for legal murder women
can kill their children under age 3. (Go to a clinic for killing)
men can assault their pregnant wife/gf because they don't
want the baby. (the women don't make babies alone)

It' doesn't make it right to make it legal.
making it legal tells people - abortion is no big deal
everyones getting one.

I want to protect my children for the future & if these
women get illegal ones something well hopefully hang
over their head knowing this wasn't the right thing to do.
I wish the law had God as the leader in (pure wisdom)
the ten commandments, common sense & morals.

It's not right to murder to fancy the life you want.
Abortion is rarely used as a state of emergency -extreme

6 out of 5 of my friends (not no more) got them.
For selfish reasons.
#1. said she wanted to keep her figure & go tanning.
#2.wanted a better life - what's she doing now? HS drop out &
5 years from now works at a fast food joint.
#3 Her & her boyfriend wanted a good life. 'I don't want
to stop what I want in life for a baby" - her words.
#4 had one baby cheated on her BF with another guy
so aborted the other baby so the BF wouldn't know.
#5 slept around 4+ abortions her method of birth control.

HIT MEN. That the law provides for the innocent ones.

we all have to face the Lord one day!
my brother was almost killed by a baby killer. thank god
my mom did her research & dug deep to understand that this
is the lowest form of evil.

you know what...
evil thrives but is short lived & dies FOREVER!
God is good!

This all makes no sense because it's sin.
# Posted By Kaila | 10/26/08 9:54 PM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics