QUESTION: What’s the difference between Bigfoot and legitimate journalism?

Of course, the answer is that Bigfoot might actually exist. 


This presidential election is proving to the public something those of us in the pro-life movement have known for years.  In a nutshell, the American media is a joke. 


My experience has been that modern “journalism” is completely dominated by three types of people.  By far, the largest group is made up of those who are simply not very bright.  Close behind that group are those who are abysmally lazy.  (And, yes, there is a considerable number who are members of both of these first two groups.) 


The final, and most dangerous, group consists of people with a Marxist / Atheist political agenda who manipulate the reporting of world events in order to further their cause.  I honestly believe that they are the smallest group but, regrettably, they have the most influence because they tend to be neither as stupid nor as lazy as their colleagues. 


The nomination of Sarah Palin for VP has exposed this third group better than any election before and, in the last few days, we have been given yet another textbook example of that reality.       


Joe “Empty Suit” Biden comes out and says, “Part of what a leader does is to instill confidence and demonstrate that he or she knows what they’re talking about.”


Then, seconds later, with all the unearned arrogance for which he is so well-known, he gives an example of that principle by stating that President Roosevelt went on television following the stock market crash to reassure the country that all would be well.  The only problem is, Roosevelt was not President when the stock market crashed and there was no television for him to go on even if he had been!  


Needless to say, not even Janet Jackson ever had a malfunction like that.


In any event, there are two things we now know for certain.  First, the fact that Biden has always been a pompous buffoon has not changed.  Second, the media’s relative silence on this episode continues to expose their bias, hypocrisy and incompetence.  Be assured that if Sarah Palin had made this exact same statement – or anything else as remotely moronic – a video of it would be on every television set in America four times an hour from now until the election.  And any man, woman or child whose IQ is at least a double digit knows that is true, whether they will admit it or not.

The fact is, Barak Obama has created a “Cult of Personality” with no substance of any kind behind it and the Godless-Left – including those who are ubiquitous throughout the American media – continue to writhe and slobber at his feet.  Meanwhile, ol’ Joe Biden happily plays the role of Grinning Idiot just so BO will take him along for the ride.

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People, Get Ready! Divide & Conquer! Pro-Abort Business Boycott!

Pro-Abort Media fatted~grotesque Hens are finally getting their butcherin' scheduled. People, Get Ready! Divide & Conquer! DO NOT support ANY business owner in your community, state, or country that is Pro-Abort!!!

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People Get Ready!
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Smile, it just so righteous, can't hold back the glow of His Light Guiding Our Fundamental Spiritual Principals. (You know the ones that basically value one not to Steal, Lie, Cheat, Murder, Covet, Abuse, Hate, Sport Sex, Gossip, Betray, Corrupt, Pervert, ...stuff like that)

Pro-Abort Boycott!!!

They have snubbed and insulted us for 35 years, and we do not have to give them the time of day, or a dime of our pay, starting TODAY!!! Free yourself from all the dolt ilk of the satanic slaughter and ravage drinking and perverting the very heart essence of our beautiful glorious country.

Pro-Abort Media Hens: People are getting ready! We are going to Divide & Conquer your sorry hunks-a-muss-o-feathers. You Pro-Abort Media Hens will have your own snits to stare at in the mirror WE now fearlessly and courageously hold up. HA! ...and you really were only just an icky bitty Hen. Nothin' to fear.
# Posted By Gera Schmidt | 9/30/08 2:49 PM
Great observations, Mark.

A perfect example of the pro-abort bias of the lamestream media is their coverage of the annual March for Life in Washington DC. If they cover it at all, they always grossly understate the numbers of participants and then they make a point of showing nearly as much footage of the handful of counter protesters that show up.
# Posted By Pam | 9/30/08 4:52 PM
Last year I was at a pro-life event and Dr. Mildred Jefferson was the guest speaker. Dr. Jefferson is a tiny woman with a powerful message and she spoke directly to the consciences of the audience of our duty to speak on behalf of the pre-born, who can not speak for themselves. After her speech anyone wanting to stay longer was invited to do so. Since it was getting late, only a handful of people actually did stay. The organizer of the event was telling us about how Dr. Jefferson went head to head with Faye Wattleton, President of Planned Parenthood, in a televised debate (I think it was in the late seventies or early eighties). Apparently, Ronald Reagan saw the debate and it is what changed his mind on abortion. Among the pro-aborts, it created such an uproar and some folks at one of the syndicated news organizations (I think they said AP) gave orders that anytime her name came over the wire, they should disregard it or take it out. So much for a free and unbiased press....
# Posted By Mary | 10/1/08 11:27 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics