The Naked Emperor

The hypocrisy of John McCain is breathtaking.

Recently, he told pro-lifers that we should state our opinions on abortion and then go home and shut up. This week, he is saying that America should take military action against the dictator of Syria if he starts using Sarin gas on his own people.

My question is: Why isn't he now saying to the American people that we should just express our opinions about this despot gassing his political opponents, and then go home and sit down in front of our televisions and watch it happen? I mean, this guy claims to be pro-life, but then advises his fellow pro-lifers to be good little Republicans and just sit back and let the holocaust continue.

The fact is, most of us in the pro-life movement always knew that McCain's pro-life rhetoric was hollow and motivated only by his political ambition. In this way, he is virtually indistinguishable from almost every other Republican in the country. They see the plight of the unborn as something that can often be exploited for political gain, but is otherwise to be ignored.

The bottom line is that McCain and his fellow travelers really see the unborn child as nothing more than a political inconvenience that they wish would just go away.

Our job is to make certain that never happens so, no, we will not just sit around and do nothing. We are not that cowardly.

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McCain is simply evil. He is pro-choice as is his wife. She held out as Laura Bush did until their husbands were out of office. He is a hypocrite and would have eaten his mother for a vote.
# Posted By diane | 12/7/12 2:30 PM
McCain has been the gigolo to a plastic-smile rich girl for a long time. If he were a better liar, he could fool more people as to his personal ambitions and his public machination motives. He's also been a sell-out to the perverts for a long time-- at the time he was running for president, his Senate chief of staff was a known homo. As long as the voters are suckers for immoral double-talk and dead-end duplicity, guys like John McCain will have safe jobs and prosper at the expense of those gullible enough to prostitute their votes in his direction. Obama is more quick and obvious like cyanide, while McCain is slower acting like arsenic. Either way, America loses and millions of simpleton suckers deserve the suffering they inflict on themselves. Maybe someday they can at least learn to spare the innocent.
# Posted By randy | 12/7/12 6:39 PM
I was at a mass a few years ago and the priest said the Eucharist would heal our cities. He didn't say the politicians would heal them and he didn't say the republican party would. And so my hope for our country is not with the politicians-- and why should it be anyway, for anyone? This country, after all, is reeling in 16 trillion dollars in debt- up 6 trillion in the last four years alone and the out of control spending sickness strikes most Democrats and Republicans alike. Just look in the news this week. Under the current political climate the future doesn't look bright.

From the right to life perspective when I look at the pro-life politicians in my area, I can say the best that we have really isn't very good and if that is what we have in my neck of the woods then it is likely representative of other areas of the country. And when I see committed right to lifers go to bat for politicians who have no vision, who are more committed to team republican than upholding and defending the Constitution and who are, at best, lukewarm in terms of Right to Life, it is disheartening and understandable why we are not even close to returning legal protection to the unborn. And the point of all this isn't so much to focus on the past but rather to see where we are headed. There are some bright spots in the political landscape but they are far and few between. We need for many of our current politicians to go away to be replaced by people of greater principle and conviction. And our job should be to advance the cause of the unborn and not advance the careers of the lukewarm pro-life politicians by making excuses for them or by making them into something they are not, otherwise if we keep doing what we have always done, we will keep getting what we have always got.
# Posted By Mary | 12/13/12 5:48 AM

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