Our Night in Jail

Let's see if I've got this straight.

First, the country elects a godless-Marxist as president.

Second, in order to ram through one of his pet socialist projects, this moral degenerate stands in front of the American people and solemnly promises that his government run health care system will not pay for abortions.

Third, less than four months later, government funding of abortions is discovered to be already in place in at least two states.

To put it succinctly, Comrade Obama was lying through his blood-stained teeth. Of course, this is precisely what those of us in the pro-life movement were saying all along, only to be ridiculed and dismissed by the abortion lobby stooges who dominate the media.

The next thing we should anticipate is that, if the Democrats are asked whether this guy broke his promise not to fund abortion, the most predictable response will be that, "It depends on what the definition of 'not' is." And don't laugh. Remember, this same little stunt worked pretty well for the previous Democrat president.

Now if you're looking for a silver lining in all of this, consider the following. Right now, our country is like the young thug who gets thrown in jail for the first time. He is there for some petty crime and knows that he will not be locked-up for long. But, whether he realizes it or not, the bigger issue is that he is being shown what his future will be like unless he makes changes. And he may not understand it at the moment, but if this experience causes him to make those changes, losing his freedom for a few days will be the thing that saves his life. In fact, it may be the only thing that could have saved him. That is where America is today. The Obama administration is shoving down our throats a bitter foretaste of what life is like under the rule of jack-booted Marxists. In effect, they have placed us at a crossroads. If come November and again in 2012, this small glimpse of the future causes the voters to turn off the path we have been following since early in the last century, the election of Obama will immediately become the best thing that ever happened to us. If they do not, however, the country we have known for the last 234 years will soon be unrecognizable–if it exists at all. It is as simple as that.

In the mean time, let's give the devil his due. Who else but Comrade Obama could make Slick Willy Clinton seem like a man of high moral principles and cause Jimmy Carter to come across as a steely-eyed paragon of competence. I mean, you have to admit, that's a heck of a trick.

Rhetorical Sandpaper

We all know that language plays a crucial role in the battle over abortion. And it is no secret that the American abortion lobby is extraordinarily talented in the manipulation and distortion of rhetoric. It is also true that their loyal little lapdogs in the media have memorized and employed all the verbal gymnastics their masters taught them.

Of course, those of us in the pro-life movement cannot control the language these people use to market this holocaust. But the bigger problem is that their deceptions are often so subtle that we don't pick up on them and, therefore, don't expose them. To make matters even worse, sometimes we actually use them in our own conversations. I recently saw a textbook example of this on a Christian talk show. The host is a pastor I know to be unapologetically pro-life and he was introducing a new guest to his studio audience. He gave her name and then described her as having become pregnant at the age of fourteen which then forced her to decide whether to "have the baby" or not.

My jaw dropped at least a foot. Here was a pro-life minister on a national television show speaking about abortion as if someone from Planned Parenthood or the National Abortion Federation was whispering in his ear. This man, though well-intentioned, was oblivious to the fact that this "have-the-baby / not-have-the-baby" jibberish is nothing more than a diversionary scam being run by the abortion lobby.

Let's set the record straight here and now. By the time a woman is pregnant, it is too late for her to decide whether she wants to have the baby or not. She is going to have the baby! The only unresolved issue is whether she will have a live baby or a dead one. That is precisely what this "have-the-baby / not-have-the-baby" nonsense was designed to keep the public from thinking about. It was also designed to dull the consciences of the moms who might be contemplating an abortion. After all, abortion is much more palatable if these women can be deceived into believing that they are not really killing their babies; they're just choosing not to have them.

Unfortunately, the trap this minister fell into is just one of many from the vast catalogue of mindless word games the abortion lobby has assembled. They accuse us of trying to deny women their right to have "pregnancy terminations" when, in fact, it is physically impossible to prevent pregnancy terminations. All pregnancies terminate; our mission is to keep them from terminating with a corpse.

They label abortion as "reproductive health care" despite the biological reality that by the time abortion is a consideration, reproduction has already taken place. In addition, "health care" relates to the prevention or treatment of disease, abnormality, injury or illness. Since pregnancy does not fit into any of these categories, by definition, abortion cannot be "health care."

Let's also not forget that anytime the subject turns to abortions for teenagers, these people are quick to describe abortion as an unfortunate necessity in a nation full of "babies having babies." Amazingly, however, at the moment someone mentions laws requiring parental involvement for minor girls to have abortions, the rhetoric changes. Those same teenagers are never referred to as "babies having abortions." Instead, by some mystical and unexplained force of nature, when these "babies" decide they want to buy an abortion, they instantly become "young women exercising their Constitutional rights."

The list of such rhetorical flim-flams goes on and on and, ironically, I think the public actually sees through most of them. The problem is, the public has also trained itself to look the other way. It may be that they are motivated to do this by the fact that they are living with a wrenching internal conflict. On one hand, the American people see abortion for the crime against humanity that it is and they are growing increasingly queasy about its legality. On the other hand, they have still not mustered the courage to stand up and say it will not be tolerated. To reconcile this conflict, they have chosen to accept a certain level of rhetorical self-deception in the hope that these delusions will sand off a few of abortion's rougher edges. In effect, the public needs to be lied to and the abortion lobby is willing to lie to them.

In the mean time, our job is to hold everyone's feet to the fires of truth.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics