They Know a Good Lie When They Tell One

In a pathetic attempt to cover up the fact that morning-after pills, emergency contraceptives and most birth control pills are actually early-term abortions, the abortion lobby is now attempting to redefine pregnancy. On one hand, they will concede that these drugs do indeed act after fertilization. However, they argue that since these chemicals are designed to work before implantation, the woman is not really pregnant and, therefore, there can be no pregnancy termination. In other words, according to their line of reasoning, it is not technically possible for these drugs to constitute an abortion.

This is classic abortion industry doubletalk. Even if we accept this somewhat murky claim that a woman is not pregnant during that interval between fertilization and implantation, it's an irrelevant argument. The biological fact is that a new human life is created at the moment of fertilization and that does not change whether implantation occurs instantly, five minutes later, two days later or never. So if these pill pushers want to take this arcane position that these chemical agents do not abort a pregnancy, that's fine. But what they can't deny is that they abort a human life.

At its core, this particular excuse for legalized abortion is like almost every other one. In order for it to work, the listener must be oblivious to the fact that a rhetorical fraud is being perpetrated. In this case, the fraud is that the term "pregnancy termination" is synonymous with the word "abortion."

That is, of course, nonsense and these people know it.

I have made this point many times in the past and I'll make it again. The pro-life movement is not now, has never been, and will never be, opposed to pregnancy terminations. We are fully aware that all pregnancies terminate. When a woman is pregnant, the only question is whether her pregnancy will terminate with a live baby or a dead baby. And that is a biological fact our enemies will never be able to change.

Actually, this little rhetorical mind-game illustrates just how easy it is to understand the respective positions in the battle over abortion. The pro-life contention is that all pregnancies should terminate with living babies. Meanwhile, the pro-choice forces find it acceptable for their tiny corpses to rot in dumpsters or be eaten by rats in the sewer system. It may not sound pretty and it's certainly not politically correct, but that is the bright line that will always separate the two sides.

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Thanks, as usual, for the blunt truth. We recently had a nurse administrator and member of the Ethics Board at a local Catholic run hospital (and wife of a deacon at our Catholic church) give a presentation on end-of-life issues and somehow mentioned the abortion issue, saying that it is proved that pregnancy does not occur until several days after conception.

I immediately interrupted and said that it was not true, that life begins at fertilization. She was obviously buying into the pro-aborts deceptions. The pro-aborts will surely try to get this type of definition written into any "life at conception" bill.

Thanks for keeping us alerted to their tactics.
# Posted By Charles | 4/5/11 7:46 PM
YES! Birth control pills are just another way to kill your baby, and CAN be considered a form of abortion. I believe that a baby is a baby at conception and that abortion is wrong and should not be condoned. Thank you for your blunt approach to the truth.
# Posted By Christina | 4/9/11 9:02 PM
Maybe this is why America now needs a new third political party,to get involved with a Justice foundation and hold the balance of power,......certainly wouldn't need many congessmen,or reps in the lower house, only one or two when the numbers are tight in the Senate or lower house can make all the difference,...Australia is a good example right about now,....I believe a few Good qualified by time prophets have been actually been saying this is about to happen,'s hoping,...jb
# Posted By John | 4/11/11 9:43 PM
Baloney ! There is no such thing as a pill which can "cause an abortion". An abortion is the surgical removal of a partially formed fetus. You can't "abort" something which is microscopic. It's far better for women to use these pills than to have a surgical abortion of a genuine fetus which has already had time to form. You anti-choicers are unbelievably dense.
You don't want women to have abortions,yet you stupidly oppose the very things which can and do prevent them.
# Posted By Robert | 4/29/11 11:13 AM
Mark you put up a good fight and God bless you for the reminders about between being a Human Being or person whether it's (the human embryo)before implantation or after implantation. No wonder Fr. Pervone is your best friend.

I heard you speak before and you're a comedian speaking the
truth as well-even though you're Baptist, ah yup.
# Posted By Stopp Planned Parenthood of southern New england R | 5/3/11 9:10 PM
Abortion is termination of a pregnancy. Birth control pills work 3 different ways: by preventing ovulation, by changing the viscosity of the mucus that the sperm must travel through to get to the egg in the Fallopian tube, and lastly, by thinning the lining of the uterus thus preventing the newly created human being from implanting in the uterus. This last mechanism of action DOES destroy (abort) a human being. Even though the embryo, meaning "growing within", has been stripped of his/her human rights by some people, his or her life has been ended. And yes, the tiny pre-born IS male or female which is determined by the chromosomes on the day of fertilization.
Fetus just means "young one" and people killing unborn babies is a crime against humanity.
# Posted By Susan | 5/4/11 12:13 AM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics