Is the Gravy Train Derailing?

Currently, Planned Parenthood gorges at the public trough to the tune of about one million dollars a day in federal funding. On top of that is the untold amount of money it extorts from state and local governments.

We also know that a significant amount of this money is used to fund activities that are illegal, not the least of which is the nationwide pedophile protection ring being run out of clinics associated with both Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.

Pouring tax dollars into this corrupt organization is a scandal that has been going on for decades. But now, legislators all across the country are looking at the possibility of taking this money away. In response, Planned Parenthood, working in concert with its legion of toadies in the media, is squealing like pigs stuck under a fence. As we see every time this issue comes up, the very people who shriek the loudest that abortion is none of the public's business, are always the first ones to demand that the public be forced to pay for them.

Beyond that breathtaking example of hypocrisy, they are also trying to sell the idea that the effort to de-fund Planned Parenthood is part of some "War on Women" being conducted by the pro-life movement. Apparently, they are counting on the American people being simple-minded enough to blindly accept that a socio-political movement – mostly comprised of women and, yes, mostly led by women – devised a plot to rain death and destruction down on the female population.

Now, so far, the only explanation they've come up with for why we would do such a thing is that we are holding the lives of poverty stricken women hostage to our political agenda. They say that abortion is only three percent of what they do and that, rather than compromise in this one insignificant area, we are willing to let these women go without the other services Planned Parenthood claims to offer. In reality, however, Planned Parenthood is the only one taking hostages. Remember, these people can save their taxpayer funding at any time they choose to do so by simply agreeing to no longer be associated with abortion. But instead, their position is that they would rather shutter their facilities and let their customers go without healthcare than give up the abortion business.

The fact is, baby-butchering is far more than three percent of their business and they know it. This "three-percent argument" is simply confirmation of the old axiom that figures don't lie but liars do figure. However, for the sake of this discussion, let's concede the point and stipulate that abortion really is just a small part of what they do. The question is, so what? It's like saying that lynching is only a small part of what the Klan does or that contract killings are less than three percent of what the Mafia does. Does that make lynching and contract-killing irrelevant and does it upgrade the image of these two organizations? Or imagine that some deranged serial killer is able to prove in court that he devotes less than 20 hours a month stalking and dismembering his victims. Since that's less than three percent of his time, do we apologize to this guy for inconveniencing him, cut him a government check and send him down the road? If not, then why would we give credibility to that same loony reasoning just because Planned Parenthood is the one using it?

Returning to the real world, whenever this subject comes up there are two things we need to be pointing out. First, contrary to what Planned Parenthood would like us all to believe, they are not indispensable. The fact is, any taxpayer funding taken away from them would then be available to fund legitimate healthcare providers. Second, among the legislators who are so quick to fund Planned Parenthood and tout its virtues for the poor, not one of them would be caught dead getting their own healthcare from these people.

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# Posted By Theresa | 6/11/11 8:17 AM
One of the best things that could happen would be for public funding to go away from Planned Parenthood. For whatever good these folks claim they do, it is negated many times over by the abortion services they provide. And have you noticed when they are in the public square they seldom mention their abortion business and when they do it is totally down played. And they work under the "reproductive health services" label and yet most of what they do has nothing to do with reproducing and in fact, it is just the opposite. The term "destructive health services" would be a better fit. Induced abortion and the birth control pill increase the risk of breast cancer and make women ill in other ways. When they could be educating women on the benefits of natural family planning which is highly effective in both achieving and preventing pregnancy (without the ingestion of chemicals), they don't because there is little money to be made and women's health is so much driven by the dollar.
# Posted By Mary | 6/21/11 6:11 AM

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