And On They Drone

With the political season in full swing, the Choice Mafia is once again clamoring that the issue is not whether abortion is right or wrong but, “who decides – the woman or the state?” 


Have you ever noticed that anytime someone says right and wrong don’t matter, it always turns out that they want to do something that even they know is wrong?


In any event, my question is this: if these people think that legalized abortion is such a positive thing, why won’t they defend it on its own merits?  Why do they feel compelled to claim that its merits – or lack thereof – are irrelevant?


The answer is that abortion has no merits.  In fact, there is nothing appealing about it.  A mom climbs on a table and puts her feet in the stirrups.  Then, a medical-community washout with the morals of a sewer rat, roots around inside her body with sharp instruments and tears her child limb from limb.  If all goes well, the woman won’t end up in the emergency room or in an early grave.


Of course, when the dust has settled, whatever drove her to submit to this abortion in the first place is still a reality.  She is just as poor, or uneducated, or ill-housed, or abused as she was before.  The only significant difference in her life is that she is now the mother of a dead baby instead of a live one.  Call me stupid, but I find it hard to imagine that she is better off for that experience.


Obviously, it’s tough to make this scenario seem anything but ugly, which is precisely why our enemies try every trick in the book to avoid talking about it.  One thing is for sure.  If every voter spent just one day inside a typical abortion clinic, there would be no debate.  These death camps would be shut down instantly and the people who work in them dragged off in handcuffs and leg irons.


While we’re talking about this “right and wrong don’t matter” rhetoric, let’s also not forget that America has heard it before.  During the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1857, Douglas said that, while he was personally opposed to slavery, he would not legislate against it because it was up to the people to vote it up or down.  Lincoln countered with: “He cannot say that he would as soon see a wrong voted up as voted down.  When Judge Douglas says that whoever, or whatever community, wants slaves, they have a right to them, he is perfectly logical if there is nothing wrong in the institution; but if you admit that it is wrong, he cannot logically say that anybody has a right to do a wrong.”


What Lincoln was saying is that the government is not empowered to protect one individual’s right to inflict wrong on another, but to protect those who would be victimized from those who would victimize. 


So let’s cut to the chase here.  The reality is, the pro-choice mob has to say that the issue is not whether abortion is right or wrong because they know that neither they, nor anyone else, can defend the actual act of abortion.  They also understand that their very survival depends on them being able to keep the public from looking at the central question: is the unborn child a living human being?  If the answer to that is yes – and even the most outspoken defenders of legal abortion know that it is – then there is no debate about “who decides.”   Civilized societies simply don’t leave the decision about whether one human being can kill another one up to the one who wants to do the killing.

So does it matter whether abortion is right or wrong?  The better question is: what else could matter?  And if right and wrong do not matter in this case, why would they ever matter?

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Mark, I've had a similar experience as what you describe with the proaborts, in my online debates. They always try desperately to steer the debate towards legality and away from morality, claiming that "We can't debate morality because it's so subjective". My response is that morality is the only thing we can debate, because we are not in charge of making laws or ruling on their constitutionality. In fact, just about everything we talk about is subjective in nature anyway, because we don't even agree on the basic facts on most subjects. And without morality, there is no reason to debate abortion anyway. If abortion is moral, then we prolifers have no case to oppose it, and if abortion is immoral, then the proaborts have no case to support it. So maybe that's why they don't want to discuss morality?
# Posted By Doyle Chadwick | 8/11/08 1:06 PM

You've forgotten the lawyer's creed: when the facts are against you, argue the law; when the law is against you, argue the facts; when neither one is in your favor, argue discrimination.

Four years ago, Mr. Kerry noted that the unborn child was a
human being, but not a human person. This year, Mrs. Clinton
averred that she firmly believed that "potential life" begins at conception.

Chris Garton-Zavesky
# Posted By Chris Garton-Zavesky | 8/11/08 11:58 PM
I'm sick and tired of this ludicrously disingenous attempt by anti-choicers to compare abortion with slavery. Slavery was terrible thing inflicted on an entire class of people in America because of their skin color.

Abortion is the private choice of one woman.

When the civil war ended, so did slavery in America.
Slavery can be ended. Abortion cannot. Not by any
means. Can you anti-choicers name any government
in world history that has ever ended abortion by making it illegal? I defy you to do so.
# Posted By Robert Berger | 8/21/08 10:40 AM
Abortion is a terrible violence inflicted on an entire class of humans in America because of their age and dependency of another in that life phase.

Unregulated abortion surgery is rarely the choice of a woman who has a thorough understanding of her options. Emotional and financial support is available. No woman goes it alone. Most times, the most difficult barrier is to ASK and ACCEPT the loving, compassionate aid so unconditionally offered. It's almost sweetly supernatural! (Compare that to the $185 an hour for PAS therapy!!!)

Unregulated abortion surgery thrives because of ignorance and coercion.

Can any Pro-Abort name any government in world history that has ever ended rape, murder, or theft by making it illegal? How perfectly moronic!!! We all know the abortion debate is not a Moron-Free Zone. (sorry)

Legalize anything and it will occur in greater frequency. Sure, some people, usually men, are great drivers at 85 mph., but most would harm themselves and others by legalizing that. Most are hurt by the 126,000 per day worldwide unregulated abortions. It's harm is fact in results of drug use, suicide, broken relationships, depression, anger, shame, guilt, resentment, loss of esteem, mistrust, sterility, difficulty and failure to bond with children, avoidance of doctors, family bonds broken, coping problems and trust issues, nightmares, flash backs, separation of prior spiritual values and inability to easily accept God's Word; can't bear to see blood (including menses), eating disorders, overcompensate living children, burdened by "the secret"; breast and cervix cancer risk increased; lost feelings for the search and meaning of life; body cutting, frigidity, sexual exploitation, and the list goes on and on....and on and on.....

Please examine the remains of an aborted human. If you can't bear to look and touch it, ask yourself why. (Biology isn't your bag?) Pro-Abort's hearts and minds live in a gruesome, scary and repressive place---a new low in tastelessness. Why would anyone have the audacity to defend the gory factual accuracy of images finally coming to the light of day? Pro-Aborts claim intrauterine pix & ultrasounds (which are not hideous, rather beautiful & fascinating!) are unwelcome WEAPONS.

Oh the DENIAL! Would you, could you, ever believe or understand the Holocaust if not for the pix? If unregulated abortion isn't killing actual living human beings, then why are the pix so disturbing?

If life begins when its mother wants it, then human life becomes real only if and when another person values it? Was your life meaningful in the womb?

Please read: "Why ProLife?" by Randy Alcorn

Lord Have Mercy
That You May Walk In Light

Live Longer, NOT Wronger
# Posted By | 8/22/08 5:18 PM
As abortion is the private choice of one woman, so the choice to enslave others is the private choice
of one slave owner. Abortion and slavery are especially comparable because both of these terrible
crimes are committed against victims who have neither voice nor choice.

Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation put us on the right course, so that today anyone
arrested and convicted of slavery will be sentenced to prison.

I agree that abortion will not "end" entirely when it becomes illegal. Even with legalized abortion,
the occaissional woman who has bought into pro-abortion rhetoric commits an illegal abortion upon
herself. If laws against theft, homicide, narcotics, rape, slavery, or driving under the
influence have failed to bring these acts to a complete and total end, should we promote anarchy?
# Posted By Kevin | 8/23/08 2:45 PM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics