An Inning is Not a Game

The question is: can a baseball team outscore its opponent in a particular inning but then lose the game?  The answer is obvious.  Not only is this possible but, during baseball season, it literally happens every day.


Whenever a team gives up a big inning, there is a good way to tell what their chances are for coming back.  After they finally get the other team out, watch how the players walk off the field.  Some will shuffle back to the dugout with their heads hanging down and a look on their faces like someone just shot their dog.  You can stick those guys with a fork; they’re done.  But others will run to the dugout with the look of a tiger that’s ready to eat.  They are still in the hunt.                


There is no denying that, on November 4th, we gave up the big inning.  America’s death merchants and godless Marxists scored some runs by electing Barak Obama.  But on the other hand, that’s all that happened.  They didn’t win the game.          


Fortunately, the pro-life movement seems to be handling this situation far better than it did in 1992.  I have been legitimately impressed with how our people have responded to Obama’s election compared to the way they responded to the election of Bill Clinton. I can tell you that in the weeks following the 1992 debacle, our phones lit up with despondent pro-lifers who were absolutely convinced that all was lost.  Of course, after a while, they slowly started coming in off the ledges and, once a little more time had passed, they got back to work. 


The interesting thing is, this time around our people are not being driven by despair as much as anger.  Since the election, I have not received one call from someone whimpering about the outcome.  Every single person I’ve talked to has either wanted to know what they could do to help or asked how they could better support the efforts of Life Dynamics.  Not only that, but every other national pro-life leader I’ve talked to has said exactly the same thing.  The pro-lifers are ready to fight.     


Several things are at play here.  First, in the 1990s we proved that we could take the best that the abortion lobby could dish out.  Now, having survived Slick Willie and “Waco” Janet we do not feel as threatened by Obama.     


Second, I sense that the pro-life movement is more mature, and perhaps even more resolved, than it was in 1992.  It appears that we have fewer people who want to whine and more who want to win. 


Third, more pro-lifers are now aware of the fact that in order to win this battle in the political arena we must first win it in the streets.  The good news is that we are winning it in the streets and we’ve been doing so for a long time.  And any way you look at it, Barak Obama can’t do anything more to stop that than Bill Clinton could.  Abortion mills continue to close, the public is becoming increasingly pro-life and the largest increase in pro-life sentiment is in America’s young people.  Today, even some pro-aborts are openly lamenting that their movement is aging rapidly while ours is getting younger.        


Now, back to the business at hand.  I have recently been telling you to be looking for news about an exciting new project we’ve been working on for almost three years.  I still can’t give you details other than to say that it is scheduled to be launched in February and, when it hits, it is going to revolutionize our ability to reach the minority community.  So stay tuned; the pro-life movement is about to change forever.

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We (LIFE LOVERS) will Never ever give up! no matter what the circumstances! Our children and the next generation will LOVE LIFE also, and transform this nation, from the inside out! Real "Change" will begin in our hearts and families as we say, Goodbye to the "Choices" that fail and Hello to Life for all!!
# Posted By Pr1nzez | 12/2/08 5:30 PM
I agree with your comments up to a point, especially about how we must fight and win and not whine, etc.

However, the reality is that we had a major, even devastating defeat, inflicted upon us by the abortionists and their coalition which controls the Democratic Party. We spent nearly twenty years from 1973 to 1993, when Bill Clinton took power, having NEVER won a SINGLE strategic victory, during which time the abortionists could destroy human beings in unlimited violence. I was despairing in 1992 because I did not want us to waste four years (or eight) with more unlimited violence, but that is what happened. We survived Bill Clinton, but TEN MILLION unborn children did not. Now we have had eight essentially wasted years under George Bush and another TEN MILLION human beings have died. Now we get to face another four or eight years of inhumanity and another FIVE to TEN MILLION human beings could once again lose their lives. It could be even worse; eight years of Barack Obama (or whoever will be President, depending on Obama's citizenship situation) could cost an additional ONE MILLION lives.

How are we winning? I think right now we are losing. To argue that young people are somewhat more pro-life (the difference is not huge) is I think beside the point. Hispanics are much more pro-life than that, yet voted overwhelmingly for abortionist Democrats (so did young people). So now we have abortionists controlling everything.

Our movement simply has NEVER done the things we need to do to achieve strategic victory over the abortionists. We may actually never achieve victory if we keep going the way we are. We are wedded to the Republican Party and are totally at the mercy of external forces. If there is a war, a scandal, a recession or a financial meltdown, we are swept away, as we have been in 2006 and 2008. The Democratic Party has been consistently anti-life for 36 years, we are killed every year by the Black and Hispanic vote and our five per cent pro-life increment has never been sufficient to come close to ending violence against unborn children. In the Reagan and Bush years we blundered away one Supreme Court appointment after another. When the financial meltdown hit and the Republicans did not know to fight back and point out that it was caused by the Democrats, all our organizing efforts (which have never been sufficient) could not save us and we were swept.

I do not mean to get anyone down but I do not think we will defeat this politically popular form of violence unless we do everything right. It can be done, but so far our movement has not come close to doing the kinds of things which must be done to end this violence. So the killing goes on year after year.

The leadership of this movement needs to come together and discuss quite frankly why we have failed and what we have to do to finally win this struggle. Winning for unborn children and actually stopping abortion crime will, I believe, require an all-out mobilization of resources the likes of which we have never seen.
# Posted By Joe | 12/4/08 11:35 AM
I would urge there be a National Abortion Aptitude Test. The APATHY of IGNORANCE and FEAR of FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE is staggering!

Parents need to search their souls: Is there a "family ego-scandal aura" that pressures their daughter to "Honor Killing" her own baby?

Do "sex" educators ever mention the all beautiful and revealing fertility cycle indicator: "Thy Spinnbarkeit"?
Does the Pro-Abort Media constantly slam soft porn and vulgarity in our faces?

Let's get working on the basic fundamentals Abortion Aptitude Test, Family Ego Check, "Know Thy Spinnbarkeit", Smut TV CleanUp.

It's a start.

I've been a Pro-Life "activist" for over 18 years, however, in Dec. 2007 embarked on a full time research and education quest that has blown my mind, heart, soul, and reality of this country and world we live in regarding abortion. I believe my knowledge of the abortion industry was at 13% compared to what it is today.... and still learn something new every day. Folks, it is so vile, so ugly, so depraved, so corrupt, so soulless, so merciless, so scandalous, bloody, subhuman, inhuman, misunderstood, deceitful, ravaging, secretive, and eternally damning.

My proposed new website : will set out to help.

Solutions! Think Solutions!
# Posted By Gera Schmidt | 12/5/08 2:25 PM
If we want a political solution, pro-lifers need to hold politician's feet to the fire. If a politician says he is pro-life, he gets our vote even if the commitment to ending abortion isn't there. We need to start examining the speeches given by our pro-life politicians in Congress.

Are they talking about abortion just as much as they are about taxes ? Being pro-life isn't good enough. Are they using every speaking opportunity to educate their constituents on the injustice of abortion and the effects our society?

It is easy to speak about abortion in front of a pro-life crowd. It is much harder to do that in front a general audience. How many of our pro-life "friends" in Congress are willing to risk losing their seat for the sake of the unborn?
# Posted By Mary | 12/5/08 5:20 PM
Thank you for all you do!!!

We wondered if you had heard the story "Sing a little louder" or seen the video?

The story is known by the title "Sing a little louder" and is a testimony shared by a German Jew who watched from his church each week trains carrying Jews into a concentration camp. As a church, they decided to just sing a little louder because they did not want to get involved with what was happening. Many years later, as he listened to a woman share her testimony here in America; he wept and stated the same thing is happening here in America as it did in Germany. Christians have learned to just sing a little louder regarding abortion. If the slaughter of millions of innocent babies does not get the church to act, what will?

You can see the 30 second spot on either godtube or youtube below.

Or watch the 2 1/2 minute video here:

We were so moved by this powerful testimony that we made the video (with Penny Lea's permission). Please feel free to use the videos in any way you would like. Our prayer is that the videos will be a tool to reach those who have never thought about abortion before.

Thank you!

# Posted By michele | 12/7/08 3:07 AM
I think the better analogy would be to use a boxing match than a baseball game. Not to sound like a defeatist, but the pro-life movement just suffered a standing 8 count. We have to suck it up and we will find out what we are made out of. This is a long fight we can not give up, we can not become complacent and we can not simple go about business as usual. The pro-abortion movement knows all our moves and they think they have us against the ropes. Now they are coming with their best shot; FOCA.
# Posted By Pancho | 12/14/08 1:07 AM
I am a godless commie, and I am pro-life!

And you spelled Barack wrong.
# Posted By Nulono | 12/20/08 5:33 AM
Sorry, but what the RTL movement suffered this year was much worse than a standing eight-count. More like a knockout loss, in that long recuperative training and a strategy-rethink are now necessary.
# Posted By SoMG | 12/28/08 6:41 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics