Why the Hurry?

January 20, 2009, began with every American living under a system of government that was birthed in the blood of patriots.  But by the following morning, duly elected political anarchists had already begun the process of dismantling this 230 year-old form of government.  The world’s Marxists had always bragged that they would eventually conquer us without firing a shot and now it was happening. 


Today, it is not only the nature of this coup that stuns traditional Americans but the blinding speed at which it is occurring.  The American people are not just seeing things take place that they could not have imagined 50 years ago; they are seeing things take place that they could not have imagined one year ago.


The question is, what’s the rush?  Why is the Obama administration pushing this agenda at a rate that defies all political logic–even to the point of strong-arming their fellow Democrats into supporting wildly unpopular policies that could destroy their political futures?     


My suspicion is that the Obamanista’s scorched-earth approach is being driven by a dirty little secret they know about the coalition that gave them victory in 2008.  In a nutshell, I think they are deeply concerned about one of its key members. 


The conventional thinking is that this coalition was made up of African-Americans, white liberals and anti-Bush independents.  Another big-time player, of course, was the “Kool-Aid-drinkers” who were swept up in the feeding frenzy created by the media. 


When it comes to 2012, the Democrats are not worried about the African-American vote or the support of white liberals.  They are also confident that the mindless cult-like mentailty shown by the “Kool-Aid-drinkers” is not likely to be cured.  The one fly in the punchbowl is that, as the image of George Bush shrinks in the rearview mirror, Obama is losing the ability to use him as a bogyman.  This could cause Obama’s appeal among independents to plummet and, in fact, there is some evidence this is already happening. 


It is the responsibility of high-priced consultants and political gurus to keep all these factions on the reservation and maybe they can.  But even if they are able to do so, my theory is that the Obamanistas are aware that there is another member of their 2008 coalition which may not be onboard in 2012.  This group is what I call “Purgers.”


These are white voters who supported Barack Obama in order to rid the country of the stain of racism.  For this particular group, voting for Obama was not about politics; it was about purging themselves of the guilt of slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, and every other vestige of racial intolerance.  They thought that by electing a black man president, we could show that the days of racism were behind us.  It didn’t matter whether this was reality or not; what mattered was the perception that it was true.  I’m not convinced that these people really cared whether Obama won or not.  As long as they voted for him, they proved–at least to themselves–that they weren’t racist.  In effect, they replaced the old, “I’m not a racist, some of my best friends are black” mantra with, “I’m not a racist, I voted for Obama.”  Besides, Obama represented a “safe” vote because he was not perceived as some sort of “race-pimp” like a Jesse Jackson or an Al Sharpton.   


In any event, an Obama sticker on the back bumper of a car was irrefutable proof that the driver was not a racist.  That may explain why even here in North Texas, which is not exactly a hotspot of Obama mania, you see far more Obama stickers still on cars than McCain stickers.


The irony is, at the moment these “Purgers” pulled the lever for Obama, they no longer needed him.  In their minds, whatever degree of personal guilt they felt evaporated.  However, the point they were trying to make by voting for Obama, does not require them to vote for him twice.  This means that in 2012, the Democrats will have to keep these voters in the coalition through policy.  The problem is, Obama has already been fully exposed as a hard-line leftist which is a position shared by very few Americans, including Purgers.  The other problem is that, since most modern presidential elections are won and lost on razor sharp margins, even a relatively small defection in Purgers could decimate Obama’s re-election chances. 


This phenomenon is probably keeping the Democrats awake at night.  It is also causing the Obamanistas to operate on the assumption that they will only have four years to implement their Marxist agenda.  This means that, given the scale of their plans, they’ve got to act fast and often.  To use a football analogy, they don’t have time to establish a running game; they’ve got to throw the ball deep on every play.  And that is exactly what they are doing.

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The problem is, I am not sure how many purgers are not already part of the coalition in another way. In other words, many of the coalition subgroups overlap. IF they feel better about themselves, purged from their white guilt, many (most?) of them would likely still vote for him anyway.

For instance, I have a relative who is a die hard democrat. She would vote for a democrat no matter if it was satan himself. And she would NEVER vote for a republican even if Jesus ran as one. She is anti-Christian, pro abortion, and she utterly despises anyone with an "R" beside his/her name. You might think she's a recent product of our mindless educational system... actually, she is a great grandmother with a high school diploma.

In a restaurant one day, this relative of mine saw a black waitress and remarked how sorry she felt for her. Because she had a job eeking out a tiny wage? No, my relative makes even less money. Was it because the waitress looked stressed out in her job, didn't smile, and appeared unhappy? No, my relative is also unhappy and feels sorry for herself.

The reason she felt sorry for her was because she is black.

Sitting at the table, she told me, "I feel so sorry for her. I just feel like we owe her something." She then proceeded to tell me how terribly white people have always treated black people, even though I was the one caught up in an angry mob of blacks one day in a riot in a housing project and beaten when I was a young teenager minding my own business.

I know for an absolute fact that this obot relative of mine voted for the obama because she felt guilty. I also know for a fact that she would vote for him again and again and has stated she wishes he could run for office for life (as she had said years earlier about clinton). She is a player in the absolute sense and it would not matter if obama raped, pillaged, and killed - she would still vote for him.

So, it's a double-edged sword. For her, the purging never stops and neither does the loyalty to an ungodly ideology that she supports with all her heart. Either way cuts fine for her.

Don't even try to reason with someone like this. When I pointed out that if she cared so much about blacks, how can she reconcile this with the fact that 50% of black pregnancies end with the death, through abortion, of a black baby, and that this is not only tolerated but rabidly encouraged, not just by white eugenicists, but by black people in positions of power (obama, jackson, sharpton, waters, etc., etc., etc.), she just waxes all hot and bothered while harping on about "all those children" Bush killed in Iraq.

The sour irony in all this is that, to vote for a black person because he is black is racism itself. To vote FOR someone because of skin color or ethnic group is to vote AGAINST another person because of skin color or ethnic group, as opposed to ideology. Let's be honest... this is more than supposedly "black pride."

Millions of black women who are against abortion still voted for a man who is demonically a pro-abort, just because he is black. I know this because I am around many blacks and Hispanics much of the time and they have no problem telling you how they think.

I hope you're right and that the "urge to purge" was THE predominant reason why many non-blacks voted for this evil person in the first place. If so, there is a small residual of hope. If not, we will, once again, get what we deserve.

This relative of mine will never accept the fact that "God has made of all nations one blood." We are all equal at the foot of the cross. Gender, skin color, nationality, social-economic status - none of these things means a hill of beans in the scheme of things.

And until they come to a realization of the worth that GOD places on ALL of us, the purgers will try in vain to placate their pseudo-guilt. While Rome burns, they can at least FEEL good about themselves. They can give themselves a pat on the back that they've moved beyond skin color. When, in fact, they haven't.

Great article, Mark.
# Posted By Ron | 12/5/09 12:17 PM
# Posted By TIM | 12/28/09 12:30 PM
Whenever I hear of massive overhauls and social re-engineering that is taking place, I have to ask
where will the money come from... we are already trillions in debt and the government already
has outstanding obligations that in the coming years are going to be difficult fulfill, in part because
we have aborted many who would support those now retiring.

In 1971, two years before Roe, the US dollar was unchained from its gold backing and since then
the government has been on a shopping spree like none other in history. If we truly want a culture of life,
like we all say we do, we need to not only support pro-life candidates but also the efforts for sound
money and limited government because economic roller coaster rides combined with high taxes will
most surely strangle working families making it difficult for new life to enter the world.
# Posted By Mary | 1/12/10 6:57 AM

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