How Dumb Do They Think The Public Is?

For good reason, the American people are becoming more and more concerned with the rapidly expanding power of the federal government and during the just completed election season the abortion lobby tried to capitalize on this phenomenon.

They did so by regurgitating their old argument that any government powerful enough to tell a woman she can't have an abortion is powerful enough to tell her that she has to have one. The irony, of course, is that the vast majority of the people making this claim are the same ones who are supporting Comrade Obama in his efforts to transform America into a socialist utopia. But we'll let that little bit of intellectual dishonesty slide for the moment and, instead, concentrate on the fact that this entire argument is pure unadulterated nonsense.

To begin with, I challenge these people to show me one example in which the federal government, or any state legislature, ever made something illegal and then forced people to do it. Using abortion as an example, back when it was illegal, how often were American women forced by some governmental authority to have one?

Beyond that, the abortion lobby's concern about women being forced to have abortions is more than a little contrived. I mean, are we really expected to believe that these moral deviants are going to get their panties in a wad over people being forced to buy their product?

Get real! The abortion industry routinely and gladly sells abortions to women who are being forced to have them – usually by a boyfriend who doesn't want to own up to his responsibility or by a parent who doesn't want to be embarrassed. This happens every day in every abortion mill in this country and the pro-choice mob knows it. Furthermore, not one of them is losing a minute's sleep over it. As for governmental force, I'll remind you that the very people making this bogyman argument are the same ones you often hear singing the praises of China's population control policy which includes women being forced to abort at the point of a gun.

The bottom line is, contrary to their public posturing, these people know full well that the only governments on earth that force women to have abortions are those in countries where abortion is legal – not illegal. In other words, the only way American women will ever face the risk of being forced by the government to have abortions is for abortion to remain legal. Let's also not forget that, when the time comes that such force is attempted in this country, its most aggressive support will come from those who stand to make the most money from it. And you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who that is.

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Maybe, just maybe, they HOPE that forced abortions will be reality in this country one day, just as it is in China.

Practically, they make more money. Philosophically, they get the added bonus of carrying forward one element of the Sanger legacy: eugenics.

With this double barrel shotgun approach, no one can EVER expect for logic, rational thinking, or common sense to prevail with these people.

With money as the root of all evil and an ideology spawned from the pits of everything that is unholy, reason, alone, stands the chance of a ice cube in a furnace. As for the title question: actually, the public as a whole IS pretty dumb. Or else they don't care. Or both. Most people don't know how to think and don't care anyway. So long as they get theirs.

The tea party movement is about fiscal issues and government overreach more than anything else. Maybe one day a similar movement will be about these transcendent moral issues.
# Posted By Ron | 11/6/10 1:51 PM
The mantra of pro-choice politicians and of the abortion lobby has been for abortion to be "safe, legal, and rare". And while making abortion rare sounds great, I have yet to see any substance backing up their words. It is hard to take these folks seriously when instead of making abortion rarer, they are trying to make it more pervasive. If their goal is to make it rare then why do they always send attorneys to the legislatures and have their "friends in high places" block parental notification legislation, woman's right to know and a host of common sense legislation that would cut down on the number of abortions? Are we really supposed to believe that they want abortion to be rare???

When abortion became legal women gained killing rights. Most people have heard of Roe v. Wade, but few people have heard of Doe v. Bolton which was Roe's companion case that makes abortion legal through all nine months of pregnancy for the "health" reasons. Since the court never defined health, it has been a loophole in which, God only knows, how many late-term babies have been killed. In cases where a woman's health is at risk, the doctor should work equally as hard to treat both patients and if necessary deliver the child early. Late term abortions have little to do with health but rather taking the life of an unwanted child. And rights can not be based on how others feel about us... if we are wanted or not. And if they are determined by our size, our location or physical condition, we would all be in trouble. And while life is inherently unfair, restoring legal protection to the unborn would at least mean that everyone starts out on equal footing.
# Posted By Mary | 11/10/10 8:32 PM

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