The Power of Self-Delusion

Over the years, George Orwell's observation that some things are so stupid only an intellectual could believe them has proven to be frighteningly accurate. One example was recently seen in a Durango, Colorado, newspaper article in which local abortionist, Richard Grossman, was asked when he thought life begins. His answer was that he believes in the strength, intellect and fortitude of women and that they are the ones who make that decision. He went on to say that it is women who empower the fetus.

It is no secret that the pro-life community is constantly accused of being a bunch of knuckle-dragging troglodytes who've been mesmerized by religious superstition while the abortion lobby is portrayed as deep-thinkers guided only by logic and science. Yet here, a practicing baby-killer is asked a question related to science and biology and he responds with some moronic new-age mumbo-jumbo. And, of course, he got away with it because the "journalist" who wrote this puff piece was a card-carrying member of the mainstream media who knew better than to question the "party line" on abortion.

In any event, to appreciate the shear idiocy of this idea that women must be allowed to decide when life begins, imagine two children who are conceived at the same moment. Three months later, one mother talks about her baby, knows its gender, has named it, and has even seen it on an ultrasound screen. Meanwhile, the other mother contends that the life of her child hasn't begun yet and decides to have it killed by the goons at Planned Parenthood. The pro-choice argument is that both of these mothers are correct, despite the fact it is physically, biologically and scientifically impossible for that to be the case.

Also, if women are going to be the ones who decide when life begins, why should they lose that right by giving birth? Let's say there's a woman who sincerely believes that life doesn't begin until speech is possible and she kills her three-month-old daughter. Should she be charged with murder? What makes her belief that life begins at speech less valid than another woman's belief that life begins in the second trimester, or at viability, or at birth, or at any other arbitrarily chosen point? And what gives society the right to charge this woman with murder? After all, if she claims that the life of her child had not begun, and if she's the one who gets to make that decision, then by definition she did not commit a murder. Or is it that only pregnant women have this mystical ability to know when life begins and, somehow, they lose it at the moment they are no longer pregnant?

Like I've said a million times before, the entire pro-choice position is a testament to the fact that the human brain is the only organism in nature that has the ability to intentionally deceive itself. And if you need further proof of it, in this same article, Grossman said that the reason he does abortions is because he is a Christian.

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Why should we be surprised at this? For forty years the mainstream media has been parroting the pro-aborts' lie that the decision to abort is made by "the mother in consultation with her family and the family doctor" when it is well known that the mother never sees the abortionist until she is on the table, and, in many cases, the family or family doctor don't know the baby has been killed.
# Posted By Norman | 9/3/10 10:56 PM
So if life doesn't begin at conception when does it begin? New life comes from existing life. You can't go into the kitchen or lab and make a human by mixing some ingredients together. A unique life starts at conception but comes from existing life. Life is never out of the equation.

Of course the abortionists, with their new age mumbo- jumbo, are just "doing their job" and the vocal pro-choice PhD's, with their academic mumbo-jumbo, are often their talking heads but are intellectually dishonest when they ignore scientific, biological fact that life begins at conception.

Show a picture of a fetus to children and they get it. They realize it is a human being. Show a picture of an aborted fetus to children and they get it...abortion is wrong.

Show a picture of an aborted child to pro-choice politicians and they will look the other way. And so it is the sour hearts of the pro-choicers who are largely responsible for corrupting the minds of the youth, who have gotten a raw deal and deserve better.
# Posted By Mary | 9/5/10 12:43 PM
The reasons that are given to justify abortion are bazaar in the eeeeee-extreme. I have 7 children and not one of them was ever my body. They were all my guests, responsibilities,my beloved children and my future for just a very little time. I have lost a three months pregnancy and I have held a tiny child, still in its watery world in the palm of my hand. I shall never forget the perfection nor the loss of that very still, very human, and very much loved child. I can not imagine in my wildest nightmare how I could have held that child and known I had hired a stranger to invade my body and murder it. That is a horror. God help us and those women who do.

# Posted By Jane | 9/7/10 9:46 PM
When life begins is irrelevant and immaterial. The whole was invented by the anti-choice movement as an excuse to try to deny women the right to yterminate a pregnancy. Even if life does begin at conception, this still won't
stop women from seeking and obtaining abortions.Nothing will. You anti-choicers just don't get this fact.
The only way to prevent abortions is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to provide much more help to poor pregnant women. Nothing else will work.
Just making abortion illegal in America will only increase the number of abortions greatly and cause many women to die or be gravely injured and possibly permanently disabled. This is the wrong way to deal with the problem.
But hypocritical anti-choicers don't want the government to do this because it would be "socialism". And they always vote for equally hypocritical anti-choice politicians who whine endlessly about the"right to life" and the sanctity of life" but who consistently vote to eliminate government programs to help the poor, which only makes the situation worse. Anti-choicers are self-righteous fools who are totally oput of touch with reality.
# Posted By Robert | 9/19/10 8:07 AM
I just made a comment on an ACLU site regarding abortion. The original headline was about doctors not having to tell their pregnant patients if there were abnormalities in their unborn child. I could not believe how hateful these pro choice people are. No matter what you say they twist it around to mean something else. It's nice to read on here where civilized people reply.
Personally I do not believe in abortion nor do I think it should be a legal alternative to pregnancy. WE can go to the moon but WE can't come up with some form of birth control that is idiot proof other than abstinence, abortion, or tubals?
# Posted By Just Visiting | 3/15/12 9:16 PM

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