QUESTION: What’s the difference between Bigfoot and legitimate journalism?

Of course, the answer is that Bigfoot might actually exist. 


This presidential election is proving to the public something those of us in the pro-life movement have known for years.  In a nutshell, the American media is a joke. 


My experience has been that modern “journalism” is completely dominated by three types of people.  By far, the largest group is made up of those who are simply not very bright.  Close behind that group are those who are abysmally lazy.  (And, yes, there is a considerable number who are members of both of these first two groups.) 


The final, and most dangerous, group consists of people with a Marxist / Atheist political agenda who manipulate the reporting of world events in order to further their cause.  I honestly believe that they are the smallest group but, regrettably, they have the most influence because they tend to be neither as stupid nor as lazy as their colleagues. 


The nomination of Sarah Palin for VP has exposed this third group better than any election before and, in the last few days, we have been given yet another textbook example of that reality.       


Joe “Empty Suit” Biden comes out and says, “Part of what a leader does is to instill confidence and demonstrate that he or she knows what they’re talking about.”


Then, seconds later, with all the unearned arrogance for which he is so well-known, he gives an example of that principle by stating that President Roosevelt went on television following the stock market crash to reassure the country that all would be well.  The only problem is, Roosevelt was not President when the stock market crashed and there was no television for him to go on even if he had been!  


Needless to say, not even Janet Jackson ever had a malfunction like that.


In any event, there are two things we now know for certain.  First, the fact that Biden has always been a pompous buffoon has not changed.  Second, the media’s relative silence on this episode continues to expose their bias, hypocrisy and incompetence.  Be assured that if Sarah Palin had made this exact same statement – or anything else as remotely moronic – a video of it would be on every television set in America four times an hour from now until the election.  And any man, woman or child whose IQ is at least a double digit knows that is true, whether they will admit it or not.

The fact is, Barak Obama has created a “Cult of Personality” with no substance of any kind behind it and the Godless-Left – including those who are ubiquitous throughout the American media – continue to writhe and slobber at his feet.  Meanwhile, ol’ Joe Biden happily plays the role of Grinning Idiot just so BO will take him along for the ride.

Miscellaneous Ramblings

(1) The Palin Selection


In a word, STUNNING!  I have never been a big fan of John McCain but, in my view, this was a Grand-Slam Homerun.  Her selection electrified the Christian Right and its timing was brilliant – the day after the coronation of The Grand Obama.  Just as the media was warming up to spend the next few days writhing and slobbering at the feet of their hero, Sarah Barracuda sucked all the air out of the room.


(2) Breathtaking Hypocrisy


Immediately after she was nominated, the Democrats jumped on the question of whether Palin was really qualified to be President of the United States.  In the kindest way possible, of course, they reminded us that McCain is over 70 and – well – anything could happen.  Now, in all fairness, I think it is appropriate to see this as a legitimate issue to raise.  After all, her credentials for the job are not that much better than The Grand Obama’s which, as we all know, are pretty close to zero. 


Interestingly, the Democrats have also been comparing Palin to Dan Quayle who they also savaged for being inexperienced.  What they are leaving out is that, by any yardstick, Quayle was eminently more qualified to be Vice President than BO is to be President.  He had served far more time in the Senate than Obama and had authored significant and important pieces of legislation.  Meanwhile, BO has been all but invisible during his short tenure in the Senate.  The fact is, until the Dems became terrified that Hillary Clinton was actually going to be their nominee, no one had ever heard of Barak Obama.  Also, before these people start getting too jacked up over their inane comparisons between Palin and Quayle, perhaps they should remember that QUAYLE WON!    


(3) Who Knew?


As we have heard ad-nauseam, the Democratic Party’s theme for this year’s campaign is “Change.”  Naturally, they have not been very forthcoming with specifics so we remain a little unclear what we will be changing from and what we will be changing to.  I guess that those of us in The Great Unwashed Masses will have to just trust that these details will be revealed to us when we need to know them.  In any event, isn’t it interesting that one of these innovative fresh-thinking “Agents of Change” has been lurking in the United States Senate for the last 35 years.  And all this time, we thought ol’ Joe Biden was nothing more than what he appears: an empty suit. 


(4) It’s a Strange Change


If BO’s idea of change is to team up with some pompous career politician who once plagiarized a speech from a self-avowed British Marxist, Neal Kinnock, he shouldn’t be too surprised in November if the American people tell him to, “Just Keep The Change.”  


(5) Maybe He Just Didn’t Want to Hire a Food-Taster  


Is it possible that what kept BO from putting Hillary on the ticket was a keen eye for self-preservation?  Maybe he noticed that when people get between the Clintons and whatever it is the Clintons want, they develop this mysterious habit of ending up dead.  It seems that the old saying, “Heavy lies the head that wears the crown” takes on a whole new importance when the one who wants your crown is a Billory. 


(6) Palin’s Pregnant Daughter


Within days after Palin was picked, some on the Godless Left began claiming that her four-month old child was actually her grandchild – the baby of her 17-year-old daughter.  Their “evidence” for this is a collection of photos taken of Palin during her pregnancy in which she appeared too thin to be pregnant.  Apparently, these degenerates are not aware that every woman is different and they don’t all look the same before they are pregnant, while they are pregnant, or after they are pregnant.     


Anyway, a couple of days later this nonsense was exposed as a lie when Palin announced that her daughter is actually five-months pregnant right now.  Although most people are bright enough to recognize that this girl couldn’t have given birth four months ago and be five months pregnant today, some of these nitwits continue to say that Palin’s baby is actually her grandchild!  Apparently, they believe that pregnancies can overlap.      


Of course, others on the Godless Left have now launched into a vicious diatribe about how the pregnancy of Palin’s unmarried teenage daughter exposes the hypocrisy of the Christian Right of which Palin, they say, is a member.  Naturally, they are conveniently ignoring the fact that the very foundation of our belief system is that we are all fallible.  In fact, if that were not the case there would be no need for Christ and no such thing as Christianity.  When Palin stated that her daughter was going to keep her baby and marry the baby’s father, that was the proper Christian response to the situation.  The Palin family obviously understands that the sin was the premarital sexual relationship and not the baby.  Contrast this to Barak Obama’s recent statement that, if one of his daughters became pregnant, he would not want her “punished” with a baby.  That alone should serve as irrefutable proof to every Christian that this man is a heretic and that his claim to be a Christian is a complete fraud. 


By the way, it has also been revealed that McCain knew of this situation when he picked Palin – more evidence of what a courageous act this was.             


(7) Qualifications Part 2


As we look at whether someone is qualified for any public office, it is important to understand that there are all sorts of qualifications to consider.  Perhaps the best example of this is Richard Nixon.  Surely, no one could argue that this man was not qualified or experienced enough to be President.  In fact, an argument could be made that he may have been one of the most qualified people who ever ran.  But despite that, he was a disaster for the country because he lacked character and a sense of morality.   


The problem is that, in America, we tend to give credibility to those who say that morality is not an issue in public service.  But in doing so, we ignore the fact that every decision a public official makes includes a moral component.  When deciding whether to spend money we don’t have or can’t repay, that is a moral issue as well as a financial one.  When considering the use of force in another country, that is a moral issue and not just a military one.  And the list goes on and on. 


So is Sarah Palin qualified to be President if something happens to McCain?  The answer is that, in the conventional sense, she probably isn’t.  By the way, that puts her in the same position as Barak Obama.  Like it or not, only a fool would suggest that Obama, McCain, Biden or Palin are even close to being the most qualified people in the United States to be President.  But when the issues are character and morality, only the most hardcore Democrat could see people like Barak Obama and Joseph Biden as qualified. 


This subject reminds me of the most profound analysis of American politics I ever heard.  It was William F. Buckley’s statement that he would rather see the country run by the first 535 people in the Boston phone book than by the 535 members of Congress.  The late Mr. Buckley clearly understood that the traditional yardsticks for determining whether someone is “qualified” for a particular job in politics haven’t served us all that well.


(8) Earth to Mr. Savage.  Earth to Mr. Savage.  Come in Mr. Savage.


I often find myself agreeing with the substance, if not the style, of what talk-show host, Michael Savage, has to say.  Recently, however, he said something that is completely asinine. 


He spent the first part of his show, correctly, identifying dangerous situations that are cropping up around the world, including the United States, because of what he calls, “Islamic-Facism.”  Next up on the program, he discussed his view of why McCain passed over Mitt Romney for VP.  It was because, according to Mr. Savage, evangelicals would not have been supportive of a Mormon.  And that may be true.  Then Savage angrily opined that a person’s religion should have no bearing on whether they are qualified to serve in public office.


Let’s get real here.  The only reason the “Islamic-Facist” behave as they do is because of their religious beliefs.  I am not suggesting that Mormons are comparable to these people or that they should not be allowed to hold public office, but I am saying that someone’s religious beliefs are not irrelevant or even unimportant.


The reality is that, contrary to popular misconception, we now live in a theocracy.  It was not meant to be that way, but over the years that is what it has become.  Secular Humanism is a religion, its priests are the nine judges on the Supreme Court, and the citizens of the United States are required to live by its dogma.  So the question is not whether we want to have politicians inflicting their religious views on us, the question is what particular religious views we prefer to be inflicted.  In such an environment, to suggest that a candidate’s religious views are irrelevant is nuts.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics