Ohio and Hollow Bravado

Among the many strange creatures found in the Australian outback is one called the Frilled-Necked Lizard. He has this umbrella-like structure around his neck which, when threatened, he splays out in an effort to look larger to his adversaries. To complete the effect, his skin grows darker in color, he opens his mouth widely and emits a loud hissing sound while rocking back and forth on his hind legs.

It's quite a sight and it does make him appear somewhat menacing. The problem is, it's all for show. If a potential foe makes even a faint move toward him, this guy turns and runs away like his head's on fire. Despite his warrior-like appearance, he is actually more of a song-and-dance-man. It is a trait that makes him the obvious candidate to replace the elephant as the symbol of the Republican Party. After all, elephants are noble animals who will take on a pride of lions to protect their young, and no one can even remotely suggest this is true about the GOP.

With that, we come to the primary arena where Republicans display their cowardice. It is in the battle over abortion and, right now, a textbook example of this being played out in Ohio. As you read this article, a groundbreaking piece of pro-life legislation called the "Heartbeat Bill" is being intentionally bottled up in legislative maneuvering by gutless Republican legislators who call themselves pro-life.

Naturally, these people are able to regurgitate a lot of meaningless drivel to justify their treason, but the bottom line is that they seem to be comfortable doing nothing while millions of unborn babies have their arms and legs ripped off, their chests crushed and their skulls collapsed. Apparently, like the goons down at Planned Parenthood, Ohio's Frilled-Neck-Republicans are willing to just write these children off.

I must caution you, however, not to conclude that this sort of scandal is unique to Ohio. In the pro-life movement's race to our inevitable victory, overcoming the damage done by faux-life politicians is a hurdle we have had to leap before and will have to leap again, in every state of the Union.

Let's cut to the chase. As much as the GOP's gated-community quislings might prefer that confrontations over abortion be conducted like some ivory-tower debate between people in plaid smoking jackets with elbow patches, it is not going to happen. This has always been, and will always be, the political equivalent of a brawl in a waterfront bar.

Regrettably, most Republicans give off the aura of a bunch of guys whose mamas used to dress them for college. As part of some fraternity hazing ritual, they might find themselves sitting in a waterfront bar trying to look like they belong. But the only thing you can be certain of is that, when the first punch is thrown, the next sound you're going to hear is the rapid pitter-patter of fine leather wingtips stampeding out the door.

Another problem is that Republican lawmakers have about as much practical use for the abortion issue as a fish has for a bicycle. That's because these guys are motivated by money and votes that the unborn don't have. In addition, they always seem to get a little queasy whenever the abortion issue is mentioned. To an even casual observer, it is clear that these people have about the same opinion of the pro-life movement that they would have about a cockroach they step on during a middle-of-the-night trip to the toilet.

In short, this is a fight for which Republicans have no stomach. On the other hand, it is exactly the kind of fight their opponents relish. It is hardly a secret that, since the 1960s, the once-proud Democratic Party has devolved into a snake pit of perverted social agendas pushed by amoral leftists who will wallow in the filthiest cesspool in order to get what they want. And that scares most Republicans to death.

In the final analysis, the Democrats are almost always wrong on moral issues and will fight to the death for them, while the Republicans are generally right on moral issues but don't care about them. The result is that, in the cultural civil war currently being waged for the soul and future of our country, the political battle often comes down to a contest between those who lack character and those who lack courage.

If you need proof, just do an internet search and type in: Ohio, the Heartbeat Bill.

The Hidden Coup

Our parents warned us to always be careful what we ask for because we just might get it. It is sound advice that tends to get ignored, thus leaving us exposed to the unforeseen and unwelcome consequences that follow.

For generations, cynical voters have been asking for politicians who keep their campaign promises. In 2008, their wish was granted. Barack Obama was handed the keys to the Oval Office after faithfully promising the American people that he would fundamentally change their nation.

It is a promise he is keeping with a vengeance. Many of the principles upon which America was built have already been eliminated and those that remain are in his cross-hairs. Obama is now the center of a personality cult that is, with breathtaking speed, transforming us into the Marxist utopia he was so seduced by during his time at Harvard.

It is correctly said that elections have consequences and I can find no better proof of that than the one that gave us Barack Obama. Because of it, we now find ourselves in a precarious situation that threatens the very survival of the country. Even if Obama loses in November, it will take decades of Herculean effort to undo the damage he's done. On the other hand, if he wins, there will shortly come a time when we will be living in a country that we cannot imagine today and will not recognize then.

The political and cultural ramifications of this are being cussed and discussed by people far brighter than I will ever be. But in the midst of all this, important questions are being overlooked about the long-term effects of Obamaism on the Black population.

First, by now, it must be clear to even the most oblivious of our fellow citizens that this guy is in way over his head. Any way you look at it, we are now in the final stages of a four-year amateur night at the White House. What we don't know is whether voters will see this as an indictment of Obama, Democrats and liberals, or as a referendum on African-American politicians in general. If that turns out to be the case, we might look back one day and conclude that the first Black president saw to it that there would not be a second one for another 150 years.

Second, polls consistently show that Blacks are far more pro-life and far more opposed to the homosexual agenda than the population as a whole. Yet they broadly support a man who has been the most radically pro-abortion and pro-homosexual president in American history. In the field of psychiatry, this phenomenon is called "cognitive dissonance" and it occurs when people behave in a manner that conflicts with their belief system. Interestingly, this trait is commonly found among members of cults.

Whether Obamaism meets the definition of a cult or not is, obviously, open to interpretation. However, it is hard to imagine that there will not be negative repercussions within the Black community for having blindly followed a man who is so out of step with them on these two core-value moral issues.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, consider the following: since the 1960s, Martin Luther King has been the greatest presence in the African-American community and cast the biggest shadow in the struggle for civil-rights. For more than fifty years, he has been a man among boys and Black families have been able to hold him up to their children as the symbol of what African-Americans can do and can become.

The danger we now face is that Dr. King may soon be replaced by Barack Obama as America's preeminent Black role model. Should that happen, and it certainly seems plausible that it will, the results will be disastrous for the country in general and the Black community in particular.

Of course, some will not see this as an "either/or" situation and suggest that both can serve in this capacity. Those people are wrong. In reality, this is a textbook "either/or" situation. It is completely illogical to contend that Dr. King's devotion to the advancement of fundamental American values is compatible with Obama's advocacy of godless statism and Black Liberation Theology. As a practical matter, the only way for one philosophy to prevail is for the other one to be destroyed.

So whether the country realizes it or not, we stand at a crossroads. To put it simply: Martin Luther King was a unifier; Barack Obama is a divider. And if our fate is for the latter to replace the former as the symbol of Black America, we're all in deep trouble.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics