Now That’s What I Call Art !

One of the pro-choice gang’s standard regurgitations is that women never take abortion lightly and only have them for the most agonizing and legitimate of reasons.  With pro-choice people it is not always easy to distinguish when they are lying from when they are simply misinformed.  But such is not the case here.  They are lying and several of their fellow travelers have admitted as much.     

In an interview published in the March 9, 1989, edition of the communist publication, Revolutionary Worker, Marilyn Buckham, who was the director of Buffalo GYN Womenservices Clinic, was asked about the reasons women have abortions.  In her answer, she stated, “Women don’t do this lightly.  I’m sick and tired of hearing this.  Ninety-eight percent of women do do it lightly in here…they think of abortion like brushing their dime teeth and that’s OK with me.”

The reality is, if you go to any abortion clinic waiting room in America you will certainly find women who are there for what they perceive to be difficult circumstances.  But make no mistake, you will also find many who are having their second, third or fourth abortion as well as those who are there for reasons that could never be legitimately described as serious.            

But going beyond that, a recent episode at one of our nation’s “most prestigious” universities has raised the question of whether women ever have abortions after getting pregnant on purpose.  In early April, a pro-choice student at Yale, Aliza Shvarts, claims that she artificially inseminated herself repeatedly during the previous year and then self-aborted using various chemicals and herbs.  This was all done as part of a school art project.  It seems that she had video taped herself sitting in a bathtub doing these abortions on herself, and her plan was to project this video onto a cube that had been covered with blood she had saved from these abortions. 

I will concede that my knowledge of art is not very sophisticated.  My main experience in this field was in junior high school when I drew my own state inspection sticker for my Cushman scooter.  Evidently, it was not very good as a local police officer picked up on the forgery right away.  Needless to say, I was lucky to escape with only a ticket. 

But even though my credentials in this area are suspect, I still have to say that Aliza’s art sounds like it would make those Elvis on velvet things you see sold at abandoned gas stations seem like the Mona Lisa.  I’m also more than a little concerned that we will one day discover that this fiasco was paid for with tax dollars through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

In any event, the university tried to extricate itself from this public relations nightmare by informing Shvarts that she would have to publicly state that her story was a hoax before they would allow it to be displayed.  They wanted her to say that the blood was not from abortions but from her menstrual flow.  Apparently, menstrual blood paintings are an approved form of artistic expression at Yale.  (Wouldn’t you love to read the minutes of the meeting where this conclusion was reached.)

Naturally, like any other proud but misunderstood artist, Shvarts refused to compromise and stuck to her story.  She did, however, enter something different in the art show so she would not fail the class.  I don’t know what form the replacement “art” took and I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to know.  Let’s just say that Aliza and I probably have different tastes.  

Surprisingly, the idea that women would abort intentional pregnancies is not a new one.  In the August 18, 1991, edition of the Austin American Statesman, rock singer Sinead O’Connor said she wrote the song My Special Child just two weeks after having an abortion.  She also said that, “It was a planned pregnancy, which I was very happy about.  I was completely in love with the father of the child ... But things didn’t work out between us, and we were both unhappy.  It was too much for him to be able to handle.  He was young and I was on tour, and I was feeling ill all the time because I was pregnant, and I was feeling so awful and I made the decision that it would be better for everybody if I had the abortion.’

About the same time, Oprah Winfrey had a show about women who get pregnant as a ploy to trap men into marriage.  One of the guests stated, with no hesitancy or sense of remorse, that when her attempt at this did not work as planned, she had an abortion. 

There were also revelations about the Olympic committee that oversees enforcement of drug policies discovering a trick some female athletes were using to circumvent the organization’s prohibition against blood doping.  These women were found to be intentionally getting pregnant prior to competition to increase the amount of oxygen in their bodies in order to heighten their performance.  After the competition was over, they would abort.  Olympic officials eventually determined that not only was this happening, it was not an uncommon practice among teams from certain countries.

So how common is it for women to abort an intended pregnancy?  Obviously, no one knows.  But we do know that it is common for women to abort intentional pregnancies when their baby turns out to be handicapped.  For example, in America today, over 90% of Down Syndrome babies are executed before birth and it would be illogical to think that those were all unplanned pregnancies.  On a personal level, through the Life Dynamics abortion malpractice campaign, I have spoken with many abortion-injured women over the years who told me that they had intentionally become pregnant but aborted when something changed in their lives.  One case I remember involved a woman who was forced to have a hysterectomy because of her injury.  She said that she had been trying to get pregnant for two years but aborted after being offered a promotion at work.

From a pro-life perspective, I think we need to keep all of this in context.  In a certain sense, the fact that a woman would have an abortion for frivolous reasons or to end a pregnancy she intentionally sought, is irrelevant.  Some justifications might make us more angry than others, but for the child that’s killed the reasons don’t matter.  The Down Syndrome child carried by a forty-year-old welfare recipient who got pregnant on purpose by a man whose name she doesn’t even remember, is no less valuable than any other child.      

In the final analysis, if the excuses for abortion don’t matter to the children being killed, they shouldn’t matter to us.  Our job is to protect every child in every circumstance.  And that must always be our focus.  

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Please, Mark, almost lost dinner! Legal surgical murder is so morbid; your comments so brave of truth. Some sort of "Global Apology" needs to be expressed worldwide. Perhaps everyone wear a BLACK Satin ARM BAND with a pink & blue broken heart center representing "A Grief of Apology" ....whatever, it is just hard to take, Mark. Pro-Lifers are censored everywhere, even google! These are the darkest of days, we are and must be the Light for Life with The Lord, and must believe the fruits of faith are phenomenal! (Still trying to hang on to dinner...a "warning" would have be kinda nice, lol)
Incredibly excellent points, Mark!
# Posted By Gera Schmidt | 5/1/08 9:38 PM
Another tidbit on Sinead O'Connor. Some folks might recall that she's the one who ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul II on the Jay Leno show. To be fair to Leno, this was a surprise to him.
# Posted By Janet Baker | 5/2/08 8:33 PM
It's not clear whether the story about abortion as art at Yale is true,or just some sick publicity stunt. If it is true,this is one sick young woman.It reflects very badly on the pro-choice movement.But this still does not mean that women should not have the right to choose an abortion.
# Posted By robert berger | 5/4/08 10:45 AM
Mark, I am an art teacher with a masters degree in art education. Here's you an art history lesson that will explain how Aliza gets to do her stuff at Yale: During the 20th century a bunch of social deviants with little or no talent or training hijacked the art world and began to make "art" to advance their agendas. Deluded rich people bought their junk because intellectual snobs told them it was art. The bogus "artists" who couldn't get rich patrons convinced liberal politicians to give them government funding. The result is your Aliza types doing their thing at ivy league universities. Those of us who see through the scam call her kind of art "The Emperor's New Clothes." In case you haven't read the fairy tale, it means is that THERE IS REALLY NOTHING THERE! but people are afraid to stand up and say so for fear of being called ignorant.
# Posted By Deanna Williamson | 5/5/08 8:47 PM
Mark, this is one of the many manifestations of the mass schizophrenic behavior in society today. It's not a baby unless the mother says it is, it's PC (products of conception), not a person, etc. etc. etc. The time for 'birth control' is prior to fertilization of the egg, but the hedonists won't be restrained or be self sacrificing for the greater good. Once fertilization occurs, it's a life, and to take it is to murder the innocent. To be ProLife and dance around the definition of what is a life is just playing with words.
# Posted By Alan | 5/29/08 10:52 AM
YouTube has many disturbing videos in this "art" vain. Youth "spoof" films depict pregnant faux females having abortions followed by the abortionist dining. On it. The Yale student is serious; these videos are mocking the abortion industry. Both extremely disturbing! I believe it is a huge warning wake up call that the young from home to Yale and beyond, are seriously "loosing it" in the depraved area of "fluffy choiceness" versus the dignity and sanctity of human creation. This "acting out" is made prevalent by a "diet of vulgar death" ranging from skull and bloody demon adorned wardrobes. skateboards, cartoons, surfboards and stickers; to rap music, non-parental notification laws, idolized Pro-Abort politicians, "porn promises" in titillation saturation. It is dreadful to imagine what the future could present. Today, this ill woman is in art class with her 9 months of deliberate sacrifice of fetus for art. Tomorrow, according to the dozens of videos researched, could it be dangerous dining possibilities? It hurts and sorrows me to question that, but it is presently happening in a public dramatic forum. "Choice" is creating a new brand and trend of terribly soul-tortured, troubled youth.

We must do outreach with aggressive efforts at LIFE VISIBLE PROMOTION to counter the DEATH DRENCH and detoxify our culture. For every "death" motif you see, show-off a life affirmation. Fear or Revere? If we aren't sharing depiction of life with all it's glory and potential, the desensitized death dumbed down mentality is multiplied resulting in killing as the groovy modern attitude.
Lord Have Mercy!
I apologize for having to express these grave concerns. I believe each of us can be hopeful in that united in purpose we are a sea of open invitation, waves of Life expression hitting death's shore! Death is not a recreation. Life is brilliance and fullness.
# Posted By | 6/6/08 1:37 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics