Don’t Get Drunk on Tea

I want to sound a word of caution about this "Tea Party" and "Town Hall Meeting" phenomenon taking place around the country. 

From some of the rhetoric associated with these events, it would be easy to assume that social issues like abortion are an important factor behind them.  Regrettably, however, that assumption is incorrect.  Yes, there are many people involved with these events who are staunchly pro-life and it is not uncommon to see a strong pro-life presence at them.  But make no mistake about it, the driving force here is money.  If these people were to suddenly conclude that Obama's monetary policies are going to make our economy sing, the Tea Parties and Town Hall Meeting would quickly fade into history.  

Having said that, let me make it clear that I am not suggesting that what these people are doing is either unimportant or wrong.  It is neither.  The fact is, the America we all grew up in is being destroyed by corrupt politicians in Washington, DC, who are nothing less than traitors.  Right before our eyes, our nation is being transformed from a capitalist nation devoted to freedom and equality of opportunity into one that will require us to grovel at the feet of godless Marxism.  And while this march toward an amoral collectivist society did not begin with the Obama administration, only an idiot could not have noticed the pace has accelerated exponentially since January. 

It is now clear that, unless we reverse course, we could all wake up in two or three years living in an America we no longer recognize.  If it comes to that, we will be in a frightening place where the love of our country has become secondary to the fear of our government.  And the Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings are a needed and appropriate response to this crisis.  They provide a venue where these pompous elitists in Congress and the White House can be reminded that we are not their serfs, but that they are our hired hands.

The point is, even as we acknowledge that the Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings are a good thing, we should not forget that they were born out of the fear of a financial collapse of our country and not its moral and cultural collapse.  The reality is, their leaders never organized similar events to help the unborn and, if the time ever comes that they no longer perceive Obama to be a threat to their wallets, they'll go home, drop the unborn in the grease, and we will never hear from them again.

Comments (Comment Moderation is enabled. Your comment will not appear until approved.)'re absolutely right on target. I think anyone involved in the pro life movement gets is all about the money! However, if the Town meetings and tea parties can halt some of the ridiculousness from DC, it'll be a break.We however can not tire in our work for our unborn citizens! Thanks for all you do. United in the Lord of Life, Ellen
# Posted By Ellen Cavallo | 9/2/09 10:17 AM
It's not about money at all.

It's about the secular government wanting to own every aspect
of our lives. - our bodies and our souls.

It is about life and liberty.

That's what is is all about ,and that's all it is about.
Let freedom ring buddy!
# Posted By Virginia Piccininni | 9/2/09 10:19 AM
In "A Christian Manifesto," Francis Schaeffer mentioned that far too many Americans were for better economic numbers, no matter how obtained. I appreciate Mr. Crutcher mentioning that shortcoming again - the observation still seems valid. It would be nice for a larger number to have better motives, but I hope that 2010 sees a more pro-life Congress, and that 2012 sees a pro-life President. Even these steps forward are not, however, sufficient - we need a deeply committed, pro-life populace.
# Posted By MKS | 9/2/09 10:22 AM
I couldn't agree more. I've been to a tea party and it is great to see folks standing up for what is right, but where were they when Roe v. Wade happened? Hopefully this disaster called called "government health care" will serve to raise awareness of the equally important abortion disaster in this country.
# Posted By Jan Antos | 9/2/09 12:05 PM
It's not too early for us to begin thinking about the next election cycle. At least on the local level, many candidates are starting to throw their hats into the ring.

Is this going to be another, "here we go again" election cycle with pro-life candidates coming out of the woodwork before the elections
to woo us to get our vote and our donations and once the election is over we don't hear from them again until the next election cycle?
Or are we going to start holding their feet to the fire in order to start to see the fruits of our labor on the political front?

For me, it doesn't matter if a candidate is the most educated pro-life person or not. More important than that is their sincerity to advance the pro-life cause and that they hold as a core value the belief that the unborn have a RIGHT to life. That said, education goes along way because a lot of the public is in the dark about pro-life issues and the more the candidate can educate, the better.
I look to see if the candidate is willing to openly state his position and not just in front of a pro-life crowd. I don't equate a pro-life voting record with commitment to end abortion anymore and when evaluating candidates I see if their statements are consistent.

For example if a candidate says he would support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would define personhood from the moment of conception (assuming we could get it together to make that happen) but at the same time says he supports legal abortion in hard cases such as rape and incest, he is making incompatible statements. In cases like these, and there are plenty out there, we need to remind the candidate that the unborn are persons and deserve equal protection under the law regardless of how one is conceived.

This is the first year that I have clearly made up my mind not to actively work on any campaign for a candidate who believes abortion should be legal in hard cases such as rape and incest. I may end up voting for that person if he turns out to be the best available candidate in the race but since time and resources are limited, I would rather focus my efforts on pro-life education, activism and/or help another solidly pro-life candidate from another district or state get elected.
# Posted By Mary | 9/3/09 3:57 PM
Mr. Crutcher, have you actually been to a Tea Party? I think it is over-reaching on your part to define the motivations of all those present.

To say that the people taking part are driven by a potential financial collapse is like saying that you are involved in the pro-life movement because you are unable to hold down a job in the "real" world. You, who regularly curse the highly twisted spin of the media, have taken what they are showing and run with it.

I have been to Tea Parties in three states, two in large cities and one in a rural town, and have spoken with those present. For most present the driving motivation is the decidedly disregard for the moral and cultural climate of the country. They point to the fact that immoral behavior is being legislated and jammed down are throats by the judiciary because it against the will of the people. The people do not want these things. Roe is a perfect example of this, it was not brought about by a mandate from the people, rather in defiance of the people the courts pushed it on us.

The financial collapse is a symptom of a country in a moral and cultural free fall. The Obama Administration and its policies and a liberal controlled House and Senate have provided a well defined target for the people to rally against. The line between of righteousness and unrighteousness in our government has not been this clear in generations, if ever, and the people are responding.

Have the majority of tea Party participants been in front of abortion clinics? Of course not. Have they shown up at pro-life rallys and events? Some have. Do you go down to the nearest clinic on killing days? (Even though it would be considered part of your work, as opposed to those who must take hours and days off to be there) Do you travel to local and national pro-life events on your own time? (Where your leadership, insights and involvement would be celebrated) and if you do, would you be angered if those on the outside pointed at you and said the reason you are there is because it will get you donations and through those a raise?

We must guard against allowing the press and the government frame the reasons why we are there into just finances. For many in Washington that is the only motivation they want to deal with, as they think it has an easy fix. They will respond with throwing more money to the peasants. But the truth is the Tea Parties are bringing out the values that made this country great: the sanctity of all life; moral absolutes; individual rights; an intolerance of unrighteousness - the very things you have championed - and are holding them up in the face of a government out of control.

I would encourage you to personally go to the meetings and speak with the people there. See for yourself and understand for your self that it is not some group of servants demanding a raise, but rather a group of people uniting to return the country to the the position of bring United under God (His righteousness and protection) with liberty and justice for all (especially those most vulnerable)

# Posted By Patriot | 9/4/09 9:27 AM
Mark, I've spoken for a few minutes at a couple tea parties in my region and state. I'd recommend people who have that chance to do so identify with the people there. We can't talk about the pro-life case and the evil of abortion, but we can definitely talk about taxpayer funding of abortion.

Almost everyone there will be against it since 71 percent of Americans oppose it. They should tell them how many abortions have been averted by the Hyde amendment. Planned Barrenhood says 18-35 percent, NARAL suggests maybe 50 percent, of women who would have aborted but did not because of the Hyde Amendment. They should also say that if the health care bill is not amended to exclude abortion, we are looking at 200-500k or more abortions every year according to these statistics. America cannot handle another 50 million abortions. They should note that abortion is down 25 percent and the rate of abortion is down 33 percent. This is an aim we all share and it's largely due to Hyde and other abortion curbing legislation.

Remind the young fiscal conservative but socially liberal republicans that many of them were conceived in circumstances that would make them a target of abortion, but they are alive today because Congressman Hyde said no to pay for their destruction. Millions are alive today because of that one amendment.

Tell them that they have an obligation to this generation of unborn children conceived in similar circumstances. They must oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. They should also talk about Obama's funding of abortion overseas and that it is immoral that our taxes are being used to force women in China to abort. One of the legislators in their area may have voted for this. Call them out.

You are right about the main reason people are there. They feel that their wealth and opportunity is being taken from them, but we can win with them on a lot of things and find a lot of areas of mutual interest to advance our cause a little at a time and hold the incredible gains we've made in the last 18 years, until we topple the evil abortion empire.
# Posted By Don Nelson | 9/4/09 1:05 PM
I don't know where Patriot's TEA party experiences took place — and I am glad his were different than mine — but I can confirm Mark's primary observation about TEA parties from the personal experience we had as a local pro-life organization. When a large TEA party was organized for our area on July 4th and booths were being made available, we naturally thought it would be the logical place for us to find a welcome reception for our educational/informational (non-graphic) materials on fetal development, the risks of abortion, post-abortion syndrome, etc.

You can imagine my surprise when they responded that, no,indeed, we were not welcome. Not everyone is pro-life, said they, and they didn't want to bring in issues where there might be disagreement, conflict, dissension, etc. This was not a "social issues" venue. ya da ya da. Mind you, we live in very conservative farming area where being pro-life is not viewed as a perversion. If there were anywhere pro-lifers should have been accepted, it was here. Sorry to say, my initial excitement over TEA parties has dimmed considerably.
# Posted By April | 9/5/09 4:07 PM
Mark, while what you say is true, I would suggest some caution about brow-beating these folks who are opposing Obama for what we would call less-than-altruistic motives. Instead of acting like scolds towards these late-comers (some of whom ARE paying some price for what they're doing), let's treat them as allies, say "welcome to the fight" and help them, using their new-found activism, to open their eyes to the spiritual realities behind this

If we assume a self-righteous attitude towards them, we will lose them. Let not anyone of us forget that we too had to start somewhere, and at those starting points, we most likely did not enjoy the clarity that we have today, and today we don't enjoy the clarity that we'll have tomorrow. As strange as it seems, I'm dealing with folks in my area who seem to think that if Obama's bill isn't defeated for the "right reasons", then it doesn't matter whether or not the bill passes. How stupid is that?

The answer is "extremely stupid". If we reach out to these folks IN HUMILITY, there's no reason why Mark's last sentence has to be a hard and fast prediction.
# Posted By Janet Baker | 9/7/09 5:33 PM
I say Mark throw caution to the wind on your "assumptions" of the tea party people! Many of these people have never been political in their life and just go from day to day taking care of our families and doing other good things for society's sake.

My son who has been very ill for years had decided to give mom and dad a much deserved respite this year. The timing could not have been perfect. I also became a Hospice volunteer. The 912 group was easy to find but we have been unhappy with the moral and ethical decay of this country for years.The feeling with so many desperate people surrounding you is to do something! Anything!

I do not agree that this is a strictly monetary thing. Frankly I have been somewhat disappointed at the church's lack of passionate response on this issue, but was happy to see a Bishop finally on Fox last week! Attached to the St Pete Diocese website was a Faithforchange link that is PRO Government run health care. In this article only the last two sentences stated that the bishops were against Obama's plan.
# Posted By mary | 9/8/09 7:39 PM
In fact the tea-parties have been extremely helpful to Obama and his supporters. They have made it possible to dismiss anyone with misgivings about Obama's efforts as kooks and birthers.

If conservatives and Republicans keep allowing this to happen, they will continue losing elections no matter how bad the Dems do. At least the Dems are in the game, trying to do something about a formidable problem. The GOP has made itslef look delusional, crazy like Emperor Gaius "Caligula", who waged war against Neptune by having the army shoot arrows into the sea.
# Posted By OperationCounterstrike | 9/8/09 7:40 PM
Proof of Gangster Government and vital urgent need for Tea Parties can be witnessed here:

Fall Of The Republic 1/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 2/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 3/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 4/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 5/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 6/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 7/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 8/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 9/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 10/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 11/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 12/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 13/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

Fall Of The Republic 14/14: The Presidency Of Barack H Obama

If we don't stand up and save ourselves, how will be able to save the unborn?

God Bless God, because without Him, we are all toast.
Gera Schmidt

Pro-Life Humanitarian
# Posted By Gera | 10/23/09 11:35 AM
How could you be so off the mark? It is in fact about losing our country to MARXIST ideology. They want their country back, that means to go back to our founding fathers, It's not all about money, it's about principles.
# Posted By stella | 4/17/10 8:30 AM
I was at a Tea Party meeting in Saratoga County New York, outside Dem. Rep.Scott Murphy's office. A main organizer was Betsy McCaugh (excuse any misspelling of her name) former NYS Lt. Gov. Her speech was sprinkled with negative references to "abortion on demand". Many of the signs were likewise. We have to take our allies where we find them. Maybe we will have to part company sometime with some of the Tea Party people if the two issues came into conflict. For now--forget the motivations. Repeal and replace!
# Posted By hyperbar | 4/17/10 9:50 AM
I have to disagree with you on this one. Recently I went to a Tea Party rally and when I mentioned what American Black leaders had to say against abortion I was cheered and supported. No one told me to shut up, go away or keep my opinions on the down low. In fact, one of the people there asked me to talk on their Internet Radio Show. So, NO, the majority of Tea Party people aren't there for the money. Not in my neck of the woods, anyway.

And don't let the devil of discouragement get you down. I've been in the pro-life fight since 1976. It's no use getting bitter about who was there and who wasn't or why they are here now. Who cares? Many people join the Church to escape Hell, not because of the Love of God. But just as the fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom, then perhaps the fear of poverty might be the beginning of morality.

Think about it.
# Posted By Bishop T | 4/17/10 11:55 AM
Mark is just one more critic who doesn't understand the tea party movement. It's not about money or abortion or gay marriage or world peace.
It's about government intrusion in our lives. That's it. It has no designated leaders and a loose organization. Most participants are christian and most are patriotic. I think some of the "money critics" of the tea party might just be elitists who snub any movement that isn't theirs.
# Posted By Bob C. | 4/17/10 12:18 PM
BRAVO!!!! The truth as the author of this article, I am sure already knows is that we would not be in this financial mess, had we taken care of the helpless unborn like we should have in the first place! With this much if not more zeal than this to begin with. May dear God forgive us and help this nation and the world. Thank you for telling the truth.
# Posted By mary | 4/17/10 12:23 PM
That's not true that it is mainly money. That may be the case for some people, but the majority are against the government takeover.
It's about a secular government wanting to control us. It's about our freedoms being stripped from us. Abortion is a part of the outrage.
Forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion against their conscience. Family values are a part of it.
Forcing Americans to subject their children in the schools and society to the anti-family values being shoved down our throats.
God is part of it. Forcing God out of our governments and our schools and all of the public arena is an outrage.
This is about Freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom is at stake.
The collapse of our economic structures is part of the government takeover and must be addressed. Forcing people to become economically dependent on the government so it can grow and control.
That is the tea party opposition!
# Posted By Priscilla | 4/17/10 1:14 PM
I believe you are quite wrong and perhaps part of the brain washing against a very powerful movement. The Tea Party is simply the "silent majority" which used to make itself heard in the voting booth. We now must become peacefully insistent that our so-called leaders listen to us. I am a single issue voter and first and foremost anyone I vote for must be for the protection of that most vulnerable segment of society, the child in the womb. The only issue I have with money is that I should not be forced to pay for the murder of helpless innocent babies.
# Posted By Jim | 4/17/10 5:17 PM
Tea Parties bring people together; that is a good thing when we come together and respect one another as we wish to be respected. We are a young country, when you see the age of others, what have we learned in History and where do we want to head? Pro lifers know that abortion is the blood sacrifice to evil, that we are fighting principalities and powers. United we stand , when we stand with GOD in Humility and LOVE ,as our founding Fathers of this country did,and come together to overcome that which wants to destroy.
# Posted By kathie Jackson | 4/17/10 7:13 PM
Don't forget that the original tea party was against the East India Tea Party.
# Posted By Faith | 4/17/10 9:08 PM
"we should not forget that they were born out of the fear of a financial collapse of our country and not its moral and cultural collapse."

A broad statement sir, one that you can no more support and document than I can refute. But it is your blog so I celebrate your opinion nonetheless.

I am of the 'opinion' that the reason for the continued growth of this movement is due to the means that the Constitution was upended ('reconciliation') to pass a bad bill. (A bill with lots of visible Catholic support, sad to say...are not the second and third elected officials in line of succession to the President practicing Catholics in 'good standing'; that is, not receiving a blessing with arms cross, but communion?)

That is also a reason why Roe V Wade remains an issue: A Right was bestowed where there was no authority to do so. Constitutionally this should have been decided state by state.
And as such I would agree that the "Tea Party" members may not support an outright ban on abortion. I agree that it may not even be a front of mind issue. But I do believe that had it been left up to the states abortion would be a checker board of pro and anti life states that would at least allow a person to move to a state that reflects their conscience. That would be a good start.
# Posted By Leroy | 4/17/10 10:58 PM
With all respect, Mark, I strongly disagree. I am concerned with the current administration's attempts to devour my liberty and excrete my slavery to them. I will not stand for that, and that includes my money paying for abortions. I don't know about you, Mark, but I have five children, and, thus, a more vested interest in a pro-life message than I'd guess you do. Don't paint others with a brush you wouldn't want used on yourself. Be fair, and truthful. I want your liberty and freedom to exist, as well as my own.
# Posted By dave | 4/17/10 11:43 PM
Papal documents repeatedly affirm the right to private property. That right is a sine qua non of freedom -- necessary but by no means sufficient for liberty and dignity.

So, it is true that the TEA parties, which focus on tax and economy issues, are not about the right to life. Nevertheless they are an important phenomenon focused on another essential right.
# Posted By Harold | 4/18/10 10:46 AM
This post misses the entire history of the Tea Parties. As noted even in the MSM, we Ron Paul supporters started these Tea Parties back in 2007 to oppose the war on terror, the Federal Reserve, and welfare state policies.
The fact that they have now been co-opted by neoconservatives, who have no qualms with the welfare state and rabidly support the warfare state does not diminish the work we put in well before the 2008 election season.
# Posted By D | 4/19/10 10:30 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics