The Ghost of Reno Rides Again

With the killing of America’s most notorious abortionist, George Tiller, you can be assured that the abortion lobby and their media flunkeys are, once again, hyperventilating over the opportunity that has fallen into their laps.  As they have done in the past, they now get to project this image of poor hapless abortion clinic workers having to dodge a hail of automatic weapon fire every morning just to get from their car to the death camp door. 


As the curtain rises on this little dog and pony show, let’s make it our job to see that the audience keeps at least one foot in reality.  We need to be pointing out that, when the Department of Justice or the FBI publish studies on workplace violence, the rate of violence at abortion clinics is so statistically insignificant that it doesn’t make it onto the final charts.  In fact, even if the statistics are limited to only include violence against health care professionals, abortionists do not show up on the radar screen. 


To see how overblown this issue has been, consider just the two years during which the most violence against abortion providers took place.  Of the eight total murders that have occurred at America’s abortion mills during the past 36 years, five were in 1993 and 1994 alone.  But according to government statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, during those same two years there were 2,154 other people killed in work-related homicides in the United States including seven school teachers, four members of the clergy, 10 lawyers, nine newspaper vendors, seven writers, six realtors, 22 waiters or waitresses, four groundskeepers, five architects, 40 garage or service station attendants, 23 auto mechanics, 21 janitors, 10 hairdressers, four carpenters, and six farmers. 


In other words, during the worst period of “pro-life violence” in American history, more farmers and twice as many hairdressers were murdered on the job than abortion clinic workers and abortionists combined.  And remember, the five abortion clinic killings during 1993 and 1994 account for all but three of the killings that have happened in the history of the pro-life struggle.


Compared to the thousands of taxi drivers, convenience store employees, police officers, firefighters, and other workers who were killed during that time, it is obvious that all of this wailing and hand-wringing about violence against abortion providers is complete nonsense.  This is confirmed by the reality that the media is only able to make such a big deal about “pro-life violence” because it is so rare.  If it were even remotely common, they could not give it so much press.  Also lost in this discussion is the fact that if abortion clinic shootings, assaults, bombings, arson, and other acts of violence were anywhere near as common as the abortion lobby claims, every abortion mill in the country would have to shut down because there would not be an insurance company on the planet that would sell them coverage. 


Cutting to the chase, any objective analysis of this issue shows that the level of violence committed by people opposed to abortion has been grotesquely exaggerated and that the pro-life movement is, by far, the most peaceful socio-political movement of its size and tenure in American history.  To see the truth of that, all you have to do is study the other causes which are most similar: the anti-slavery, civil rights, and labor struggles.  It is not opinion but provable fact that, in those movements, there have been many times during which more violence was committed in a single day than has taken place in the entire 36-year history of the pro-life movement.


Another thing that’s interesting to note is that not one of the murders of abortionists or abortion clinic employees occurred prior to the inauguration of Bill Clinton.  And the explanation for that is brutally simple.  


Immediately after taking office, Clinton and his Attorney General, Janet Reno, began paying off their campaign debts to the abortion lobby.  While Clinton got legislation passed to sweep the streets clean of peaceful non-violent picketers, Reno literally turned the Attorney General’s office and the FBI into a private police force for the abortion industry.  By the way, that analysis did not originate with me; it was given to me by an FBI agent who told me that he was sick and tired of being sent out to investigate “pro-life terrorists” only to find some 70-year-old nun in tennis shoes whose act of “terrorism” was praying the Rosary in front of some godless abortion mill.


When rumors about Reno’s witch-hunts first surfaced, she flatly denied that such a campaign even existed.  But documents were eventually uncovered that proved she was lying through her blood-stained teeth.  The project even had an official name.  It was called, VAAPCON and I know, first-hand, that it led to at least one pro-life organization having its mail illegally opened and its phones illegally tapped.  This happened despite the fact that this organization had no ties to even one single act of violence, had never endorsed violence and was not associated with one person who was accused of committing violence.  The reason I know this is because the organization I’m talking about is Life Dynamics.  And we were certainly not the only targets.  In the ensuing years, I have been told by other pro-life leaders that they too had the same experience. 


Given this environment, it is hardly surprising that less than three months after Clinton and Reno began cracking skulls, the first shooting occurred.  This is not to suggest that this atmosphere justified the violence.  But on the other hand, we cannot pretend that it occurred in a vacuum.  If a woman kills her abusive husband, even those who would argue that the abuse did not justify the killing would at least recognize that it may have been a motivating factor.  In this case, it would be illogical to ignore the fact that, before the Clinton/Reno inquisition began, not one abortion clinic employee or abortionist had ever been shot.


Now we fast-forward to 2009 and find the Obama administration, which mainly consists of has-beens and retreads from the Clinton administration, publicly labeling as terrorists anyone who thinks it is wrong to butcher unborn human beings by the millions.  Then a short time later, we have the first shooting of an abortionist since Bill and Hillary burglarized the White House on their way out of town. 

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The following is legal free speech, protected by the First Amendment.

Right-to-Lifism is murder and right-to-lifers are murderers. This information comes to us directly from God. It is absolutely, infallibly true. Or should I say, True. It is one of the Fundamental Equations of our community's spirituality.

Professor Robert P. George of Princeton is a HIRED MURDERER. He makes his living by committing murder (i. e. right-to-lifism) every day. His hands are stained in human blood. He murdered yesteday, he murdered today, and he will murder tomorrow UNLESS SOMEONE STOPS HIM. Or unless he repents, changes his mind about abortion, and CHOOSES to stop murdering, by ceasing to be a right-to-lifer. Professor George, PLEASE repent before it is too late!

Shooting Professor George in the head would be a sin and a crime and a tragedy and I hope no one ever does it, but it would be no worse than the murders (right-to-lifisms) Professor George commits every day.
# Posted By Theodore Shulman | 6/5/09 3:15 AM
Mr. Shulman
My reflex reaction to your posting was to be sarcastic. But sarcasm doesn’t fit this subject matter. This is true life and death.
I would encourage you to look beyond the rhetoric and try to understand that people wouldn’t care about abortion if it didn’t involve the death of human life. With over 50 million human deaths in the last 36 years, some would say it is certainly in the same arena as Hitler’s final solution;… perhaps more so. Look how revolting that issue is.
Abortion pervades just about every aspect of our lives; political, spiritual and economical. As for being pro-life, I am (without apology). I am for the life of every baby as I am for the life of George Tiller and every abortionist in the world. Their simultaneous deaths would satisfy nothing, and it would be equally wrong. But very few people are willing to speak out for them.
As for the murderer, well I know he must be sick and he sure doesn’t speak for the Christians I know.
Everyone Christian I know is concerned about life. It begins with the life of the child; the continued (and unharmed) life of the woman bearing the child; the man who should be protecting both of them; and, the mental well-being of everyone concerned. It includes people who don’t understand the issue as well as the ones who do but continue to support abortion. Because, in the end, we believe in right and wrong and have the hope that all would come to know this. It’s about living as Christ would have us live; treasuring all life and leaving the judgment to the God.
The death of George Tiller was a tragedy in many ways. Foremost, his family has lost a loved-one and that pain is deep. Next, the credibility of a legitimate effort to bring an end to an awful act (abortion) will now need to work overtime to convince uninitiated people that this is not the position of pro-life people. Ultimately, the more militant people will do as much as the can to silence our speech. While that may please you now, this same act my also silence something you want to protect. Finally, for people like me, we have to work harder to remain optimistic about our work. It’s hard to continue the good work of trying to save lives when you begin to question yourself because a sick person commits an act of killing.
It is my distinct hope and prayer that you might reconsider the temptation to lash out at pro-life people because a sick person took the law into his own hands. Lets not trivialize it with sarcasm.
It may be too much to expect that this missive might be respectfully received. Perhaps someday we will make more progress than we have at bringing this crime to an end.
I leave you with this thought: Children are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the body is his reward. (Psalms 127:3)
# Posted By Sloss | 6/5/09 6:48 PM
I too had to go to Janet Reno's grand jury. They parked federal agents aout
side my local babykilling abortion mill to protect the babykillers from my picket sign.
I really do not like my tax money being used to protect babykillers. I for one am glad
that Tiller the Killer is gone. Now he will not be murdering any more children.
# Posted By Rev Donald Spitz | 6/5/09 7:17 PM
Theodore, what on earth is your point? You're trying so hard in your post to be witty that the attempt is falling flat on its face.

If you have something to say, just say it. Otherwise, we may
well assume "garbage in, garbage out". Thank you.
# Posted By Janet Baker | 6/5/09 10:02 PM
This is what we need to do: pick one famous, respectable right-to-lifer and do to him all the LEGAL things which right-to-lifers did to Dr. Tiller. Publish the locations of all his properties. His picture. Promote a religion that says his profession is murder and that murdering him, although no one should do it, would be at least no worse than what he does every day. Send him requests to repent and convert and give up his murderous profession. Picket his kids' schools. Send letters to everyone he knows calling him a murderer.

Not for revenge, nor to vent anger, but to raise his consciousness. To make him empathize more with Dr. Tiller. Maybe to get him to change his poinion on what kind of speech should be legal and what kind should be illegal.
# Posted By Theodore Shulman | 6/6/09 4:23 AM
This is a fantastic analysis, and I commend you for cutting through the crap and revealing the truth. Loved this article.
Would you consider adding the Share This widget to your posts? Thanks.
# Posted By Jen | 6/6/09 9:11 AM
An ILLEGAL abortionist was killed.

The abortion industry and the 'pro-choice' groups claim that
the motive for legalizing abortion was to make it 'safe' and to
protect women from illegal abortionists.

But when it comes to cases of women (and babies) vs
abortionists who break the law, the 'pro-choice' groups always
side with the illegal abortionists, don't they?

Tiller was an illegal abortionist, the sort of dangerous
abortionist with no regard for the law OR the safety of the
women he operated on, that the 'pro-choice'
groups claim they exist to protect women from.
Tiller routinely ignored the laws the citizens passed to regulate
abortion in his state. And then the powerful, wealthy
abortion industry and pro-abort politicians helped him get
away with breaking the law.

Yes, an abortionist was killed - but honest reporting
and commenting would include the fact that Tiller was an
ILLEGAL abortionist that sneered at the laws the citizens had
passed and openly bragged about his illegal operations.
# Posted By ProInformed | 6/6/09 10:06 AM
Mark... Your use of the term "murder" needs some fine-tuning. George Tiller was killed, not murdered. What happened to him is not analogous to what he was doing to others. "Murder" in the biblical sense requires an aspect of perceived personal gain; Scott Roeder, it appears, lost all; his son's company and affection, his freedom to move outside of locked doors, his privacy as that whore of an ex-wife of his sits dumbly on TV and sings the mantra about how "it is just wrong to kill"; we hope she will maintain her stance and do something, as opposed to the nothing, she has done to rescue babies in the past as they are "killed" by those who commit abortions. But don't hold your breath that she will stand in the spotlight to argue for their lives as she has done for their murderer's life.
Ratsach is the Hebrew term for murder; it means to exceed divinely established boundaries in taking human life. Since God has determined the positive law that we should protect our neighbors who are about to be murdered (the double-sided nature of the 6th commandment), Scott Roeder was an obedient servant and should never be called a "murderer" or said to have committed "murder" by those who know better.
# Posted By Cathy Ramey | 6/6/09 2:44 PM
Nice try, Mr. Crutcher, but there is a glaring fact you willingly ignore. Hairdressers are not murdered for political or religious reasons. Nor are firefighters. Some policemen have been. But to look at the historical record of 4 murdered abortionists, all killed for political reasons (that's 100%), and argue that liberals shouldn't be whining so much because it's a tiny number and not nearly as bad as most other professions, completely misses the point. All 4 murders occurred during Democratic administrations (two of them in the Democratic president's first 150 days, even). All 4 murders were pre-meditated and implicitly encouraged by far-right extremist anti-abortion groups. I believe 3 of the 4 murders were committed by men who had current or previous ties to a militia group. The Militia movement has historic ties to anti-abortion and sometimes, white supremacist groups. Such groups, when they engage in violent activity, make the FBI's list of domestic terror organizations. They are watched by the FBI, the Souther Poverty Law Center, and various groups that support doctors, such as NAF, PRCH, PP, and ACOG.

You write: "We need to be pointing out that, when the Department of Justice or the FBI publish studies on workplace violence, the rate of violence at abortion clinics is so statistically insignificant that it doesn’t make it onto the final charts." that why the DOJ has re-convened the Anti-Abortion Violence Task Force, a committee comprising of FBI, DOJ, and ATF managers to monitor reports of vandalism, threats, and acts of violence against abortion providers, staff, and patients?

And you make an absurd remark about Reno and Clinton paying their debts to the Pro-Abortion Lobby. They had no debts. Abortion advocacy groups are cash-strapped (aside from Planned Parenthood), and they don't make donations to campaigns nearly as big as insurance companies, banks, oil companies, and food giants. If Clinton had big debts to repay the abortion lobby, he'd go further than have the FACE act passed. He'd go on the record that abortion is a necessary component to women's healthcare, and that this country must never go back to an era when abortions are either performed in secret, in New York, or in Canada. But he didn't do that. Clinton was a centrist. He didn't want to offend mainstream Protestants like himself. He only said that this country should 'reduce' the number of abortions. That's a fairly lukewarm of supporting abortion, assuming he got big donations from Planned Parenthood.

But back to the central point. The fact that there have been 4 assassinations of abortion physicians should be alarming. The fact that shootings of doctors have only occurred in te US and Canada is also alarming. It isn't the quantity, sir. It is the pattern. Fanatical white males assassinating doctors when a Democrat occupies the White House. The pattern must be stopped.
# Posted By Dhalgren | 6/6/09 5:17 PM
Robert P. George is only a fan of 'natural law'. He is not a murderer. Dude, get a grip.
# Posted By Dhalgren | 6/6/09 5:19 PM
Loved the blog Mark. You did a great job presenting the truth. We appreciate you and what you stand for.
# Posted By Randall Foreman | 6/7/09 4:33 PM
Ann Coulter makes some good points on her website...(commentary from June 3rd)

Depending upon when you read it, it may be in the archive.
# Posted By Mary | 6/7/09 6:29 PM
How are pro-lifers like George murderers Theo? You sound confused.
# Posted By Ed Hull | 6/7/09 10:57 PM
to the person who commented on the right to life being equal to murder, I think you're confused. If you're not, then please explain how saying that babies who have a right to life are the murderers and not those who are "women's right to choosers".

Your argument doesn't make sense, and while I think I understand what you're trying to say, it's coming across as uninformed, and I truly don't think that was your intent.
# Posted By Ronnie | 6/7/09 11:31 PM
The following is apart of the Freedom of Speech.

Pro-Life human beings aren't murderers and the murderer of George tiller was pro-Life. The reason is that he killed a man in murder. Pro-Lifers reject violence as a means to find solutions. Also, abortion is the epitome of violence against those who are helpless human beings. You are a hypocrite to demonize pro-lifers in a slanderous way, yet you deny that abortion is about the ripping apart of innocent human beings. The mainstream media is mostly pro-abortion and they have expressed that view. We have a right to reject their far left ideology and seek out the real truth instead. Pro-Lifers have been assaulted, murdered, and oppressed for years. Yet, the media won't report on that. George Tiller's death was evil. Also, the millions of unborn babies destroyed via abortion on demand was evil as well.
# Posted By Timothy | 6/8/09 7:47 AM
Sheding no tears for George Tiller. He got what was coming to him.
# Posted By Ken | 6/8/09 2:47 PM
I dont condone george tillers murder because as christians we
are not to take the law into our own hands. but also tiller
committed murder too..murder of millions of babies. oh i forgot thats legal murder...GOD help you united states of america for making abortion legal.. shame on you. your worse than Adolph Hitler
# Posted By terrie marks | 6/8/09 4:04 PM
Prez. Obortion Con-Squat was "OUTRAGED and saddened by Tiller's death."

What a loser.

THIS---this is his dig-a-ling thing:
# Posted By GeraSchmidt | 6/15/09 1:05 PM
Lord Have Mercy George Tiller Tribute - Abortion Video and Tiller's Twisted Murder Mentality Audio release:

In Tiller's own words:
# Posted By Pro-(GOD's) Choice | 6/16/09 4:28 PM
Mr. Crutcher: Exactly ten days ago, I wept copiously throughout Dr. Tiller's magnificent, heartbreaking funeral. After listening to attestation upon attestation from friends, family and colleagues to the late physician's personal attributes, enduring love and self-sacrifice, I cannot receive your essay above with any sort of resonance. The questions of whether I agree with
all abortive practices; whether I am "at peace" with my own abortion so long ago; or whether my beliefs have remained static over the years are flotsamic. A man was senselessly
murdered - in direct sight of his loving wife of 45 years - in a CHURCH. This sort of bestiality is beyond comprehension.

Overblown? I beg you to consider the following: One murder is one trillion too many. Dr. George Tiller was a unique, non-repeatable, individual creation in God's universe. Is there irony in this statement? It, too, is not appropriate at present. I met Dr. Tiller in 2005; he treated me with a rare kindness, compassion and mercy. At that time, I apologized for several sophomoric statements I had made about him earlier that year. (And, no - I do not blame pro-life individuals for my own mistakes. Far from it.)

Yes, I am still grieving in the wake of this despicable crime. Is my grief overstated? Am I ruled by (stereo)typical female emotionality? If so, I plead unabashedly guilty. Succinctly, I shall never recover from the sight and sound of the beautiful, trim Jeanne Tiller singing "The Lord's Prayer" to her fallen husband - the self-described "love of her life."

Mr. Crutcher - your comments bear an inestimable drawback: Lack of sensitivity. People who are grieving are acutely sensitive to lack of sensitivity. Perhaps it's a personality drawback, but it's a drawback I hope I'll have for the rest of my life. Or perhaps my synapses are shot: little pockets of intolerance, insensitivity and causticity that the 1970s keep penetrating. When confronted with cruelty, my mind mind mind spins.

I hope you are never gunned down at your place of worship. I hope your spouse and child are never forced to confront such horror. The grief, agony and loss of Jeanne Tiller
and her children is something I cannot easily sublimate. I am heartbroken still - for them and for all who loved Dr. Tiller. That is the crux of the issue - not politics.


Annette L. M.
# Posted By Annette M. | 6/16/09 7:53 PM
dear Annette.. So you openly endorse and hold remorse for a glorified child murderer? Wow. What a disgusting human being... What a "nice, kind, caring, human being he was"... I'm sure if those dead children he killed in the womb of mothers were alive today, their voice would speak something different. But I suppose while Hitler executed Jews on a daily basis during WWII, he was still a "nice guy".... Give me a break.

"I shall never recover from the sight and sound of the beautiful, trim Jeanne Tiller singing "The Lord's Prayer" to her fallen husband - the self-described "love of her life.""

Even Hitler had a mother that loved him... Abominations are abominations. And for a wife to support the murderous actions of her husband is disgusting. That kind of profession aside from being in the military is the only profession where glorified murder is "fine and dandy". Of course if I run right out and shoot someone, you can take a guess where I'll be going.. Jail for life. Yet somehow child killing is acceptable practice. Disgusting.
# Posted By Michael | 6/25/09 6:36 AM
George Tiller was a baby killer. I don`t condone the fact that he was murdered murdered but I can understand why. He was an evil man who slaughtered innocent human beings for money. I wonder how he explained
his actions to Almighty God???
# Posted By Rita Fitzgibbons | 6/25/09 2:30 PM
Mark, great informative article. The facts will be helpful in discussing the issues concerning life and death matters with others.

I'd like to address Annette: I am sorry that you as well as your unborn child suffered an abortion, and that someone(Tiller) did this to you both while trying to make it sound like they were caring for you in the process. He killed your baby. Your baby was alive, but now it is
dead. He took money for doing this, I am sure, or was compensated somehow. But, you were left with the ghost of your dead child who once lived and grew in your womb. That little being was a baby boy or girl who had a future, but that future was taken from it when it's life was snuffed out. It was snuffed out when Tiller pulled your baby from your womb by her feet, and with the sharp scissors stabbed her at the base of her skull while it was still within the birth canal-KILLING HER-to ensure that this birth would not result in a live birth. An abortion doesn't mean that you do not give birth, once a baby human is growing inside of it's mother, when it leaves, whether dead or alive, it is birthed. George Tiller delivered to you a dead baby and a lifetime of pain because you believed the lie that he was only trying to help you. I hope that you will someday mourn and grieve for your murdered child the way you've chosen to show grief for Mr. Tiller, and I hope that you will ask God and that little unborn child to forgive you, and then, I hope you will be able to forgive yourself. That will be the most difficult thing for you to do, I am certain. May God have mercy on you Annette, and all those who walked into Tiller's abortuary.

His legacy is one of death and pain, not caring or healing.
# Posted By dbond | 6/26/09 11:43 PM
Mr. Crutcher: You strike me as an intelligent man; you (as well as some others) certainly do not conform to the stereotypical, histrionic anti-abortionists of my youth. Therefore, I'm puzzled that you would allow the irrational sanctimony of the post above. As he/she has made some presumptive, untrue statements, I must defend myself and Dr. Tiller at this time.

To the post-er above (dbond): First of all, you presume that the late Dr. Tiller performed my abortion. He did not. Yet you assumed that he did. You affect to have extrasensory perceptions. Allow me to disabuse you of this notion.

At six weeks in my pregnancy, the horror you have cited did not occur. It could not have occurred. Obviously, however, there is morality attached to abortion.
I refuse to share with you what my perceptions and/or morality may be. Once again, you cast yourself in the role of judge/jury/confessor.

Allow me to dismantle your sanctimony as well as your false authority. As I feel no kinship with you, I will not share my pain with you.

I loved Dr. Tiller. I love him still. I will continue to love him and honor his memory for the remainder of my life. Nevertheless, I am no longer the naive teenager I once was. But, again - as I feel no kinship with you, I will not share the details of this evolving tableau.

I repeat: Dr. Tiller did not perform my abortion. Perhaps your hatred would be better served toward those who would walk into a place of sacred worship, murder a father of four and husband of nearly 5 decades, and take the law into his own hands. According to scripture, only one entity has the right to declare, "I am who am." It certainly isn't Scott Roeder, not unless he is the Messiah come again.

And if he is, God help us all.
# Posted By Annette Munson | 7/6/09 3:01 PM
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# Posted By orvivoocetca | 8/31/09 10:09 AM
The corrupt MSM is semantically correct. No cable network, broadcast network or major newspaper in the US, not Mossad's ADL or SPLC are covering this Ted Shulman FBI arrest story as of 11:00 AM, Mtn time, Sun, Feb. 27, 2011, in supposed USA "terror alert mode". Don't jewish terrorists like Ted Shulman get counted, at least deserving of a column inch or two in the majors? Or is this god's divine plan for his best luved chosenite pets?, luls!

Yet you Christians insist on the pretend concept of moral universalism--usually in the stead of or at least "front seated to" science (true reality)-- and mostly ignore that the jewish Federal Reserve Pvt Corp and jewish Goldman Sachs have literally already destroyed this country and its people. You are so intimidated by the make believe jewish god, it is revolting to normals. Do you realize that yeshiva taught, Hasidic and even " 'verbal tradition' secularized" paranoid Babylonian Talmudic racial exclusivism is at the heart of abortion? Kill more goyim before they are even born, and jews are less threatened by the ballyhooed boogeyman "other". Eretz Israel Zionist wars in which your sons are killed and their limbs and eyes blown off them--absolutely nothing moves you to work on becoming human. The triumvirate loony Abrahamic spooks' cult is truly the worst, most marauding and killing scourge upon humanity ever. Why can't you muster the simple guts to intellectually accept that your high and mighty egos will perish after your 60 to 100 years, and that you live on through your children's and your true vast extended family, your people's DNA? Churches are hostile to our people organizing along our natural 100,000 year old ethno heritage because (1) that pre-dates Church histories and (2) natural, ethno heritage is a direct threat to the churches power and capital!

Just as an aside, I lived in Estonia, a Nordic country where the people have wonderful DNA. The evil Teutonic Knights went there and finished wiping out the "pagans" by 1250AD. Disgusting. Exquisite human Nordic DNA gone forever behind your violent John Brown, self-exoticizing pretensions to have contact with the supposed jewish (of course!, what else?) creator of the 14 billion light year long universe. You would have us believe that pagans in Estonia or Rome or anywhere else were/are incapable of morality.

Most of you deserve that your nation ceases. You will get your tacit, self-loathing, lacksidasical wish too. It won't be long. Laugh now, just as you ignorantly laughed before the autumn of 2008 when we had down talked the hebrew Federal Reserve for years and said the financial chaos would very soon arrive.
# Posted By Craig | 2/27/11 11:52 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics