Will the Real Troglodytes Please Stand Up

During last November's elections, there was an amendment on the Colorado ballot that, if passed, would have granted Personhood to the unborn. To no one's surprise, America's most vicious death merchants, Planned Parenthood, was alarmed at the prospect of seeing their innocent and helpless victims protected by the state's constitution, so they conducted a massive political campaign to defeat the measure.

While this was going on, there were many public debates on the issue and some of them turned out to be quite revealing. In one of these events held at Ft. Lewis University, Advocates for Choice – a student's group affiliated with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains – made several idiotic statements such as claiming that a woman sheds a fertilized egg once a month and that when an X chromosome combines with a Y chromosome the result is a female. Then, in perhaps their most astounding display of stupidity, they asserted that the human heart does not start beating until 24 weeks after conception.

Of course, shooting down all of this nonsense was easy and it was soon obvious that the baby-killers were being pummeled by the pro-lifers. In an effort to stop the carnage, a local mouthpiece for Planned Parenthood slithered forward to inform the audience that, in the debate over abortion, any argument regarding the humanity of the unborn is irrelevant since, "We are not going to try to use science or evidence. The fact of the matter is, this is opinion. We all have our opinions as far as when human life begins."

So there you have it. In the abortion lobby's little corner of the world, truth is not to be determined by evidence or science. Truth is simply what someone wants to think is true and, by using this principle, each of us can create our own little realities. The irony about all this is that these are the same people who have spent decades telling the public that they are the intellectuals and that you and I are sub-moronic knuckle-draggers who rely on an irrational belief system to justify our position. Yet they are perfectly comfortable taking innocent human lives by the millions based on nothing more than the subjective opinions of those who want to do the killings.

This episode in Colorado reminded me of a debate I was in many years ago at a university in San Antonio. At one point, someone from the pro-abortion side accused me of being "unenlightened" because I would not agree that there were at least some circumstances in which it was acceptable to butcher an unborn child. She went on to explain that I was simple-minded because I saw morality as black and white and could not understand that the "human experience" is made up of what she called "nuanced colors" and "many shades of gray."

My response was to ask whether the existence of color and shades of gray meant that black and white do not exist. In other words, is there nothing that she would say is always wrong and nothing she would say is always right?

Sensing that she had painted herself into a corner, she began to regurgitate some incoherent new-age drivel about life being a "tapestry" and a "continuum with no beginning and no end," etcetera. Meanwhile, the pro-abortion moderator of the debate saw that this woman was making a complete fool of herself and, by extension, the pro-choice position. In an effort to control the damage, she conveniently declared that time had expired for the debate and, with that, the curtain came down.

I had completely forgotten about this incident until I heard about the one at Ft. Lewis University. It also reminded me of the role that the internet is playing in the war over abortion. The fact is, the pro-aborts and their media stooges no longer control the flow of information and that could be a major factor in the dramatic shift we've seen recently toward the pro-life position. Consider this. When the debate in San Antonio happened, no one saw it but the hundred or so people who were actually there. But the Colorado situation ended up on YouTube where it could be seen by millions.

Not surprisingly, the pro-choice mob went into damage control mode in this case just as they had at Ft. Lewis. They clearly understood that the idiotic statements being made by their fellow travelers placed their movement at risk of being exposed as a collection of nitwits, so they launched an effort to have the recording removed from the internet. It was the sort of naked hypocrisy and censorship one must always expect from people who have chosen to defend an indefensible position.

But the good news is, these people will not be able to stop the onslaught of new technology. Moreover, they will not be able to do anything about the fact that every single piece of new technology that comes along supports the pro-life position.

Every single one.

A perfect example of that is sonography. It is hardly a secret that when women see their unborn babies on a sonogram screen, those babies are less likely to be murdered by abortion. This is precisely why our enemies fight so viciously against any effort to require that women considering abortions are shown such images. Make no mistake, the abortion industry knows better than anyone else that their survival depends on keeping their customers in the dark.

But ultimately, their contempt for "science or evidence" and their fight against technology are battles they cannot win. The fact is, we now have a generation of young adults who can go into their own homes and find a VHS tape or a DVD sitting on a shelf that contains a sonogram image of themselves before they were born. And if the abortion lobby thinks that this phenomenon is not having an impact on the conflict over abortion, they are whistling past the graveyard.

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We need to have some nice pro life philanthropist finance high definition screens staffed by trained people in front of every abortion killing facility in North America (and the rest of the World) showing unborn children kicking and bouncing around in the womb and their bright little red hearts beating furiously.

The goal would be to convince as many mothers as possible not to kill their unborn children. It just might work to save tens of thousands of young lives and drive many killing facilities out of business.
# Posted By Joe | 1/6/11 7:09 AM
Of course, there would be some women who would say that when it comes to abortion, men shouldn't have anything to say about it. After all it is their body and should be their choice, right?

WRONG!!! While the woman does bear the responsibility of carrying the child to term, abortion has less to do with her body and more to do with getting rid of an unwanted child. Choice happens before intercourse, not after.

We often hear the debate about parent's rights especially when they are usurped by government run schools and yet the most egregious violation of parental rights is when a man has no say whether his unborn child lives or dies through abortion.

And we often hear of civil rights and equal rights and yet in America the civil rights of the unborn are continually violated and if we want to talk about equal rights, what about the rights of unborn girls who have no rights at all? We have to get rid of this pernicious idea that
abortion is about women's rights (and is good for women) and see it for what it is...an act of aggression against the unborn that hurts mothers and fathers who partake in it.
# Posted By Mary | 1/9/11 9:11 AM
Thank you for all that you do, Mark. At the urging of Rick Santorum, I wrote President Obama a letter:

January 22, 2011

Dear President Obama:

Perhaps you will find it in your heart to address the greatest civil rights violation since American slavery: the mass murder of unborn children. It pains me to see you uphold a practice that is snuffing out the lives of millions of children. What's more, the disproportionate amount of black children being aborted should concern you: 40 per cent of all abortions are performed on a people that make up only 13% of the population. As a black American, I find these statistics alarming.

WHY, WHY, WHY do you consider an unwanted pregnancy as being "punished with a baby"? Is your partnership with Planned Parenthood, the nation's biggest abortion provider, THAT strong, sir, that you will fight to preserve a practice that is so inhumane and barbaric? Your policies have never shown the slightest sentiment or empathy for the plight of the unborn. Have you ever once publicly decried the suffering and death of mothers involved in legal abortions, or the macabre practice of abortion "doctors" killing late-term babies and even infants born alive. Many Christians are praying that you -- a fellow Christian, will reconsider and somehow be moved to change your heart and mind to protect these precious innocents.

It is a human rights issue because unborn babies ARE human. It's a civil rights issue because the rights of our most vulnerable and helpless citizens are being trampled upon as they are stabbed, sliced and diced, and suctioned out of the womb -- mostly because of our greed and selfishness.

In the spirit of history's advocates for the emancipation of black people, I pray that you use your office to give the unborn their rightful place as HUMAN, as CITIZENS, as AMERICANS: Please extend human and civil rights to those who have no voice -- America's unborn children.


# Posted By Murdock | 1/22/11 11:39 AM
Looking forward to an article dealing with Dr. Death in the City of Brotherly Love.
# Posted By Ron | 1/22/11 5:09 PM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics