The Cost of Free Milk

We’ve all heard it said that a farmer doesn’t buy the cow if he’s getting the milk for free.  Generally, parents have used this pearl of folksy wisdom in an effort to dissuade their daughters from having sex before marriage.  But this philosophy has relevance in other areas of life as well.  For example: the upcoming presidential election.  


This November, the pro-life movement will once again be in the position of not having a candidate.  Every four years, we put ourselves in this situation because we have made it clear to the Republican Party that, when push comes to shove, we are always willing to settle for the “lesser-of-evils” candidate.  In other words, we’ve let them know that they don’t have to marry us in order to get our milk.  We might preach sexual abstinence to our children, but everyone knows that we don’t have the discipline to practice political abstinence ourselves.  


Of course, this leaves the GOP with a wide-open playing field.  After all, they know that the Democrats can be relied upon to nominate some complete moral degenerate, thus guaranteeing that the Republican candidate is going to be seen as the lesser-of-evils.


And so it goes in 2008.  On one side is an amoral Marxist and religious heretic who openly describes children conceived in unplanned pregnancies as a “punishment.”  In other words, a garden-variety Democratic presidential candidate.  On the other side is a man who claims to be pro-life, while making it clear that it is not a core-value for him and publicly stating that the lives of the unborn are not deserving of constitutional protection.  In other words, a garden-variety Republican presidential candidate.   


Perhaps the time has come to say that what the American people really need is four years of Barak Obama as President, with Nancy Pelosi as the leader of the House and Harry Reid as the leader of the Senate.  Maybe that would wake them up to the fact that the real threat to our future is not the potential for financial bankruptcy but our rapidly accelerating march toward moral bankruptcy. 


However, there are also those who think that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis-of-evil would irrevocably devastate the country – and it certainly could.  For those people, supporting McCain is simply a matter of “defensive voting.”


So what’s it going to be?  Do we sit back and teach the country a lesson or do we deliver another pail of milk?  And I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a tough call.  The only thing I know for sure is that when a nation is legally executing over 3000 helpless children a day, God is not going to judge it over tax policies and unemployment rates.  In the final analysis, we may be able to find many perfectly legitimate reasons to delay that message for another four years.  But only a fool believes that it is one that will wait forever.

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I was planning on voting against Obama because of how horrendous he is- voting for infanticide, etc. (i.e., not voting for McCain, but AGAINST Obama)
I think after reading this blog I may still do the same, but won't feel as bad if Obama gets elected... America will get what it deserves.
# Posted By M | 7/11/08 2:18 PM
I am not happy with the choice of Senator McCain; however, I do not want not want Obama choosing any Supreme Court judges. If Obama is
elected, I await the Rapture.
# Posted By Irene M. Sprague | 7/11/08 3:12 PM
The time for free milk is over. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Applying the term evil to the current top Presidential candidates is not just a figure of speech; it reflects the political track record of both Barack Obama and John McCain.

Following is a portion of John McCain's track record:
- Opposition to a Constitutional amendment protecting the sanctity of human life
- Opposition to a Constitutional amendment protecting the institution of marriage
- Opposition to tax cuts that ended the marriage penalty
- Support for spending our tax dollars to kill human embryos for research purposes
- Support for Roe v. Wade (in 1999) before he was against it (since 1999)
- Author of McCain-Feingold, a brazen attack on freedom of speech
- Organizing the Gang of 14 to preserve filibusters in judicial hearings
- Legendary temper and frequent use of foul and obscene language, including taking God’s name in vain
- Refusal to support the right of U.S. military chaplains to pray in Jesus’ name

In addition:
- McCain considered leaving the GOP caucus in 2001 and approached John Kerry about being Kerry’s running mate in 2004.
- He said publicly that Hillary Clinton would make a good President.
- He wrote the bill helping Ted Kennedy in his attempt to grant amnesty to illegal aliens (McCain-Kennedy).

Is a strongly pro-life candidate running for President in 2008? Yes. His name is Alan Keyes. He is running as the candidate of America's Independent Party (AIP) in some states and as simply an independent candidate in others. When the American Independent Party in California recently switched its affiliation from the Constitution Party to AIP, that made AIP the third largest political party in the U.S. in terms of number of registered voters.

It's time to take a stand for the end of free milk.
# Posted By Harlan Brown | 7/11/08 3:40 PM
After the information about McCain presented here....I think I will research Alan Keys. Thanks.
# Posted By diane | 7/12/08 1:12 AM
I still can not bring myself to vote for a candadite that I can not trust and don't even really like (McCain). I believe that I am still going to write in Newt Gingrich and let the chips fall where they may. People can get angry with me for this if they want to. I know God is not up there worried about the outcome of this or any other election and that He is still in control no matter what. My motto for 2008 is to pray harder than I have ever prayed for this country.
# Posted By TMMc | 7/12/08 11:17 AM
The question that should be posed to every candidate running for office is this: "If you are elected will you do whatever you can within the power of your office to restore the right to life for all innocent human beings from the moment of conception?" Anything less than an unequivocal yes means that even if a candidate says he is Pro-Life, the commitment is not there. For instance, if someone is running for the US House of Representatives etc. and believes the plan to end abortion is getting conservative justices appointed to the Supreme Court and is not willing to support a human life amendment to the constitution, is that candidate really worthy of a hearty endorsement?

A pro-life voting record is not the same thing as being committed to end abortion and any pro-life group, whether it be at the state or national level, does a major disservice by providing cover to a politician through a hearty endorsement who has a pro-life voting record but is not committed to ending abortion.

As Mark points out we have to face the reality that a political solution to abortion is not going to happen any time soon and in part some of that responsibility is on our own shoulders.
# Posted By Mary | 7/12/08 3:36 PM
If either Obama or McCain is elected, we will be getting what we deserve: a President whose moral compass is either broken or nonexistent, a President who has a track record of endorsing evil, a President likely to appoint unjust judges who will engage in judicial tyranny. More then 20,000 babies are slaughtered each week in the U.S., the God-ordained institutions of marriage and family are being destroyed, and freedom of religion and freedom of speech are under attack. Where is the moral outrage? Most Americans don't seem to care.

The bad news is that under either Obama or McCain, evil is likely to increase and freedom of religion is likely to decrease. The good news is that in a number of countries, including China, persecution has led to spiritual renewal and growth; however, I would rather our nation see spiritual revival under more favorable terms, such as occurred in the First Great Awakening and Second Great Awakening.

Given a choice between the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of evil, I choose none of the above. Why not vote for a candidate who is willing to take a strong stand for what is best for America, a candidate with a moral compass that works, a candidate who is on the right side of the great moral issues of our day?
# Posted By Harlan Brown | 7/14/08 6:33 AM
The problem with this article is that it focuses on a single issue. As important as stopping abortion is, it cannot be the only factor in our choice for our vote.

There are many other issues: Homosexual marriage, which Obama openly supports; Religous Expression, which would be stopped by some of the Hate Crimes legislation, which Obama openly supports; defense of our county, right to bear arms, to name a few.

The time to rally for President is at the primary. If a candidate can win the Republican primary without being strongly pro-life, then we need to educate the public more, so that more people will vote for the right candidate next time.

Do we think that staying home or voting for a third party will change anthing? It is not like there is some big conspiracy for only fielding candidates weak on abortion for the primary. There were several candidates that we strongly pro-life; they just did not get the votes.

If I thought that subjecting our country to Obama would change the thinking of the people, I would consider it. But it won't. It will just set the stage for an even worse future.
# Posted By Mark Mayhugh | 7/16/08 3:39 PM
It is all well and good to consider voting for Alan Keyes or some other candidate. The problem is that Alan Keyes will never be elected president and can only take votes from John McCain, thereby potentially handing the election to militant abortionist politician Barack Obama. This whole idea of going only with "pure" pro-life candidates will NEVER stop the killing of unborn children. If abortion crime is ever stopped in our country, it will be because pro-life politicians in the Republican Party will vote at the federal level to prohibit it under all or most circumstances. McCain says he wants exceptions for rape and incest. If such legislation got through, it would save 98% of unborn children. If he were presented a bill that prohibited all killing of unborn children, even though he believes in exceptions, he would probably sign it. If we have a pro-life House and Senate and John McCain as President, we might be able to stop or greatly reduce abortion crime. Alan Keyes will never be in any position to do anything to stop the killing. It is time we faced reality and supported candidates who actually can win and when they get into office, hold their feet to the fire and make them do the right thing.
# Posted By Joe | 7/16/08 7:01 PM
I believe that McCain would appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court, while Obama would select liberal ones. This gives us a choice that is relevant in spite of everything else!
# Posted By Nic Samojluk | 7/17/08 8:45 PM
Why should we believe that McCain would appoint conservative
judges who would, by definition, be inclined to overturn
# Posted By Janet Baker | 7/18/08 8:14 PM
There is NO difference between McCain and Obama--None. If we continue to vote for moral degenerates for public office, why would either party send us 100% pro-life pro-traditional family candidates? We are the only ones to blame for the Sodom and Gomorrah we now live in. Some of us will vote our principles and vote for Alan Keyes. Some of us will compromise our moral principles and vote for McCain or Obama, and you know what Jesus said about the lukewarm. We have the choice to choose good or evil. Which will we choose? Those who did nothing for the slaughtered millions during the Holocaust will be held accountable. So will we.
# Posted By Recovering Feminist | 7/21/08 9:27 AM
We prepare Olympic Athletes, but no Pro-Life Hopefuls for OUR Representation? (see: a leader with impressive success record!) We prepare our children and finances for college, but no foundation politically to protect them or ourselves? Oh, we vote, we pray and call it a day. We fearfully sigh and wave a friendly hi to rabid Pro-Abort community businesses and leaders whose bully-aura has us muted and stunted. We spend our $$$ with openly Pro-Choice companies and corporations, and dunder-wonder why the Pro-Life movement is fragmented and underfunded. We fuss over bible versus and meanings; whose Catholic; whose Baptist; WHO CARES when it comes to Humanitarianism? ~35~ years of disgusting nasty, and we sit smug throwing a vote to the wind as some gesture of Pro-Life strength and stance...?... Say What???

Get a Grip #1. Less than 10% of Americans know the facts or the raw realities of abortion. Period. Fact. The Core Problem. Solutions are basic, simple, and nearly free with internet.

Get a Grip #2. See Get a Grip #1, reread, then Get a Grip on your FEAR of celebrating Pro-Life advocacy! Does the Stench of Satan's Victory in this Atrocity have you SHAMED and SHY to Dance with the Angels of Light in the Glory of Love and Humanitarianism? It sure isn't Christianity that has you muted, shy, fearful, intimidated. Your prayer and fasting for 35 years, and 48 million US dead (easily over 200 million US wounded) has perhaps saved a billion, perhaps not. For certain, hell is crowding. MOST women say they would have NEVER ABORTED had abortion been ILLEGAL. They also state that there was NO ONE reaching out to THEM with encouragement to saving the life of their baby. NO ONE! Solution: We must reach out to girls, meet us BEFORE they become pregnant... in addition to when they are "out of their mind" entering the darkness of PP legal surgical human murder mills. They need to feel our hug; hear our voice; see and search our eyes; be in touch with our hearts; BEFORE the crisis comes down. This also applies to men, of course!

Get a Grip #3: Did our Founding Fathers design our nation to have attorney's-gone God-Judge as some life long toxic joke or something? Do we really have to take this complete insanity of the forever judges; the forever Congress greasers; the forever Senate skanks? Forever? That's about as self-corrupting as can be humanly conceived. Why aren't our private investigators nailing these power freaks? I admire Gene Forte of Now there is a man who takes the Grip in #3, and lets it Rip! You bet! He's run a few judges out of town in his day! Why can't we legislate these forever freaks to the fields of rocks? They simply don't produce seed or fruit that Americans can any longer live on or with. Bad seed turned weed.

The Priorities are Concrete. Are We Seriously and Truthfully On-Purpose?

Write a Pro-Life Action Goal Plan right now! Start small with 3-5-10 actions. I wish you blessings with your successful accomplishments.

There are so many that are in need of healing and reconciliation. 47% of all American Men and Women are post-Abortive by age 45. Staggering! Almost makes you weak in the knees.

Enough IS enough. The 35 year choice to kill~fest finishes. May the demon be satiated and the demonized have a respite?
# Posted By | 7/21/08 9:08 PM
I don't believe in the "wasted vote" concept. If we don't start voting for third party candidates of true conviction (like the 100 % pro-life constitution party candidate Chuck Baldwin)then we will continue to only get two choices every four years.

As momentum grows, eventually a third party candidate of
quality will win. If enough people voted their conscience instead of a party, a win could happen this year. Besides, don't we agree as Christians that all things are possible with God in command?

Trust in God and vote for the best pro-life candidate regardless of party.
# Posted By Mike Patton | 7/22/08 2:16 PM
Lets not forget McCain's support for the creation of a monster bureaucracy and a new tax on, well, air. McCains's support for the global warming crowds agenda will cost billions or trillions, cede more power to international organizations, and create a boon for lobbyists, all so that we can fight the weather! I can accept a candidate that doesnt match my views perfectly (IF they are pro-life), but the complete dishonesty involved with the global warming scam is more than I can bear. Yet, we will soon see the grand compromise whereby cap and trade and emission
controls are put in place and we will get some offshore drilling. "We had to do it to get the drilling" our RNC members will tell us.

McCain is a liberal primarily because what I call my party wants a liberal. The party's first choice was Rudi, who was the only one in field arguably worse than McCain. Our party leadership is pretending that we need to be liberal to win while pretending to be conservative at heart. I am afraid that both are lies. The party will move to the left as long as we let it. All roads lead to the same place, it is just that the Democrats want to take us there faster. To continue voting for the lesser of two evils is to continue the progress of evil.

Until 2006 we had control of both houses of congress and the presidency, and we couldn't even stop the funding of Planned Parenthood, let alone introduce simple legislation that says personhood begins at conception. Seven currrent Supreme Court judges were nominated by Republicans and we
haven't been able to much more than dent Roe. No one even seriously discussed amending the constitution to protect life. We must a) remove the party leadership, b) allow the party to disintegrate and start again, or c) have mass defections to a third party. We should probably do all of the above.

The only way I see a vote for McCain is an impeccably pro-life and conservative VP choice out of McCain, and if we get it - we should create a website or other mechanism to let McCain know that we are voting for VP and that we are voting for 4 and out.
# Posted By Jerry Shade | 8/6/08 6:41 PM
Okay, so you don't like either Obama or McCain. So who would be your
choice? A rabidly anti-choice fanatic who would force women to bear children against their will
and do absolutely nothing to see to it that those unwanted children would ever get
decent food,shelter,clothing,education and medical care, make contraception illegal and thereby
increasing abortions and creating a black market in contraceptives, cause many
women to seek back-alley abortions or use coat hangers to abort themselves,
while all the time well to do women would easily flt off t o Europe for safe legal ones,
force students to pray in school even if they are atheists, deny help the the poor and unemployed,
thwart vital medical and scientific research, teach creationism as
scientific fact in schools, tell school kids not to have sex even though this would never
work, deny homosexuals rights and even persecute them, censor what
we read or view in private, ban films and television programs he
dislikes, deny financial aid for college students, etc. Smart, really smart.
# Posted By Robert Berger | 8/8/08 5:35 PM
Three cheers to Jerry Shade's comments.
# Posted By | 8/10/08 10:20 AM
Mr. Berger makes a reference to a "rabidly anti-choice fanatic"?

Boy, he sure has me pegged !!!!!

I prefer the title "lover and protector of unborn babies" though.
# Posted By Mike Patton | 8/11/08 11:53 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics