Street Roots: Get a Grip!

After coming under fire from traditional Catholics, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) recently began withdrawing its financial aid from organizations that advocate positions contrary to Catholic teaching.

In Portland, Oregon, one such organization is called Street Roots. This is a group that provides assistance for people living in poverty and who may be homeless or hungry. Its mission is obviously laudable and it has been receiving donations from CCHD for the past five years. The problem is, Street Roots has a well-established history of support for legalized abortion and, in some of its materials, it even refers people to Planned Parenthood.

When CCHD told the group that it would continue supporting them only if they would agree to remove Planned Parenthood from their list of resources, Street Roots refused and the funding was terminated. In response, outraged leaders of Street Roots started bleating that CCHD's actions are part of some Catholic witch-hunt that was created out of fear and intolerance. In an editorial publicized on the organization's website, they appeared to be suggesting that conservative Catholics were allowing politics and church doctrine to stand in the way of helping the needy. The more subtle implication was that Street Roots is indispensable when it comes to providing humanitarian aid and doing good works.

Well, this may surprise the good folks over at Street Roots, but Catholic organizations have a remarkable talent for addressing issues like poverty and hunger and homelessness without leaping into bed with groups that promote child sacrifice. In fact, they have been doing this for centuries and I feel confident that they will be able to do so in the future. Moreover, the Street Roots crowd can show as much indignation as they want, but when they decided to give up this funding rather than remove Planned Parenthood from their materials, the message was that Planned Parenthood is more important to them than the homeless and the hungry. And they can twist it or spin it or sugarcoat it all they want to, but that is exactly what they are saying.

The attitude shown by Street Roots in this situation may be a variation of something they picked up from Planned Parenthood. We know that whenever Planned Parenthood feels politically or financially threatened by people who don't support abortion, their strategy is to talk about all the other "wonderful" services they offer and point out how abortion is only a "tiny" part of what they do. Then they viciously attack their opposition and demonize them as semi-literate religious kooks who are willing to let poor women go without healthcare rather than compromise in this one inconsequential little area.

For the purposes of this discussion, I will ignore the fact that only in Planned Parenthood's perverted little corner of the world could the intentional butchering of innocent and defenseless children be so casually dismissed. I'll also ignore the fact that for Planned Parenthood to defend itself by saying that abortion is only a small part of what they do is no different than the Klan defending itself by saying that lynching is only a small part of what they do. Instead, I want to remind the reader of the many instances in which Planned Parenthood has been willing to close, or not open, one of their facilities if the alternative was for them to agree to not perform or refer for abortion.

Obviously, the leaders of this taxpayer funded organization are perfectly willing to stop providing healthcare to the indigent women they claim to care so much about before they will give up what they openly concede is nothing more than a "tiny" part of their business. To make matters worse, the procedure in question (abortion) does not prevent or treat any illness, injury or disease, and Planned Parenthood's own statistics prove that, in almost every case, it is done for non-medical reasons on healthy babies being carried by healthy moms whose pregnancies pose no immediate or future threat to their lives or health. In other words, it's not healthcare.

The point is, just as Planned Parenthood holds the healthcare of women hostage to their pro-abortion political agenda, Street Roots is holding the fate of Portland's poor hostage to their support for Planned Parenthood.

Now, to the leaders of Street Roots, let me offer a little fatherly advice. You guys need to recognize that you're ahead of the game and be satisfied with what you got. Given that you chose to align yourselves with this slimy gang of baby-killers, the reality is that no Christian organization should have been giving money to you in the first place. But CCHD was asleep at the switch and the result was that you people received five years worth of funding that you were not qualified to receive. Of course, in a perfect world you would return every dollar you were given under these fraudulent circumstances but we all know that's not going to happen. So just go on about your business and quit whining.

On the Trail to Rodham and Gomorrah

We have seen several examples lately that America’s largest abortion profiteer, Planned Parenthood, is opening new facilities across the country and using deception and dishonesty to do so.  In one high-profile example, they recently completed construction on a new 22,000-square-foot state-of-the-art death camp in Aurora, Illinois, that they readily admit was built with it’s true purpose and real owner’s identity intentionally concealed from the public.

While it is understandable that the pro-life movement would be outraged at the naked corruption Planned Parenthood is using in its expansion plans, we must not allow that outrage to blind us to the motivation behind this expansion.  The truth is that, in this case, our enemy’s motives are far more important than their methods.  

It is well known that an ongoing problem for the abortion lobby is their rapidly shrinking number of facilities.  From the peak years of the late 1980s, approximately two-thirds of the abortion clinics in America have closed permanently, primarily because the abortion industry has been unable to hire enough employees to keep them open.

In the 1980s, most of Planned Parenthood’s death camps had all the abortionists they needed including reserves in case one of the “regulars” went on vacation.  Today, the reserves are long gone and most facilities are forced to make do with just one contract killer on the payroll.  As for the support staff, it’s pretty much the same story. 

Of course, the abortion lobby says their recruiting problems are a result of “pro-life violence” when, in fact, the amount of violence directed at the abortion industry over the years has been incredibly low.  When the U.S. Department of Justice or the FBI publish studies on workplace violence, the rate of violence at abortion clinics is so statistically insignificant that it doesn’t even make it into the final reports. 

So before we go further, let’s put this “pro-life violence” myth to rest once and for all.  Even if you focus on the time period during which the most violence was committed against the abortion industry, it is clear that all of this arm-flapping and hand-wringing about pro-life violence is nonsense.  Of the seven murders that have occurred at American abortion mills in the last 34 years, five occurred in 1993 and 1994 alone.  However, according to statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, during those same two years there were 2,154 other people killed in work-related homicides in the United States including seven school teachers, four members of the clergy, 10 lawyers, nine newspaper vendors, seven writers, six realtors, 22 waiters or waitresses, four groundskeepers, five architects, 40 garage or service station attendants, 23 auto mechanics, 21 janitors, 10 hairdressers, six farmers and four carpenters. 

In other words, during the period of the greatest violence against abortionists in history, more farmers and twice as many hairdressers were murdered on the job than abortion clinic workers and abortionists combined.  This does not even take into account the taxi drivers, convenience store employees, police officers, firefighters, and others who were killed during that same time period.

The fact is, the abortion industry’s inability to recruit and keep employees has nothing to do with violence.  The explanation most often given is the increasing stigma associated with abortion.

The abortion lobby had always counted on legalization to erase the stigma of abortion, but that never happened.  What they refused to accept was that abortion is like pornography and prostitution in that the stigma is related to the act itself and not to its legal status.  That means the stigma is never going to go away.  Today, the abortion industry finally seems resigned to this and has decided that the stench of abortion is something they will just have to live with.

As legitimate an issue as stigma is, however, it is not the only thing that keeps these death camps understaffed.  The abortion industry is also facing a financial crisis that has been brewing since the day this battle began.  And this is a problem they can’t just live with.

In the first few years of legalized abortion, studies were taken to determine the cost of an abortion.  The findings were that, generally speaking, the price was between $300 and $350.  Interestingly, those figures have changed little since then.  That begs the question: with no competition and a seemingly reliable demand, why have they been unable to raise prices in almost 35 years?

The answer is that, contrary to appearances, the demand is not reliable.

In any marketing environment, all decisions fall onto a “marginal / non-marginal” scale.  Decisions based on “want” are considered marginal while those based on “need” are classified as non-marginal.   A major factor in determining where a decision falls on this scale is its degree of price sensitivity.  The more price sensitive something is, the more marginal the buying decision is.  This is true about all purchasing decisions, including the decision about whether to “purchase” an abortion or not.

Since day one, the abortion industry has pushed this idea that when a woman does not want to be pregnant she will crawl through hell on broken glass to get an abortion.  In other words, their contention is that the abortion decision is a non-marginal one.  For that to be true, it would also have to be true that the cost of abortion does not significantly affect the abortion rate.

Contrary to abortion industry claims, the evidence does not support this.  The financial publication, Economic Inquiry, Vol. XXVI, April 1988, produced a study about the relationship between abortion cost and abortion rates and found that, “The significant inverse relationship between the price of abortions and the abortion rate confirms that the fundamental law of demand is applicable to abortions.” In other words, as the cost of abortion goes up, the demand for abortion goes down.  This finding has been confirmed by other independent studies which have also documented that an inverse relationship exists between the price of abortion and the rate of abortion.  

Perhaps even more revealing is a quote from Colorado abortionist, Warren Hern.  During a May, 1997, annual meeting of the National Abortion Federation held in Boston, Massachusetts, the subject was the use of ultrasound in abortion.  Hern complained that paying for the ultrasound machine would increase the cost of an abortion by $25.  In his own words, this would cause the patient load to plummet.  What Hern was saying was that, not only does price affect the abortion rate, even small increases in price have an overpowering impact on it.  This was real-world confirmation—from someone on the inside—that the abortion lobby’s “hell on broken glass” rhetoric is a lie and that the abortion decision is, in most cases, a marginal one.

The obvious solution to the abortion industry’s current financial dilemma would be for them to raise prices to meet their increased costs and simply make more money off fewer killings.  But as fiscally reasonable as that may sound, the abortion lobby knows it is not a viable option.  They have long understood that, in order to maintain abortion’s legality, they need the political and cultural inertia created by a high abortion rate.  This has put them in a kind of “Catch 22” situation.  They need higher abortion prices to solve their financial problems, but the lowered abortion rate produced by these higher prices would threaten their political survivability.

That is why the abortion industry has not raised prices for almost 35 years.  The problem they now face is that the cost of doing business has risen dramatically during that time.  So while a $350 abortion may have been profitable in 1973 dollars, it may not be profitable in today’s dollars. 

That has prevented the abortion industry from being unable to compete for employees with the rest of the medical community.  One result of this has been that the quality of the employees they can hire is abysmally low.  With almost no exceptions, there is no way the typical abortion clinic worker could get a job in any other medical-related field.  Another result has been that, other than the actual abortionists, most abortion industry workers make very little money.  Even for staunchly pro-choice employees who are not bothered by the stigma, this has kept morale low and turnover rates astronomical.

The point of all this is brutally simple.  In order to survive, the abortion industry has to find a way to raise their prices without lowering the abortion rate.

Enter Hillary Clinton. 

Planned Parenthood’s current expansion is their way of betting that Slick Hilly is going to be the next president.  They are also counting on her to install a system of socialized medicine that will include elective abortion.  So even though the Choice Mafia rallies their troops with red-meat rhetoric about Supreme Court appointments who could take away “the right to choose,” what they are most giddy about is the possibility of government-funded abortions.  That is the driving force behind Planned Parenthood’s expansion agenda.  They see Hillary Care getting larger in the rearview mirror and are positioning themselves to be a major player in it.

You may think I’m baying at the moon here, but if there is one thing I know for certain it is this: at the moment national healthcare becomes a reality, the cost to the taxpayer for an abortion that now costs about $350 will, instantly, be many times that amount.  I know this is true because a model for it already exists.  All you have to do is imagine two women sitting in an abortion clinic waiting to have identical first-trimester abortions.  One is paying cash; the second has a health insurance policy to cover her abortion.  The first woman will probably get out the door for the usual $350 or so.  But make no mistake about it, the second woman’s insurance company will be lucky to escape with anything less than a $3000 claim to pay. 

That scenario is repeated at abortion clinics all across America every day.  It is also why the nation’s death merchants see Hillary Care as their salvation.  They are relying on socialized medicine to solve their current financial problems by converting every $350 private-pay abortion into a $3000 government-pay abortion.  The icing on the cake is that, since the customers will be offered these abortions for “free,” the abortion rate is guaranteed to skyrocket.

Like I always say, if you want to understand the abortion business, just follow the money trail.  The signpost ahead reads, Rodham and Gomorrah.

You Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It

As the tide of public opinion continues to turn against legalized abortion, the pitchmen for Planned Parenthood (AKA: The Cosmic Masters of Deception) are frantically trying to distance the organization from abortion.  To accomplish this goal, they have crafted three basic arguments, two of which are true but irrelevant and one that is an outright lie.  

Irrelevant Claim #1: Abortion is only a small percentage of what Planned Parenthood does. 

In the first place, I have never heard any pro-lifer claim that abortion is the only thing Planned Parenthood does.  We simply say that they do more abortions than anyone else - and that is confirmed by their own documents. 

Second, defending Planned Parenthood on the basis that abortion is only a small part of what they do is like defending the Ku Klux Klan by saying that lynching is only a small part of what they do.  By the way, when people hear me make this sort of analogy, some ask if I am concerned that Planned Parenthood might sue me for comparing them to the Klan.  My response is that I am more concerned that the Klan might sue me for comparing them to Planned Parenthood.     

Irrelevant Claim #2: Many Planned Parenthood facilities don't do abortions at all. 

What they conveniently fail to mention is that every Planned Parenthood facility in the United States that doesn't do abortions refers for abortion.  And make no mistake about it, from a moral standpoint, the person who makes an abortion referral is every bit as responsible for the killing as the person who actually rips the victim to shreds. 

Look at it this way.  No one objects to calling Adolph Hitler a murderer despite the fact that there is no evidence that he ever personally murdered anyone other than himself.  Technically, you could say that his only role in the Nazi holocaust was to refer people to the gas chambers.  In other words, for people who “only” refer for abortion, their relationship to the unborn is exactly the same as Hitler's relationship to the people who ended up in the ovens at Auschwitz. 

The Outright Lie: Planned Parenthood offers free and low-cost medical services that poor women can’t get anywhere else. 

The truth is, Planned Parenthood does not do anything for free.  Someone pays for every service Planned Parenthood provides.  Every “free” abortion, birth control pill, condom, STD treatment, or pregnancy test they dole out is paid for by either their donors or by the American taxpayer.  (In case you were wondering, last year the taxpayer’s “contribution” to this scam was about three-quarters of a million dollars – a day!)

From the recipient's standpoint, the truly sad part of this is that every dollar given to Planned Parenthood is a dollar that can't be given to a legitimate medical provider.  This means that when the government gives public money to Planned Parenthood, the effect is to relegate the poor to getting their healthcare from abortionists.  That is a national disgrace.      

The bottom line to all this is that Planned Parenthood doesn't like being known as the nation's abortionist.  Who would?  The problem is that they don't dislike it enough to get out of the baby-killing business.  They want the money without the reputation. 

Well isn't that just too bad.

And Now, Plan C

By any reasonable measure, this is truly the golden age for men who prey on underage girls for sex. Instead of referring to abortion as "a womans right to choose," it would be more accurate to label it "the pedophiles get-out-of-jail-free card."

The first evidence of this was a Life Dynamics undercover investigation into Americas growing epidemic of underage girls being sexually exploited by adult men. The results documented that family planning clinics associated with Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation are operating a nationwide pedophile protection ring. (Read the complete report at or call 1-800-800-LIFE for a free printed version.)

Since that report was made public, Life Dynamics has also found that the majority of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in America are refusing to enforce the mandatory reporting laws that are being openly flaunted by these Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation facilities.

Amazingly, the Bush administration continues to hand over hundreds-of-millions in federal dollars to Planned Parenthood every year despite that organizations participation in this pedophile protection racket. In fact, taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood is actually higher under Bush than it was under Clinton.

Meanwhile, Congressional pro-aborts are aggressively blocking federal legislation that would prohibit minors from being taken across state lines for abortions. The Life Dynamics undercover investigation proved that in states with parental involvement statutes, men who impregnate minors are taking their victims to states that have no such laws and that Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation clinics are not only willing participants in this scandal, they encourage it. The investigation also proved that judicial bypass provisions in these parental involvement statutes are being routinely promoted by these same organizations as a way to circumvent state mandatory reporting laws.

Now, with the stated support of President Bush, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved over-the-counter non-prescription sales of Plan B, also known as "emergency contraception" or the "morning-after" pill. Since March, radical pro-abortion senators, Hilary Clinton (D-NY) and Patty Murray (D-WA) have been holding up the confirmation of Dr. Andrew Von Eschenbach to head the Food and Drug Administration and they vowed to continue blocking his appointment until Bush allowed Plan B to be sold without a prescription.

Obviously, the Bush administration would never admit that they caved to this pressure or that a back-room deal was cut. Those of us in the great unwashed masses are expected to believe its just a coincidence that Clinton and Murray withdrew their hold on the nomination on the same day over-the-counter sales of Plan B were approved.

In an effort to placate those who said that easy access to this abortion inducing drug would give pedophiles a way to help conceal their crimes, the FDA prohibited non-prescription purchases to girls under eighteen. But that was meaningless since the FDA also ruled that sales to men would be allowed. In other words, any statutory rapist can now just stroll into the closest drug store and anonymously buy the chemical abortion he needs to hide the fact that he is raping a child. The odd part of this is that a spokesperson for the drugs manufacturer, Barr Laboratories, said that the company never requested that over-the-counter sales be extended to males since the drug is not taken by men.

Reacting to the concerns of conservative organizations about the potential association between pedophiles and Plan B, an FDA official, Dr. Steven Galson, said that the agency would monitor how Plan B is used and note any "prescription patterns" that emerge. He went on to assure the public that if changes are needed they will be made. Of course, Galson didnt bother to explain how the FDA is going to identify these "prescription patterns" given that there wont be any prescriptions.

In any event, while we wait for that mystery to be unraveled, lets consider the things we already know. For example, we know that among girls 15 and younger who get pregnant at least 60 percent are impregnated by adults. We also know that the highest STD rate in America is among girls 15 to 19 and that most of these girls get their STDs from older men.

So it does not seem like a big stretch to predict that statutory rapists are going to be a prime market for Plan B, and that there will be a measurable increase in STDs among underage girls. As for this assurance that the FDA is going to monitor the sales and use of Plan B, if these predictions become reality it would be more rational to believe in the tooth fairy than to believe that either Barr Laboratories or the FDA is going to reveal it to the public or do anything to stop it.

Another interesting aspect of the Plan B approval is how the abortion lobby has reacted to it. For years, these people pushed over-the-counter sales of Plan B as the holy grail for reducing Americas staggering teen pregnancy and abortion rates. Of course, this sales pitch ignores the fact that Plan B is itself an abortion, but well let that slide for the moment.

Right up to the day non-prescription sales of Plan B were approved, Planned Parenthood was saying that allowing such sales would prevent 1.5 million unplanned pregnancies and 800,000 abortions every year. However, on the day after FDA approval was secured, a Planned Parenthood spokesperson was quoted in an Associated Press article that Plan B "will not reach that potential." She attributed Planned Parenthoods new lower expectations on the fact that girls under 18 were not going to be allowed to obtain the drug without a prescription.

The problem with that explanation is that according to statistics released in June of 2006 by Planned Parenthoods research arm, the Guttmacher Institute, about 19 percent of all abortions are done on teenagers. (This includes 19-year-olds, but we wont quibble over that.)

What this means is that the FDAs age restriction cannot impact Planned Parenthoods original projections by more than 19 percent. Applying that formula, Planned Parenthood should now be crowing that Plan B is going to reduce unplanned pregnancies by 1,215,000 and abortions by 648,000 per year.

Of course, Planned Parenthood is making no such claim. After all, once Plan B was approved for non-prescription sales, their need to deceive the public no longer existed. Now their goal is to lower expectations so it wont be so obvious that they were lying the whole time.

Naturally, other "reproductive health care experts" are following Planned Parenthoods lead. Since the FDAs approval, the most common reaction from this crowd has been that the impact on public health, pregnancy and abortion from non-prescription sales of Plan B will be virtually nothing. James Trussell, director of the Office of Population Research at Princeton University, described it as being like a cork floating in the ocean. He said that the impact "... will be hard to measure because it will be so small."

Even the media is doing their part. In the previously mentioned Associated Press article, the reporter said that the effects of Plan B "could be negligible." He even cited a 2005 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association which found that increased access to emergency contraception had "no significant effect" on pregnancy rates. Not surprisingly, neither the media nor any of these "reproductive health care experts" were saying these sort of things during the debate over whether to allow non-prescription sales of Plan B. It is now clear that they knew Planned Parenthood was lying, but like good little soldiers they kept quiet. In legal terms, its called "deception by silence."

It is also interesting that while the "experts" and the media are now saying that the results of selling Plan B over-the-counter will be almost invisible, most seem to agree that its sales volume will be high. Call me cynical, but that certainly sounds like a confession that financial profit was the engine driving this train right from the start.

Some will counter that by claiming that Planned Parenthood has no financial dog in this fight since Plan B is only going to be sold at pharmacies. That is, of course, nonsense. You can bet the family farm that Planned Parenthood has already developed an aggressive political, legal, and marketing strategy for taking over the distribution of Plan B. Getting FDA approval for over-the-counter sales was just a necessary first step. Now that its out of the way, phase two has begun and we dont need a crystal ball to know whats coming next. All we have to do is review the strategies Planned Parenthood used for the previous abortion pill, RU486.

As for today, Planned Parenthood has once again been caught lying through their blood-stained teeth, and their own actions prove it. They told one story to get Plan B approved for non-prescription sales, and the moment that approval became a reality they came up with a completely different story in an effort to cover their tracks. They also knew they could get away with it since their flunkeys and fellow travelers in the media never holds the abortion lobby answerable for anything they do or any lie they tell.

So as it always does, that job falls to the pro-life movement. The death merchants and pill pushers have now launched Plan C the cover-up for Plan B and our responsibility is to expose it.

Saddle up.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics