Obamanistas Storm the Winter Palace

Last night, the American people made history.  Next January, Barack Obama will be sworn-in as the first African-American President of the United States.  And from a purely racial perspective, that’s a good thing.  Although this election will not heal all of our nation’s racial wounds, it at least signals that the wounds don’t have to be permanent. 

Unfortunately, the voters also made another kind of history.  

During the cold war, the communists always claimed that we were foolish to worry about them trying to conquer us militarily.  They said there was no need for that because they had the intent and the patience to take us over through an internal revolution.  The conquest of America was not to be accomplished with bullets but with ballots.

We should have listened.  But we didn’t, and soon the most powerful political office in the world will be handed over to an avowed socialist.  This morning, in some fetid corner of hell, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Joe Stalin are toasting each other.

Although the polls should have prepared us for this, it is still hard to imagine how a nation founded by statesmen like Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton could decay into one run by socialist whores like Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  But that’s what we’ve come to.

For my brothers and sisters in the pro-life movement, I would like to offer a little perspective on this situation.  Before you decide to take a bath with your toaster, remember that God is still in control.  He is not holed-up in some obscure section of heaven pacing back and forth and wringing His hands desperately trying to figure out what His next move should be.  We’re the only ones doing that. 

Be assured that I am not trying to downplay the significance of what just happened.  Besides being a Marxist, Barack Obama is the most rabidly pro-abortion, morally defective and completely unqualified person to ever be given the keys to the Oval Office.  This man is thoroughly evil and I have little doubt that we are likely entering into the most dangerous period in the history of our country.  On the 20th of January, 2009, the fox will not be guarding the henhouse – he will be inside the henhouse.   

Having said that, we need to recall that we’ve been through something similar to this before.  When Slick Willie Clinton and his charming little bride took over, the wailing and gnashing of teeth that ensued from the pro-life community would have frightened the sandals off of anyone in the Old Testament.  But eventually, we got up off the canvas and went back to work.  The result was that, in the following eight years, more abortion clinics closed than at any other time in the history of our movement and the abortion rate plummeted. 

The fact is, the Clintons could not beat us even when they turned the United States Department of Justice into a private police force for the abortion industry – and Barack Obama is not going to beat us now.  We should also acknowledge the possibility that, had McCain won, large segments of the pro-life movement would have gone into hibernation.  After all, we’ve done it before.  But since McCain didn’t win, none of us are sitting back and relying on him to do our work.

So let me tell you what’s going to happen now.

Even on this dark and sickening morning, you and I are going to walk onto the battlefield and fight.  Our mission will not be to merely defeat our enemies, but to drive them into the cold hard ground.  We will settle for nothing less than total victory because that’s the only way the killing will stop.  And if we don’t win today, we are going to return to the battlefield tomorrow with that same attitude and that same resolve.  And we will continue to return every day until God either calls us home or the killing ends. 

Look, we all know that the pro-life movement has its warts.  It is not uncommon for us to do really stupid things and we are always fighting with each other.  But for all we do wrong, there are two things you never have to doubt.  First, we are on the right side of the battle and, second, we will never surrender.  We survived the Billary Clinton juggernaut because we prayed like everything depended on God and fought like everything depended on us.  We will now survive Comrade BO for the same reason.

Are there danger signs?  You bet.  Do we need to be concerned about the Supreme Court, the Freedom of Choice Act and socialized medicine paying for abortions?  Absolutely.  Did our task just get harder?  No doubt about it.  But the only thing that really matters, and the one thing we must never forget, is that when God told us that the gates of hell would not prevail against us, He didn’t say anything about it being easy.  He was simply promising us the victory if we were willing to fight for it. 

So now we go forward in that spirit, always mindful that this was never a war between the pro-choice forces and us.  From the first killing, it has been a war between the pro-choice forces and the unborn.  You and I are just soldiers who volunteered to fight on the side of the babies.  We didn’t start this war, it doesn’t belong to us, and we won’t end it.  If you understand that, and if you understand that God is the only General of the Army in which we serve, then you have no reason to be discouraged.

Today, over 3,000 helpless American babies are lined-up for execution and more than 3,000 are scheduled to be killed every day in the future.  When we signed-up for this fight, what we were saying is that those babies could count on us.  Well, last night that commitment was challenged.  To meet it, we will have to quit whining about the election, do our duty and put our trust in God.  You and I are not children and we are not fragile.  We don’t need self-pity and we don’t need hand-holding.  What we need right now, is to stand up and tell Barack Obama – in a clear and defiant voice – the same thing Winston Churchill once told another morally-bankrupt despot: You do your worst and we’ll do our best.

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All right, thanks, Mark. You got me crying now. I shall return to Defend ChildLife... OH, WILL WE BE THERE! Yes, this was devastating....but, Congratulations to all Muslims, Abortionists, Atheists, Mulattos, "Inspired" Welfare Dead Beats, Gay Marriages, Illegal Immigrants w/o drivers licenses, Saudi oil barrens, Kenya, REAL blacks (Black women BEWARE: White women, like BO's Mommy, are now taking a strong "check him out" on your black men), Pro Abort Media Hens, and wick women who dig killing their babies in their wombs. Congratulations, Media, you have your Vomit, now lick it up like the dogs you are.
How dare the Pro-Abort Media Hens treat the American public in such a vile, biased and deceitful manner. A full class action lawsuit is merited.

BO has not been sworn in YET, and hopefully never will. Let's work to that effort by signing all petitions possible. He is not Constitutionally able to serve as President. Kenya was his birthplace by a 18 year old. What we already have here is a Constitutional Crisis. This is just the beginning and our Media is the cause for most of this: The Greatest American Shame of Fame in Our History.
How about Michelle's dress? I thought at first she had just walked away from a botched abortion table? Michelle Obama stood confidentially beside her husband on this historic night garbed in the ancient African Bantu ceremonial ‘Royal Robe’ meant to signify that that which they most feared would not hold power over them, and which in this case was her dress of black doused with the reverse triangles of red upon her breast and abdomen like the ‘black widow’ spider.
You call THAT a Jackie O moment? Sickening what the Media did to project such nonsense into the minds of the masses!
Her garb spoke volumes to many a voodoo doo out there in woo woo land. God Damned America? Makes you wonder on a day like this....
# Posted By Defender of ChildLife | 11/5/08 4:45 PM
I have been trying to decide where to devote my time and resources. As I have considered the many issues that are facing society today I have decided that there is nothing more evil than the rampant infanticide going on in abortion clinics. As I have begun to research the issue I have become even more outraged by the blatant evil and deception of those involved in the abortion "industry". It seems almost impossible to combat the evils of abortion, but one thing gives me great hope. I think the majority of people are basically good and if informed will do the right thing. The information about the real agenda of the abortionists must be revealed more and more so that the uninformed know what the truth is. Abortion is much more about big business and money than freedom of choice. We must get this message out. There is no greater cause or more important fight anywhere. I am starting a grassroots organization to get out information and offer counseling to young girls and women facing the who are faced with the difficulty of unwanted pregnancy. We can make a difference, our best weapon is information and education. We are the warriors at the front lines of the greatest battle between good and evil that exists. Truth is a powerful weapon that we can wield. The greatest thing though is that we are on the side of God and he is our ally. We must not tire in the fight for the protection of the lives of the most precious, innocent and helpless among us. I am grateful for this website and others that have helped to expose the agenda of the murders. If you aqree like me and looking for a way to get more involved, please feel free to email me. I am going to be implementing a website and begin to lay the groundwork for my organization to further expose the abortion industry and it's infanticide and butchery of babies for profit. God bless this effort....let's go get them!
# Posted By Kerry S | 11/6/08 5:21 AM
The pendulum now begins to swing back in our direction. We must do everything possible in the next two years to try for a huge victory in the 2010 midterm elections.

Also, do not be so sure Barack Obama will take power. There is a lawsuit against him now at the Supreme Court, Berg vs Obama, which is trying to get him constitutionally disqualified to serve as President on the grounds that he is not or may not be a natural born citizen.

If you want more information go to the website of the Philadelphia Democratic lawyer, Phil Berg, who brought the lawsuit against Obama:

# Posted By Joe | 11/6/08 12:18 PM
Obama won for many reasons but one important one is reaction against right-to-lifism.

You RTLs have a special gift for shooting yourselves in the foot. I remember when a certain not-very-clever person sent a booklet called "Bottom Feeder" to all the medical students in the USA. Result: the students formed Medical Students for Choice which now represents thousands of med students, residents, and profs all over the country. Killed the dream of a shortage of abortion docs, probably forever. Oooops!
# Posted By SoMG | 11/7/08 10:59 PM
Voting data from Fox News:

64,975,882 for Obama
+ 57,118,380 for McCain (only 7,857,502 voter difference)
= 129,994,262 Voters took action.

WHERE were the other 80,505,738? You could have elected ANYONE you wanted!

On the whole, more people DID NOT vote for Obama than voted for Obama.
NOT VOTING = Obama. The country thanks you....!

"An estimated 201.5 million U.S. citizens age 18 or over will be eligible to vote Nov. 2, although many are not now registered. Of these, about 55 million are registered Republicans. About 72 million registered Democrats."
# Posted By Claire Johnson | 11/8/08 10:06 AM
Not to worry, ProLife warriors. God sees the heart of all men. He knows his children and will surely bless those who continue his battle against evil. I risked being arrested today to talk to a father outside of an abortion clinic. His child was in the car and his wife was inside the clinic getting a pregnancy test done. After talking with him he assured me that his wife was not going to have an abortion. He said, "You're doing a good thing here" as he drove off with his wife and child in the car. I was then told by an angry Planned Parenthood worker to get off of the property or she would have me arrested. I told her, "GO AHEAD!, I DARE YOU!" and walked to the sidewalk. She kept a close eye on me from the glass door and I let her know loudly,"I am praying for YOU!!!!" To me it was all worth it to hear that father say his wife would not have an abortion.

We must continue on in our fight for these innocent children who cannot speak for themselves. We must be their voice.

We must speak for God. It's just another day in the life of God's children.

Keep the faith and continue on...
# Posted By Christina | 11/8/08 7:50 PM
Joe, you mean Phil Berg the "911-Truther"? Who has discussed his nutty 911 theories on al Jazeera?
# Posted By SoMG | 11/9/08 11:31 AM
I am totally pro-life, but we just don't need rants like "defender of Life" that gives the whole movement a bad name, and gives the pro-abortionists so much ammunition.
# Posted By more or les | 11/9/08 7:11 PM
I believe what gives the "whole movement" a "bad name" and Pro-Aborts "so much ammunition" is the weak, meek, fraidy-cat silence of many Pro-Lifers. Who cares what they think of us? We aren't here to become popular are we? Pro-Aborts don't regard Pro-Lifers in a positive manner, no matter how kind, generous, accepting, forgiving, understanding, silent, soft spoken, prayerful, accommodating and groveling a Pro-Lifer or Pro-Life Movement approaches the heinous physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ravage the unregulated surgical abortion industry cons millions with.

Soft peddling the Pro-Life Movement hasn't worked for the most part in over 35 years! God loves the prayers, however His answer may be, "Don't expect God to do everything for you! Get off your knees and DO something now. Say something! Stand up! Fight! Stop expecting God to do it all!" The old saying, "Pray and believe in God, but still lock your car doors."

The abortion industry wins by our money patronizing Pro-Aborts; pure ignorance of "choicers" by our lack of raw reality educational outreach; Pro-Abort Media bias and blatant defamation of Pro-Lifers; and Pro-Lifers not actually being a one united force to contend with.
You can give the Pro-Aborts prayers and sugar. Won't change a thing. They are lost for this day. You can give them hard facts, raw reality, tough love, TRUTH... just wait! When the women of America find out the truth behind the lies and deceit that conned and coerced them to murder their own babies...well, it isn't going to be a polite fluffy issue now is it?
# Posted By Defender of ChildLife | 11/13/08 12:57 AM
Obama is no more a communist that I am Santa Claus.
This is an absolute lie, and you and other anti-choice people shouldn't fall for all of this garbage. And the ironic thing is that the REAL left-wingers think Obama is much too conservative!

Obama does NOT advocate infanticide, and doesn't want to force women to have abortions. He's merely opposed to legislation which would ultimately lead to making abortion illegal in America , which would be disastrous.

There is about as much chance of Obama turning America into a totalitarian dicatatorship as Osama Bin Laden converting to Judaism and settling in Israel. And the real threat to freedom and prosperity in America is right-wing politicians and the religious right.
# Posted By Robert Berger | 11/13/08 9:43 AM
I don't understand how Mr. Berger could possibly defend Obama's voting record on the BAIPA. Every voting Senator in the US voted for it when Obama voted against it and had it killed in the Illinois Senate.

Roe v. Wade states that the decision did not allow for abortion on demand but placed limits on when the state has an interest in protecting the child which - back then - was after the first trimester. Obama advocated that requiring aid for a born alive infant (22 weeks for example) would be too burdensome on the abortionist. Apparently he thinks that the BAIPA somehow undermines Roe v. Wade, yet he refused to allow the same language into the Illinois bill that NARAL and other groups had failed to protest in the federal version. He was ON the committee that wrote the language. He refused to allow language he could agree to to be placed in the bill. Look at his plans for the Freedom of Choice Act - removing every abortion restriction ever enacted.

If you advocate abortion, you are advocating infanticide.

It's scary to think of how much worse it could get if the so-called "REAL" left-wingers could get someone they thought was much less "conservative" than Obama. Nevertheless, whether or not you like Obama does not change the reality of what he has planned for American babies.

And the bottom line is, if he has his way, more babies will die every day.

How can you live with yourself when you support that agenda?
# Posted By Amy Philo | 11/29/08 8:21 PM
Mark.. I agree with robert berger previous thread..why do you stoop to such foul language in depicting your next president.. you know that your letter just brings more hate and division in a country that wants to unite and bring good changes to correct the mess that GWB has made the last 8 years.I'm surprised that you use such vulgar words to describe Obama..sounds like you must be a KKK member..you guys won't quit till the country goes down the toilet.
Shape up your site is not recommened to any serious pro-lifer
# Posted By bill baabaa | 12/1/08 12:24 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics