Some Reason in this Season of Treason

For those of us in the pro-life movement, the current presidential campaign has produced more high-profile traitors and defectors than any other election in history.  In just two of several recent examples, we saw Pat Robertson and Rick Warren abandon both their principles and the unborn children they’ve always claimed to care so much about. 

Now comes Frank Schaeffer, the son of one of the pro-life movements giants, the late Francis Schaeffer.  A few days ago, he announced his undying support for the rabidly pro-abortion and most liberal member of the United States Senate, Barack Hussein Obama.  He says he reached this decision after concluding that the November election should not be about policy but character.  Apparently, Schaeffer got his definition of the word “character” from the same dictionary that caused Bill Clinton to be a little befuddled on what the meaning of the word “is” is. 

In any event, like Robertson and Warren before him, Schaffer attempted to rationalize his betrayal with explanations that ranged from the laughable to the bizarre.  But in the end, his tortured logic was transparent and could not erase the fact that he is a traitor.  You can also be fairly certain that he will not be the last one of these guys to go over the hill before this election cycle is over.  As this phenomenon continues to play out, I think it is important for us to keep two things in mind.

On the philosophical front, while most people in the pro-life movement accurately characterize the effort to save the unborn as a war, we have generally misunderstood its nature.  We see it as a war between the pro-aborts and us, despite the fact that we are not the targets of the enemy’s aggression.  After all, our lives and futures are not on the line and, even if we were to lose, the practical ramifications for us would be virtually zero. 

It is time for us to understand that this is not a war between the pro-aborts and us.  It is a war between the pro-aborts and the unborn.  We are simply soldiers who volunteered to fight on the side of those children.  So when the Robertsons and Warrens and Schaeffers of the world run for the tall grass, they are not abandoning us; they are selling-out the babies.  The only offense they are committing against us is disloyalty. 

That leads me to a more pragmatic point I want to make. 

There is no denying that these betrayals are painful, and they are even more so when committed by people we trusted and loved and whose dedication to the cause we never questioned.  But we should also understand that their acts of treason serve an invaluable purpose. 

As we move closer to victory, our enemies are going to become even more vicious and more brutal and more vitriolic than ever.  In fact, we can already see that happening.  To win in that environment, we have to know who can be trusted and who can’t.  And that is precisely what we are being shown.  Perhaps we need to open our eyes to the possibility that God is preparing the pro-life movement for the final push to victory.  I am convinced that, after the November elections, our movement may indeed be smaller than it is now, but far stronger.  I can assure you that, no matter who wins, if the end result is that we traded quantity for quality, we will be in a much better position to fight the battles that are in front of us.

The choice before us today is whether we are going to be winners or whiners.  We can flap our arms and wring our hands and face the wailing wall over these turncoats, or we can see them for exactly what they are: people who are more to be pitied than scorned.  Pat Robertson is a perfect example of what I’m saying.  Throw out all the rhetoric he used to justify his backing of Rudy Giuliani, we all know he did it because he thought Giuliani was going to win and Robertson wanted “a seat at the table” after the election.  His defenders can sugar coat it all they want, but the bottom line is that Pat Robertson traded his principles for political power and ended up with neither. 

Such is the risk of being a traitor.  It is their fate to discover that disloyalty is seldom rewarded and never respected.  The problem is, they never seem to understand that until it’s too late.        

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IN this "Age of Deception" there are a LOT of Counterfeit Christians out there and some even those who have positions of prominence. This is why we are NOT to follow men, but to follow only Jesus Christ. If you have the discernment that Christians are suppose to have if they have the Holy Spirit indwelling, then the Counterfeits are easy to spot and you NEVER go by the words they SAY.

You do your homework and look at their FRUITS. once you do this you can easily see who is the real deal - like Ron Paul - a REAL Christian who LIVES it, and does not USE Jesus Christ as a joke or to get votes like Huckabee does.
You do not tell everyone you are a minister when you are NOT like he also does. THAT is USING God ! And God is not for sale ! NOR is He for jokes !

But REAL Christians will see all the Counterfeit garbage and not fall for it - those who do not, will also fall easily for the Antichrist !

Christians need to be more in the Word, and less in the Political Parties, which by the way, has any right to even exist much less run the elections and Government in the Constitution ! And Christians need to be nation loyal, NOT Political Party loyal ! THAT is where they are going wrong !
# Posted By Carrie Taranova | 2/13/08 5:10 PM
I am reminded of God's reduction of Gideon's army in Judges 6. God sent 32,000 uncommitted soldiers home and retained only 300 to fight for Israel. He is doing the same thing in the pro-life community today. To God be the glory!
# Posted By Terry Hestilow | 2/14/08 12:20 AM
You failed to mention the sole pro-life presidential candidate who will not
sell out to the Washington establishment. His name is Dr. Ron Paul and he is
still very much in the race.

He sponsored legislation which so called "pro-life" groups have
virtually ignored, even thought the bill declared the truth that life begins
at conception. It is called "The Sanctity of Life Act" and was written
and sponsored by Dr. Ron Paul.
# Posted By Margie | 2/14/08 9:40 AM
I have been puzzled by Senator Brownback's support of John McCain for the presidential bid.Senator Brownback has been a Pro-Life leader in the senate. I am not too optimistic that
John McCain would do much for the preborn. The McCain-Feingold law chips away at our first amendment rights...which hurts pro-life groups. Why would senator Brownback support McCain when there are more committed candidates to life such as Mike Huckabee or my personal favorite, Ron Paul? Is Brownback hoping for some favors if McCain is elected? Is he so afraid of a democratic win, that he views McCain as the only possible candidate that can beat Hillary or Barak? Is there something I am missing?

On another note, there is a sense of betrayal among prolifers in Manchester NH. Mayor Frank Guinta, professed pro-life, had a paid advertisement for re-election through NH Right to Life. Shortly afterhe was re-elected, he supported Rudy Guiliani for the presidential bid. As far a I am concern if he wants to build his credibility back with Prolifers, he can by his ACTIONS.
# Posted By Mary | 2/14/08 2:15 PM
Ramifications of abortion affect EVERY American's balance of values! Values in Balance: Society, Finances, Body, Mind, Family: With Spiritual in the center. We live, work, love, serve, receive service, feed and clothe the Pro-Aborts and post aborted. Not unlike the hard street drug pushers and users. We live side-by-side with post abortive men, women, friends and families. The ramifications to me and you, I believe, are unimaginably far deeper and all life encompassing. Note: Meth abuse is 71% female; a 35% jump in female suicide; sterilization; impotency, frigidity, STD's, sex crimes up, etc., yuck, etc. The post abortive are acutely wounded and are developing as a growing throng in need of extensive emotional, physical, and spiritual assistance. When millions and millions upon millions of women, men, and those involved with abortion, suffer in slight or great areas of post abortive traumatic stress disorder, WE ALL ARE AFFECTED. One way or another we all pay the price in quality of life. From their road rage to petty shoplifting; from drug use to loss of employment productivity; abortion's vile human poisoning has toxic after-affects on each and every one of us.

I have come to find the Pro-Aborts central defense rubs out to be MONEY. Men don't want to pay for an unwanted child; the woman is in crisis and financial panic; families and friends magnify the unborn as negative and scandalous with money as the motivation for murder. Adoption addresses this issue PERFECTLY! Adoption is the gift of life-gift. God designed adoption to soothe the woes of life's dignity-discrimination.

If money is a driving force that is creating such a Pro-Abort civil justice, "un-reproductive" choice "right", then why is ANY murder illegal for life insurance benefits, drug money, armed robbery, etc.? Hey, money is money, need is need, and any way of saving, getting, or avoiding paying it out is murder merited by the Pro-Abort fundamental principal. Just make sure the human, your own flesh and blood, is completely defenseless so those involved can be "BIG Bad bandits of
Hello, Pro-Aborts! You thought you received the receipt in the bag with your reproductive rights? The "pay and be free" method? Ha! Your murder method meter is still running.... and you ain't paid nothin' yet! If you think rehab is a $ hose for the substance abusers, just wait till you get the $$$ hose of abortion ramifications... the healing hasn't even begun, and you are holding an empty bag....

If we began to dramatically prevent abortions, we could at least put the receipt in the pretty bag and walk away clean.

Make no mistake about it, all you bloodied nickel-squeezing ego-maniac control-freaks!, China's mandatory abortion is resulting in 71 males to each 1 female live birth. Future possibility: America defeated BY the Chinese Army, comprised of testosterone with no women to marry. Pretty slick method of creating Warriors of Rage... perhaps God is TRYING to tell us something? One thing is for certain, the little aborted unborn will only be victimized once. We, on the other hand, will be victimized by our deeds (and the lack thereof by the lot of you Pro-Lifers... your rare lip service, half the time, does little more than to "preach to choir") over and over and over and over again and again and again and again.
# Posted By Gera Schmidt | 2/23/08 2:22 PM
Thank you for this article. It summarizes how I feel about this race.

Ron Paul, though pro-life was bound by his Libertarian beliefs ("state rights")and thus was not able to support federal amendments to protect marriage and protect unborn life. That is unfortunate, because that is exactly what we need. Our best hope for that in this race was Mike Huckabee.

But the fight to obtain equal protection under the law for the unborn continues, and we continue working and praying for the conversion of hearts, which is how this battle will be won.
# Posted By Mari | 3/17/08 7:26 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics