By now, you’ve probably heard about Nadya Suleman or, as she’s probably better known, the Octomom.  She’s that mother of six who had herself artificially inseminated with eight additional babies and is now the mother of 14. 

This situation has created a firestorm across the country with people being understandably angry about the fact that this was done by a woman who is already on public assistance and lives with her mother in a house that is in foreclosure.  And the anger does not stop with Suleman.  There are a lot of people in America who are calling for the doctor who did this to be hauled away in handcuffs and leg irons.

Let me give you a few of my thoughts.  First, we need to understand that this sort of thing is exactly what we must be prepared to accept whenever man decides to play God. 

Second, while Suleman is certainly no hero here, the only difference between what she did and what many other people have done is that she did not have some of her children killed.  In fertility clinics, it is not at all uncommon for multiple embryos to be implanted and then, if more are successful than wanted, the “extras” are dealt with through a process called “selective reduction.”  That’s a nice way of saying abortion. 

For a better explanation of this procedure, I offer the one published in the New England Journal of Medicine on April 21, 1988: “Using ultra-sound to locate each fetus, the doctors would insert a needle into the chest cavity of the most accessible fetus and place the needle tip into the heart of the baby.  Potassium chloride was then injected into the heart, and the heart was viewed on the ultra-sound screen until it stopped beating.  Even at 9 weeks, 3 of the 12 fetuses selected for elimination presented problems.  The heart continued to beat and the procedure had to be repeated.”

Just so you know, that is what many people are saying Suleman should have done. 

Third, even though some radical hard-left pro-aborts have attacked Suleman over this deal, let’s not think for one moment that they would not be riding to her defense if she had chosen to have 14 abortions.     

Fourth, we should not forget that Suleman was the mother of six, is now the mother of 14, and has never once been married.  And it speaks volumes about the moral collapse of our country when that is not part of the national conversation we are having about this situation.  Of course, that’s probably too much to ask in a nation that has made it perfectly acceptable, if not trendy, for single women to become intentionally pregnant.  I would also suggest that for those of you who don’t think this is a legitimate issue, just round up a room full of teenage girls and ask them how many celebrities they can name who have done this very thing.  

Finally, as for the doctors involved, why don’t we just make them legally responsible for the financial support of these children.  After all, their role in the pregnancy is roughly similar to that of the male in a normal conception.  If we start applying that standard to these people, my suspicion is that we won’t be having any more Octomoms.   

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# Posted By Randall Foreman | 3/3/09 11:45 AM
I fully agree with all of your insights and thoughts about this matter.

I am a strong pro-life supporter so I don't believe a better solutions would have been to selectively reduce the multiple embryos (killing the unborn babies). However - what a sticky situation with no right answers??? Children do best with both a mother and a father, and parents/family should be taking care and paying for the needs of their children- society shouldn't be forced to pay for her choices (however not affording a child and having no father is still not a reason to kill a baby). So there seems to be no right answer.

I agree with you - we shouldn't have played God in the first place. When society does this, we are left only with choices that are not desirable (it's either society pays the expensive bill of raising the 8 babies throughout their lives who will be raised in a home without a father, or killing some of the babies and supporting the rest) - well they are both not desirable choices, but in my mind one choice is better than the other.
# Posted By a red voice | 3/3/09 11:46 AM
Good idea, Mark!
# Posted By Billie | 3/3/09 11:47 AM
As a pro-life repoter it is incombant on you to present the truth in a less judgemental way. Also when I watched this mom on tv she was not on welfare and truly loved each child as an individual. Isn't it true that only God can create? God created 8 human beings, shouldn't we be more interested in the care of God's creation? Rather than marking her and condeming her, should we not embrace her new children? We should run to keep her off welfare IF she has gone on it?

# Posted By JD Varra | 3/3/09 3:35 PM
From the moment I heard this story I said that the Dr. should be financially responsible for those poor children. He knew the woman's situation and it's so obvious that she is unstable. He should pay the hospital fees and anything else so that taxpayers don't have to pay for his greed. Obviously money was his motive, so it should be taken away from him.
# Posted By Conservative Thinker | 3/11/09 10:22 PM
It is no one business but God's and hers with regard to how many babies she has or will have. Somehow God will provide for her and her babies.
# Posted By Louis | 3/15/09 9:20 AM
Perhaps the Octobabies will become role model politicians like bully Nancy Pelosi, thieving us HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in weekend flights home. Their shameless status and smug security would be strong

If only they were illegal immigrants on free med, food stamps, charity pantries... or on a power plunder like the world's Pirates of Bank/Wall Street tax payor bailouts. Just pardon and give THEM the Billions-Trillions Benefit of the Doubt while severely smearing an Octomomma? Everything is bass-ackwards! No parents to look after the young children, and no children to look after the aging parents. Schools are the custodians that turn our children into nothings falling to new lows. By exact design 40% of all US births are now out of wedlock = government idiot lock-down.

It'll be a miracle if she's allowed to keep her children as the Pro-Abort Media trick chicken-hawk trap has been set with an explosive force fed hostile defamation to conquer her and all who birth babies on meager finances. These "offended" Pro-Abort Media Hens have committed more over reaction lurid hate crimes than can be numbered! Hate America; hatefully defame Palin; denigrate pro-lifers; hate Octomom and Octobabies; hate-degrade-defame-fear hate. A triumphant Pro-Abort Media Hen House is managed with a filth felt contemptuous joy. If you make them angry, you're in deep doo-doo. Of course the Hen's Game is that there is something wrong with YOU for seeing something wrong with THEM! A Moon-Bat, Sandra Bernhard, is allowed to publicly threaten Sarah Palin with "Big Black Gang Rape" if ever in Manhattan! Guess who praised that terror threat with applause? Surely horrific "Big Black Gang Rape" would cause Palin to surrender to the Abortion Pill and submit to the Snuff Surgery Suction Sister Society. The Pro-Abort Media finds the vile graphic comedian in righteous humor and nothing is too low a depth to coerce more and more and more surgical murder. The insatiable hunger of a Vampire. Despotism. Got It.

I ask "Guys for Life" and "Fatherhood Forever Foundation" to bond as financial fathers to these children. Repentant men, that long ago coerced an abortion, may find a giving gift personally, morally and socially an honorable act on behalf and in the name of their own aborted child's shortened life. It is NOT asking you to hose your tax dollars to HUD for rent of some deadbeat drug addict or Nancy's Vatican vacations and cross country weekends to San Francisco, CA! I ask Ex-abortionists, has your wealth from snuff-surgery found a worthy home?

There is no financial reason for abortion. She, like Sarah Palin, did not have some of her children killed and that show of spirit is precisely why it incites such miserable heart filled defamation from Pro-Aborts! Anyone's financial situation can change dramatically in a day. Obomb-America's did....duh! But Coward Americans escape by putting their head in the entertaining sand while their rear-ends are being mowed off! Caught up with the Gutless Babble "News" Media singing their Gang of Thieve Glories like angels from heaven vs. holding their feet to the debtors prison fire. The Democrat Party's Fanny-Freddy Bring-Down needed a mere mortgage contract rewrite to save the ship. Not a dime will go to conservatives. BO bought the 1st. election. Will they now be able to buy several more? Open borders = votes.

Octomom and monster science replaced eight surgically snuffed "unwanted" babies whose DNA is harvested for child vaccines. Got Autism? Must See Info Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GbiMvc0xZs

We have the monster science and pirate government official financial power plunder we deserve.
Our takeover-unfriendly government is now our adversary! Should take them about 4 more months to take us down totally. (We are their milk-toast)... If we have a good man of strength (when tested) running the government, family and media, you don't come up wanting, demoralized, degraded or beholden to those who set us up to fail!

We all saw it coming, didn't we? We still keep the "Nuclear Family Adversaries" in WA DC, aka Families Destroyed R Us, without building Politician Challenger Recruit Forces.

It took "Hail Hussein" a very short time to take the loyalty of our countrymen to the status of Fiendish Little Friends. Unaccountable, Untrustworthy, Blameless, Irresponsible, Undependable, Entitled, Licensed Fiends: Do onto others before it is done onto them system.

Our chances now are like Snowflakes in Hell.... unless we listen to inspirational Roy Masters, Glen Beck, Jerry Doyle, etc. Our entire government is being populated with the worst kinds of human beings. Cons with bulging eyed nothingness is meant to create an insecurity. The resulting resentment creates a need to please...dare not push a Liberal whimp to be a man! He just becomes more of a locked-in whimp!

Constitution-Cheater Liberals are just strange ideal cowards with a fraud bully face. Yeah, gutless losers need government because they have squandered away their money and health. Are you trusting management of your $$$ to crazy Wall Street, people you don't even know? A lying, stupid-stooge Gangster Government won't take away a bumbling fools misery! Printing $$$ steals wealth! There was a time in Germany when a whole wheel barrel of money couldn't buy you an egg!

I am ashamed we sit around talking about it when we should be rising up! See those with character and courage on the Stand-Up and Shout STREETS April 18!
# Posted By GeraSchmidt.com | 3/25/09 1:04 PM
You are simply attacking Liberals and not addressing the true problem. The issue is not that she should have aborted the children. The issue is that she should not be allowed to keep them. She is *thousands* of dollars in debt and has no income whatsoever. She is not a suitable mother.

Both Republicans and Liberals are considering this situation seriously and both have concluded that this woman should not be allowed to keep her children. We all are thinking about the welfare of her children, not just about who is pro-government and who is not. We're working *together* in this situation.
# Posted By Akela Almada | 4/29/09 1:30 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics