“Let's set aside our differences and look for common ground.

By working together to reduce the need for abortion,

we could lower the number of abortions.”


It sounds so reasonable, so mature, and so appealing.  After all, we're human – we want to like and be liked.  We want to sit in the stands at a baseball game and enjoy the company of the guy next to us even when he's rooting for the other team.  It's an aspect of human nature by which we are all often seduced and seldom harmed. 


But when you take up the cause of the unborn, you soon learn that the normal rules of human engagement do not apply.  You come to realize that it is a world where the failure to question motives can be disastrous.  And nothing is a better example of that than the suggestion that we look for common ground with those who defend abortion.


First, the abortion lobby knows that they do not have to convince the public that their position is morally superior to ours.  It doesn't even have to be seen as morally equal.  All that's necessary is that it is considered morally defensible.  The problem is, when the public sees us working in concert with them to find common ground, we help create that perception. We signal that even we believe their position has some moral validity.  It is no different than if the Jewish people would have agreed to look for common ground with the Nazis while the ovens at Auschwitz were burning day and night.  That would have simply given credibility to the Nazi position. 


Second, it is no secret that the American people are increasingly uncomfortable about abortion.  What the offer to search for common ground does for the abortion lobby is to connect them with the public by creating the illusion that even they don't like abortion and are working to reduce its numbers.  It's a cynical public relations scheme that only works if we go along with it.  It is also based on a lie.  To think that the abortion lobby wants to reduce the number of abortions is like saying that McDonalds wants to reduce the number of hamburgers being sold.  In short, it's roughly equivalent to believing in the tooth fairy.   


Third, our enemies have always understood that their future is far more secure when the public perception is that abortions are done out of “need” rather than the simple desire not to be pregnant.  But the truth is that even studies conducted by hardcore abortion advocates prove that almost every abortion in America is done for non-medical reasons and involves a healthy baby who was not conceived by rape or incest and a healthy woman whose pregnancy does not threaten either her life or health.  In other words, there are virtually no abortions done in America that the public would conclude are being done out of need. 


However, every time we take the common ground bait, we help the abortion lobby conceal that fact from the American people.  It is simple deductive reasoning that, by agreeing to join them in this search for ways to reduce the need for abortion, we are, by definition, conceding that there is sometimes a need for abortion.  After all, rational people don't go looking for ways to reduce the need for something unless they have concluded that such a need exists.  So when we agree to these common ground efforts, we help to cover up the fact that, even if every abortion being done out of need was eliminated, any reduction in the number of abortions would be too small to measure. 


Another flaw in the common ground approach is that it always requires us to accept the fundamental premise of the abortion lobby.  In all such discussions, the opening statement is something like, “We have all agreed to set aside any discussion about whether abortion should be legal and concentrate on finding ways to reduce the need for abortions.” 


But if the real goal of these discussions is to find common ground, it would be equally legitimate to say, “Everyone has agreed that abortion should be made illegal, so our goal today is to look for ways to reduce the incidence of illegal abortions once that happens.”  Of course, that statement would never be made because the abortion lobby would never agree to discuss their position on their opponent's terms.  We seem to be the only ones who fall for that little trick.


Now, if you think I'm too cynical about all this, I have a suggestion.  The next time you are approached about participating in such an event, point out that the most effective way to lower America's astronomical abortion rate would be to concentrate on the areas where big numbers are.  That means the focus should be on finding ways to reduce the number of abortions that are being done because the woman just doesn't want to be pregnant or because she is using abortion as back-up birth control.  Also propose that the discussion looks for ways to reduce the number of multiple abortions.  That’s legitimate since, by abortion industry figures, about 40 percent of all abortions are done on women who have had at least one prior abortion – and often several.          


Of course, there are other “big number” areas we could look at, but it really doesn't matter since we all know that such a proposal would be dead on arrival.  Common ground discussions simply don't happen unless they are conducted by abortion lobby rules.  That's because the actual goal is not to reduce the number of abortions but to neutralize the pro-life movement and divert attention away from the core issue. 


Let’s also remember that, when we drink the common ground Kool Aid, we are signaling that we think we have lost this battle.  That is particularly obvious in light of the fact that these discussions are always held on our enemy's terms.  In most venues, that would be translated as meaning “unconditional surrender.” 


But the fact is that we are winning; we just need to act like it.  As long as the killing continues, we have no common ground with these people nor should we seek any.  Remember, prior to World War II we had long discussions with the Japanese trying to avert the war.  But at Pearl Harbor, the talking ended.  Our leaders understood that when people are threatening to do evil, discussions with them are a reasonable thing.  But once they have begun doing that evil, there is nothing more to talk about.  From that moment on, the only goal is to stop them. 


That must always be our goal as well.  When those who slaughter the unborn – and those who defend it – come to us with big toothy grins and an invitation to some Common Ground Beer Summit, we would be wise to remember that when a wolf shows his teeth, he isn't smiling.


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Hear, hear.

Now is not the time for half-measures and dialogue with the enemy. Does God seek common ground with Satan? Does our justice system seek common ground with murderers? We need to leverage technology and use the graphic imagery we have to wake up the church and demand that the killings stop. Like General Patton, we need to employ an all out assault on our enemies. We need to wage war on every front: spiritually, politically, legislatively, judicially, in town hall meetings and on the sidewalks in front of killing centers. We need to lay seige to every abortion clinic across our country making it cost prohibitive to kill our children - too costly financially and too costly to men and women's consciences. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ needs to rise up in her authority and boldly confront America's culture of death with the Light of God's Truth:






2 Kings 13.18-19
# Posted By Ed Hull | 8/3/09 6:45 PM
Mark, you are still sharp as a tack. Very well written, very logical, very direct. God bless you this day and everyday.
# Posted By Dawn Slike | 8/5/09 9:54 AM
Allow me to clarify my above-posted comments lest they be considered a rant.

One of the responsibilities of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is to influence the world as salt and light. The annihilation of 6,000,000 Jews in Nazi Germany, Stalin's forced famine causing over 7,000,000 deaths in the Ukraine, and the Rwandan genocide demonstrate the tremendous potential for evil and depravity in the heart of man. Yet the impact of Roe v. Wade since 1973 has caused the genocide of innocent children in America to grow to inconceivable proportions. The number of murdered babies has exceeded the sum of the three aforementioned acts of genocide by a factor of three! It is one thing for a young man or woman, in a state of demonic confusion, to deny their parental responsibilities, despise their unborn child and endeavor to kill him or her for the sake of convenience. Such a person is in obvious need of counseling, prayer, and quite possibly, deliverance. But it is a truly horrific indictment against a society like ours for it to be similarly deceived into legally sanctioning the torture and genocide of the weakest and most vulnerable among us. And for the Church of Jesus Christ in America to have allowed this atrocity to continue for 36 years is an abomination.

God has ordained civil government to punish evildoers and protect its citizenry. When any government legalizes a crime like child-killing, it is incumbent upon the Church to openly rebuke such a policy in the sight of God and man. Like John the Baptist’s criticism of Herod's immorality or any number of examples in the Old Testament where civil leaders were confronted by God’s prophets, when man’s government fails to restrain evil, God’s servants have a responsibility to demand said government to take action, remedy the injustice and establish protections for the innocent victims.

There is an old legal aphorism that says, "If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table." Advances in technology are making it increasingly difficult for the Pro-Death crowd to deny the personhood of the unborn child. As far as Divine Law is concerned, Scripture could not be clearer. What is left for the Church to do is to declare the Truth boldly, repeatedly and adamantly, in the face of opposition.

I believe that the above referenced passage in 2 Kings speaks to God’s expectations of His children when it comes to the desire, passion, determination and persistence that we bring to spiritual warfare. I believe the statement, “Abortion is genocide – the killing stops now” is a prophetic declaration the Church of Jesus Christ needs to proclaim to our generation. We battle not against flesh and blood and we must serve notice to the forces of darkness that the years of unrestrained slaughter of American’s children are over.

We must not tire of saying it, we must not faint. We need to continue to decree it and demand it until we realize total victory.
# Posted By Ed | 8/5/09 12:46 PM
Ditto what Mark said. And I would add to the statement, "To think that the abortion lobby wants to reduce the number of abortions is like saying that McDonald's wants to reduce the number of hamburgers being sold." The abortion industry is an extremely lucrative industry. They are empowered by greed and have no intentions of reducing their income. It is a doubly safe operation in that even when both "patients" die they are rarely sued. Everything is Hush-Hush.
# Posted By Ronald Richardson | 8/5/09 1:08 PM
Mark, I enjoyed your analysis & your comments about the underlying motivations of the pro-abortion crowd. I think that we must be realistic that they have eaten of the forbidden fruit of contraception. It is the contraception mentality that leads to the pro-abortion mentality--they are fruits of the same tree! Not only does it lead to abortion, it actually causes abortion in low-dose pills (of synthetic estrogen) & IUD's. We can win thisbattle, but we must realize its roots which has rotted our country long enough. Contraception is bad for both the woman & man & breaks up the American family & has undermined chastity prior to marriage. God bless you.
# Posted By Ennis Dodd | 8/5/09 3:06 PM
Any discussion around reducing the number of abortions, has to address the underlying cause which so often drives a woman to seek an abortion.. that is FEAR. A woman might not have a penny in her pocket but if she has strong emotional support from others she is likely to carry her child to term even if the pregnancy was unplanned. Unfortunately, almost every conversation that the pro-aborts have focuses instead on access to more birth control, which does nothing to reduce the number of abortions.
# Posted By Mary | 8/6/09 6:26 PM
Very good post & well said.
I agree with you, This finding "common ground" is a way for the pro-abortionist to try to stifle the efforts of Pro-life groups. If there is nothing wrong with abortion, why make it rare and why try to reduce it? A way to reduce abortion and make it rare is to actually help women emotionally and inform her the truth of what abortion actually does to the baby and to her. But of course, informing women, more sonograms, and offering emotional support for alternatives, etc. is not the "Common ground" abortionist want.... they want what Obama has promised & want to use the phrase "common ground" to make us shut up.
# Posted By a red voice | 8/7/09 5:54 PM
I couldn't disagree with you more.

If you want to continue to battle your "enemies" thats your choice, but that is certainly isn't the Biblical or moral thing to do. By not looking for ways to reduce abortion other than making it illegal, you are in effect saying you'd rather have more unborn children die than actually try to find a practical solution to the problem. I would say you and people that share your us versus them mentality are are the Pharisees and are actually making it harder for those of us that want to reduce abortion being able to do so.
# Posted By Pro Life Dem | 8/8/09 7:36 PM
Here's your common ground: Men don't have a clue what sperm is all about.
# Posted By Gera | 8/14/09 6:21 AM
abortion is murder,there is no difference and it should be stopped.
# Posted By casta | 8/17/09 11:07 AM
Oh, "Pro Life Dem". The "Dem" says it all.
# Posted By Sharon | 8/29/09 7:12 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics