Do We Have a Dog in this Fight?

After the media declared John McCain the Republican nominee, two very revealing things happened.  First, Mike Huckabee gave a concession speech that was not only gracious but inspiring.  About midway through, he began to talk about the issues he considered to be the most important ones facing our country.  The first one he mentioned was protecting the right to life of the unborn.  Later in the evening, Senator McCain took to the air to acknowledge his victory.  Like Huckabee, he also gave a laundry list of what he considers the important issues of the day.  But unlike Huckabee, he never once mentioned the plight of the unborn.    

McCain’s cold indifference should serve as a reminder to the pro-life movement of why it is so abysmally foolish for us to put any faith in the Republican Party.  To begin with, the gated-community, limousine liberals who control the GOP have no interest in the abortion issue. These people are motivated by money and self-interest, and there is simply no money or self-interest in saving babies.  Over the years, their attitude toward the pro-life movement is roughly the same as it would be toward a cockroach they might step on during a 3am trip to the bathroom.

Additionally, even if they were interested in the abortion battle, they are totally unsuited for it.  Since the day this struggle began, it has never been an ivory-tower debate by people in plaid smoking jackets with elbow patches.  And it never will be.  Instead, it is the political equivalent of a brawl in a waterfront bar.  The problem is, while McCain is indeed a war hero, the Republican Party as a whole is made up of a bunch of guys whose mammas used to dress them for college.  On a fraternity dare, they might go into a waterfront bar, but when the first punch is thrown the only thing you can be certain of is that you’re about to hear the unmistakable pitter-patter of fine leather wingtips stampeding toward the door.

On the other hand, this is exactly the kind of fight their opponents relish.  It is hardly a secret that, since the 1960s, the Democrat Party has devolved into a political sanctuary for every brand of godless pervert, social misfit and moral degenerate in America.  Naturally, this is reflected in the kind of candidates they run for office.  In a political bar fight, they are completely amoral people who will lie, cheat, steal, or wallow in the filthiest cesspool if that’s what it takes to win.  In a nutshell, they are the kind of scorched-earth activists who scare the Republicans to death.   

The point is, the Democrats are almost always wrong on social issues and will fight to the death for them, while the Republicans are generally right on the issues but don’t care enough to fight.  Of course, in both cases, the results for the unborn are the same.     

If my fellow pro-lifers want to support McCain as some sort of lesser-of-evils salvage operation, so be it.  But right now, the pro-life movement needs to be real clear about one thing.  Whoever wins in November, it won’t be us.  We’ve already lost.  My suggestion is that we not wait around until after the election to acknowledge that fact.  This is not the time to put the pro-life effort on hold; it is the time to decide how we are going to proceed.  Over 3000 babies are dying every day and they can’t afford for us to be patient.  At this moment, our job is to figure out how to stop the killing without any help from the Republican Party.  The good news is, for the last 35 years we’ve been proving that we can do just that.  We just didn’t realize it.

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You are dead on. I think we need to concentrate on getting the church to back us.

We really need more boots on the ground.
# Posted By sheri sweeney | 3/5/08 8:16 PM
I really don't like the way Mark pigeon-holes us Republicans. Not any of the Republicans that I know and have worked with would fall into that category.

If we want to talk about moneyed people, why doesn't he mention MoveOn and those guys.

Let's have some dignity and respect for others opinions and at the same time hold to our principles. Our form of government is the best, yet it is not perfect. People will get into power who are less than what we like.

We show an attitude of arrogance when we judge others in this way as he does. We don't have to be ugly! We can still stand for our principles and for life without smashing everyone who isn't 100% on our side.

That is not the way to win elections, which is basically our system of government.

I think Mark has to get control of his emotions and think more clearly, unless he wants to alienate 95% of the voters.
# Posted By Pauline Warren | 3/5/08 8:25 PM
Does anyone know of a decent pro-life third-party candidate for President? There's nothing on the Constitution Party site. I live in Maryland; the Democrat will win all 10 of the electoral votes. Marylanders, my suggestion is bag the presidential election. We do have very decent local races: Andy Harris, Roscoe Bartlett, Peter James, Mike Hargadon, Collin Bailey, etc.
# Posted By Janet Baker | 3/5/08 10:04 PM
"In the Cradle of His Peace" - May our nation's aborted be taken there, my prayer.

As for the skank lizard-livered hunks of muss described so appropriately, Mark, may I add: Vile, depraved morbidity of pathetic, unimaginably gruesome and cruel, savage human horror promoters and encouragers. Our country's "Core of Corruption", the lawyers and judges, are together with the "Nasty Sin-In" where soul searching is shunned. "Pro-life patsies in pews." are their views.

When the Partial Birth Abortion Ban passed, Santa Cruz (CA) City Council immediately retaliated by endorsing a proclamation declaring "Santa Cruz a Pro-Choice City", casting the curse of shame upon our city's name. The Sutter Maternity Center, with six late term abortionists from the Santa Cruz Medical Center, could no longer perform Partial Birth Abortions in town. Such was a serious disruption to the City Council, with the most heinous displays of "compassion" for women's "reproductive" "health" witnessed. Contact me for a DVD of the meeting. See for yourself, "Vile Vampires in the Surf Sun Still Sucking". I don't mean to be disrespectful of our local politician baby killer promoters, but, hey, we can't imagine the smut they spoo about Pro-Lifers! At least we pray for them...(?)...the last time I tried, I cried.

Mark, lol, that piece was a doozie!
# Posted By Gera Schmidt | 3/5/08 10:52 PM
Unfortunately, Sheri, the Church isn't back true pro-lifers either ... look what the bishops and the Catholic Conferences of Georgia, Colorado and Montana have done over the past four weeks - denied support to pro-life initiatives while supporting other legislation with "exceptions"!!

Mark's right ... it would be nice if we had the support and backing of the Party and the Church, but since we don't, we need to just move on past them. With "friends" like that, who needs enemies??
# Posted By Leslie | 3/6/08 12:14 PM
Get real. McCain has an unblemished pro-life voting record. He can be counted on to nominate judges who will uphold the constitution as written, not as they think it should be.

If you think there is any alternative who will uphold our view, you are seriously deluded.

The only choice we have is McCain. Let's get behind him and defeat those who would take our country in "a new direction".
# Posted By Jack Donahoe | 3/6/08 12:25 PM

The vote can be used just as much to keep someone out of office as to put someone in.
If we fail to use that tool, however, and as a result the person who gets elected is far worse and does far more damage than the other person we did not like, then we still share responsibility for the damage that will be done.
Elections have seasons. In the earliest phases, the field is wide open. We can recruit candidates, or decide to run ourselves. We build up the name recognition and base of support for the person or people who would make the best candidate. This takes years of work.
Then the season of primaries   arrives, during which voters choose between the candidates who have been recruited and who have been building up their strength.
Then the general election season arrives, and we may find that we don't like any of the names on the ballot. At that point, we have to shift our thinking and focus on "better" rather than "best." The reality usually is that one of several unsatisfactory candidates will in fact be elected. So we use our vote to create the better outcome and to limit the damage. That's the shift that some fail to make.
And we are still responsible for what we fail to do.
# Posted By Pat Greenfield | 3/6/08 3:30 PM
Why don't we all check with Fred Thompson; if he's still up for the task, we could unite and vote for him. The National Right to Life Committee has recommended him from the beginning! Is there any way we could get our guy on the ballot? The Dems have a way (but maybe that's only when there's an apparent "tie."
# Posted By marie | 3/6/08 8:55 PM
So then, what is the appropriate thing ... as we need either cast or not cast votes....?

Abstain from voting for McCain, to show the Repubs that they will be garuanteed to lose if they forgo the "auto assumed votes" of the prolifer demographic? There is no way McCain can win if the consistent 10% (lowballing) who will vote pro-life do NOT vote for him.

I think it would be useful for the leaders of the pro-life orgs to come to a consensus and urge us in unified action, that would be helpful.
# Posted By teddi | 3/6/08 10:36 PM
WANTED! Grit Humanitarians! for the launching of a "Pro-Life Solutions-Think Tank" Website to serve as an on-line collection point of each and every, ANY idea gathered from "All God's Pro-Life Good Earthlings Under God's Pro-Life Good Heaven". We all will create IDEAS for SOLUTIONS encouraging the Pro-Life commitment, resulting in victories.

The Web address:

Inspire and encourage one another to on purpose action front! What deliberate ACTION IDEAS and SOLUTIONS can Pro-Lifers create, organize, and excersize to reverse the humanity erosion of our country's abortion plague blood bath?

Pray for Inspiration: Creative Ideas in Advertising, Marketing, Solutions, Outreach, U-tube, and Legacy, etc. Anyone having any IDEA for a SOLUTION may contribute it at the "Pro-Life Solutions Think Tank"! Somewhere, somehow, someday, someway, someone will be Called to Action of Grit Humanitarianism to fulfill and enact your idea. Inch by inch, anythings a synch!

In this New Easter Season of Birth and Favor, May He Anoint every Heart Anew with New Ideas and Solutions to abandon and prevent the monthly violent massacre of 250,000 American unborn! Within our hearts we have everything we need to excel in His Abundance to accomplish His Will.

God will guide and protect us. He has already equipped us with what we need to overcome. Jesus turned over the tables. In His Name we must do the same. Now is the time to become everything God created you to be.

May I suggest listening to Joel Olsteen's podcast #366 "You Are Well Equipped".

Thank you, Mark Crutcher and Fr. Frank Pavone for being such inspirations to me and many others!
# Posted By Gera Schmidt | 3/7/08 2:52 PM
Commenting on Pauline Warren | 3/5/08, 8:25PM

Not only IS Mark thinking clearly; perhaps he could not think any more clearer!

There are those of us -- more than you may think -- who will go to the polls to vote for state & local races and not for president in 2008. It's easier to do than you make it out to be.

You wrote: "People will get into power who are less than what we like." That has happened and can again happen. Just not with my help. Compromise is defined as: to make a dishonorable or shameful concession: He is too honorable to compromise with his principles.

Unborn babies will be helped in larger numbers and to greater degrees when pro-life voters give up on compromising and actually stand FIRM on principles that will make all the difference.

Thirty-five years. My participation in this fight is to win and win sooner than later. Please join us.
# Posted By Angela | 3/8/08 2:45 AM
The Democratic Party is the pro-abortion party. Abortion is not coming up in any of their debates. If it does come up, they'll probably say that the abortion issue is no longer relevant.

The Republican Party knows that abortion in America is relevant and that everyone is harmed. When President Bush was elected, he said there isn't much a president can do about abortion. He submitted Justices to the Supreme Court whom he thought could do what he could not.

That is why I will vote and I will vote Republican. It's one more vote against the Democratic Party. If I stay home, then there must to be 2 Republican votes for the 1 that I don't cast. In my opinion, a vote not cast is a vote for the Democrats. This nation is too fractured to allow any more dissemblance among us.
# Posted By Dolores | 3/14/08 2:31 PM
Please VOTE. Do NOT let the democrats win. Things CAN get worse and they will if we let them win. If McCain won't fight hard enough we will have to keep fighting for him. Voting is the most important step in this fight. Don't get discouraged. Stay positive and focused on where we want to be, and we WILL get there.
# Posted By Nancy Uhde | 3/28/08 10:26 PM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics