Our Night in Jail

Let's see if I've got this straight.

First, the country elects a godless-Marxist as president.

Second, in order to ram through one of his pet socialist projects, this moral degenerate stands in front of the American people and solemnly promises that his government run health care system will not pay for abortions.

Third, less than four months later, government funding of abortions is discovered to be already in place in at least two states.

To put it succinctly, Comrade Obama was lying through his blood-stained teeth. Of course, this is precisely what those of us in the pro-life movement were saying all along, only to be ridiculed and dismissed by the abortion lobby stooges who dominate the media.

The next thing we should anticipate is that, if the Democrats are asked whether this guy broke his promise not to fund abortion, the most predictable response will be that, "It depends on what the definition of 'not' is." And don't laugh. Remember, this same little stunt worked pretty well for the previous Democrat president.

Now if you're looking for a silver lining in all of this, consider the following. Right now, our country is like the young thug who gets thrown in jail for the first time. He is there for some petty crime and knows that he will not be locked-up for long. But, whether he realizes it or not, the bigger issue is that he is being shown what his future will be like unless he makes changes. And he may not understand it at the moment, but if this experience causes him to make those changes, losing his freedom for a few days will be the thing that saves his life. In fact, it may be the only thing that could have saved him. That is where America is today. The Obama administration is shoving down our throats a bitter foretaste of what life is like under the rule of jack-booted Marxists. In effect, they have placed us at a crossroads. If come November and again in 2012, this small glimpse of the future causes the voters to turn off the path we have been following since early in the last century, the election of Obama will immediately become the best thing that ever happened to us. If they do not, however, the country we have known for the last 234 years will soon be unrecognizable–if it exists at all. It is as simple as that.

In the mean time, let's give the devil his due. Who else but Comrade Obama could make Slick Willy Clinton seem like a man of high moral principles and cause Jimmy Carter to come across as a steely-eyed paragon of competence. I mean, you have to admit, that's a heck of a trick.

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Obama is slicker than your average thug. That's why he is hot to appoint criminal accomplices to re-form the rules and make decisions--- people (sort of) like Kagan.

As long as millions of Americans are hell-bent on endlessly demanding candy from Big Brother, and as long as Big Brother lacks the guts to tell them to learn to eat their vegetables instead, America will continue its downward slide until there is a very unpleasant encounter with a brick wall called 'reality.'
# Posted By Randy | 7/19/10 10:19 PM
When a lot of people think of government run health care they think it is going to be free. What they don't realize is that there is no such thing as a free lunch and they will pay for it in one way or another. If it gets to the point of rationing they may even end up paying with their lives. Given the state of the economy and the trillion dollar federal deficits I can't help but think these Democrats in power want to run the economy into the ground.

That said I am not too optimistic about the Republicans. When pro-abortion rights Rudy Giuliani was invited to speak at the Republican National Convention in 2008 and pro-life, Ron Paul was not (despite the fact that Ron Paul ran a far more successful campaign in terms of supporters and fund raising), it became clear to me that the Republican party values its big government and the money spigots that come with it in their various forms more than it does restoring legal protection to the unborn. It was clear that dissenters on the war were not allowed but dissenters on the right to life certainly were.

Lately Michael Steele has been in the news being hammered by several key Republicans for his comments about this being Obama's war. Seems like once again they are trying to send the message that dissenters on the war aren't going to be tolerated. If we know well that the mainstream media has a bias against pro-lifers, why should we assume and believe that everything they are telling us about the "war on terror" is true?

Many of the pro-life candidates running for Congress in my neck of the woods support the Middle East war. If this is representative with other parts of the country, even if there is change, I see more war and more abortion but as the economy continues to deteriorate, and it surely will, maybe it will be a wake-up call for a lot of people that business as usual in D.C. no longer works.
# Posted By Mary | 7/22/10 9:34 PM
Excellent analogy from Mark. Never thought of it this way.

Reminds me of the bitter disappointment during the Great Awakening of the 1800s.

What's painful and bitter now could work in us a far greater benefit... if we let it.

Later this year will tell us more. This November will be nothing less than a referendum on which set of values we as Americans prefer. Have our souls been softened (hardened?) by the foretaste of what we've been fed for the past little while?

We will get what we deserve. If we make a "course correction" now, we just might buy ourselves some probationary time. If not, what happened in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina is just a microcosmic harbinger of things to come.
# Posted By Ron | 7/31/10 6:06 PM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics