Will it be Good For the Gander?

On Friday, 63-year-old pro-life protestor, Jim Pouillon, was gunned down on a sidewalk in Owosso, Michigan.  Immediately, speculation was that he was killed for his pro-life activities.

My initial response was to urge my fellow pro-lifers not to jump to conclusions regardless of how obvious they might appear.  I took this approach because I remember the situation in 1993 when Florida abortionist, George Patterson, was shot and killed in Mobile, Alabama.  Immediately, both the local and national abortion lobby launched into a hysterical public tirade against the pro-life movement demanding that the streets be swept clean of “these violent anti-choice and anti-women religious fanatics.”

The problem was, authorities eventually concluded that Patterson's shooting was unrelated to his baby-killing racket.  In reality, he was shot for failing to pay off on a bet he had made with a mob bookie.  Somehow, abortionist Patterson had reached adulthood without becoming aware that organized crime takes an unforgiving position on such oversights.  It's also interesting that the murder occurred as Patterson was leaving some sleazy Triple-X porn shop and pole-dancing bar.  Further investigation would also reveal that this noble champion of women was a "regular" at this wholesome establishment and on a first-name basis with the proprietors. 

Of course, the fact that the pro-choice crowd had made complete asses of themselves by hurling unfounded charges at the pro-life movement, was quietly swept under the rug by their fellow degenerates in the media. 

Then came Friday.  And the reason I urged caution in our reaction was because I knew, as we all know, that if we were to jump to a conclusion that eventually proved false, the magnanimous treatment shown our enemies in 1993 would not be shown to us today. Instead, the media would make sure we were soon rotating over a low flame.

But that concern is now gone.  Prosecutors in Michigan have confirmed that, according to the suspect in custody, Jim was indeed targeted because of his pro-life activism.  In a nutshell, an elderly man wearing leg braces and breathing through an oxygen tank was brutally murdered for protesting abortion on a public sidewalk.

That leaves us with a very simple question.  Simply put, will the responses to this killing match the responses we’ve seen in the past when some abortionist was shot.  For example…

1. Will the FBI launch an investigation to find links between the suspect and other pro-choice individuals or organizations?

2. Will the United States Department of Justice try to establish that these killings were part of a larger pro-choice conspiracy?

3. Will pro-choice organizations have their phones illegally tapped and their mail illegally opened by federal authorities?

4. Will U.S. Marshals now be assigned to protect peaceful non-violent pro-lifers while they are exercising their First Amendment rights?

5. Will Congress rush to pass new legislation that would protect people who exercise their Constitutional right to protest abortion?

6. Will pro-life protestors be given protective zones around themselves into which pro-choice activists may not legally enter?

7. Will media pundits be suggesting that the heated rhetoric of the pro-choice movement is what led to these killings?

8. Will any rabidly pro-choice media commentator be accused of creating the atmosphere that made such a killing inevitable?

9. Will the Democratic Party’s unwavering advocacy of abortion-on-demand be cited as a motivating factor for the shooter? 

10. Will those who call themselves pro-choice now be forever labeled, “One of those fanatics who murder people they don’t agree with?”

Of course, we all know what the answer to each of these questions will be.  We all know that the most likely response will be that the pro-life movement and the victim himself created the environment in which this killing occurred.
You can count on it.

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It seems he shot the guy, not because of the CONTENT of his beliefs,but because he was showing gory pix to kids.

That's murder.

It's only justifiable homicide if you kill a right-to-lifer FOR BEING A RIGHT-TO-LIFER, not for carrying an ugly sign.

So I sadly conclude: this was murder. Not justifiable homicide. We must continue waiting for the FIRST act of anti-right-to-lifist counter terror.

Also, this guy used a gun. That's cheap and cheesy. Anyone can shoot a gun. A true hero, the anti-right-to-lifist avenger to come, will use much more elegant methods. The Avenger will be brainy and patient, like the Una bomber.
# Posted By OperationCounterstrike | 9/12/09 6:15 PM
"for showing gory pix to kids"? So, you support an act which you admit is intolerable to look at. America will not reject abortion until is SEES abortion, and this is what this courageous pro-lifer was basing his actions upon. The same practice was done by those who protested slavery,
war, and child labor - just showing the pictures of the truth. And it works. Just ask me, a former pro-abort.
# Posted By anonymous | 9/14/09 6:44 PM
To anonymous: America HAS seen abortion. The signs have been at every march, on TV, in the papers, since the 1970s. And everyone who cares can easily see copies of those beautiful 4-D ultrasounds. Or, cheaper ultrasounds.

The fact is, America has seen abortion, and America has NOT rejected abortion.

Why not? Because Americans understand that abortion kills a person, but they DON'T CARE. On some level Americans understand that if another person is inside your body, then you're entitled to kill him if you want. That's part of the meaning of the word "my" in the phrase "my body".

Americans are squeamish about abortion, but they absolutely will not tolerate the idea that they or someone they know, a normal sensible person with a normal life, might be forced by Government to grow an unwelcome pregnancy and give birth against her will.

Right-to-lifism has won the Personhood argument, but that's not enough to justify banning abortion. It doesn't matter WHAT the fetus is, only WHERE it is.

# Posted By OperationCounterstrike | 9/15/09 11:36 PM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics