Choice is a Moving Target

In the early days of the abortion battle, the pro-choice mob’s central argument was that the unborn are not human.  Of course, for this to be true, a woman would have to have the ability to be pregnant with something that is not human.  After discovering that they were unable to defend such a loopy assertion, the abortion lobby quietly dropped it. 

Their follow-up was to grudgingly concede that the unborn are human – but not human beings.  When this also proved to be logically unsustainable, they were once again forced to move on.  

Over the next few years, their position became that the unborn might indeed be human beings but they are not persons.  The problem is, the English language contains no word for a human being who is not a person.  In short, this argument is not based on any generally accepted concept.  The best that the abortion lobby has been able to come up with is that personhood is a legal definition and not a biological one.  But even some of them are uncomfortable with the Orwellian idea that the Supreme Court can take rights away from selected categories of human beings by simply declaring them non-persons.  Despite that, however, this argument is still floated around from time to time.  

There are numerous other examples of how the defense of abortion has been forced to change over the years, but the reason why they have had to do this has remained constant.  Simply put, at its core, the pro-choice position is not based on any fundamental or observable truth.  Whether the standard is scientific, biological, legal or theological, the humanity of the unborn is simply undeniable and, given that reality, there is no way to rationalize their slaughter. 

The problem our enemies are having with their “moving target” strategy, is that all of their quasi-lucid arguments have been exposed and they now have to resort to the absurd.  The good news is that these moronic defenses of abortion are the most compelling evidence yet to support my long-espoused claim that the pro-life movement is winning.

The best place to see this firsthand is on the Forum.  One recent argument seen there, and one I have heard repeated elsewhere, is that abortion is justified because the unborn are not sentient.  This basically means that it is okay to execute them because they have no awareness or perception.  It is a completely undocumented argument, but no less so than any of the others they’ve used over the last 35 years.  Moreover, I would argue that, on this basis, we should be allowed to hang almost every member of Congress – but that’s an issue for another time.            

As it regards abortion, the reality is that the sentience (or lack thereof) of the unborn is irrelevant.  Even if it were possible to scientifically prove that the unborn are not sentient, that would provide no moral justification for their execution.  They are living human beings and what they are aware of, or unaware of, has no bearing on that.

I also noticed a bizarre irony in this “sentience” argument.  At the same time that the Choice Mafia is saying it is okay to kill the unborn because they are not sentient, the federal courts are taking the opposite position regarding capital punishment.  Their position is that they will not allow executions unless the condemned is sentient.  This prevents states from executing someone who is in a coma or someone whose IQ falls below a certain point. 

As someone who is opposed to both abortion and capital punishment, I am a little bewildered.  Are we saying that we can legally kill innocent people because they are not sentient, but we can only kill guilty people if they are sentient?  Apparently, I’m just not smart enough to understand that the sentience” target not only has the ability to move, it also has the ability to be in two places at the same time. 

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At some point these folks are going to run out of material and they will start recycling their old messages.

In some ways they are already doing it. After the Supreme Court recently upheld the ban on partial birth abortion, the site manager for PP submitted a letter to our local newspaper. In it she said, PBA was needed to "protect" womens health and politicians should stop telling doctors how to do their job. In the seventies and eighties the pro-choice crowd was saying basically the same thing, just in a different way. They had coat hangers and were screaming for the government to keep their laws off their bodies. Over the years, they have re-worked their old message to make it less shrill and have softened it to appeal to the mainstream. Of course, they continually try to mask the fact that abortion is practically never needed for the "health" of a women and they give the illusion that the entire medical community is on-board with their agenda of abortion on-demand, without restriction. Every time they bring that up, we need to remind them that is clearly not the case and that the medical community is just as divided about the issue of abortion as the general public.

Recently my sister was out of work and looking for a job. A friend of my mothers told her to apply for a job as an operator at the telephone company because it was a good job to have. Now, while working as an operator might have been a good job in the fifties, it clearly isn't today given all the changes in technology. My mothers friend was stuck in a time warp. I have found that your average person who believe abortion she be "safe, legal and rare" who grew up in the seventies and eighties are also stuck in a time warp. They believe if we were to go back to the Pre- Roe v. Wade days that we will have women dying in in pools of blood from back alley abortions. Don't be surprised if you see more red coat hangers from "pro-choice" groups. And while a lot of Pro-Life people will just shrug it off as a worn out symbol of the old days, it still resonates with a lot of people. What most Americans don't realize is that in many states abortion clinics are not regulated and the notion of a "safe" abortion is a myth. It is our job to debunk the "safe" abortion myth and that when protection for pre-born children is restored, illegal abortions will happen just the same way they are now. The only difference is that the abortionist will be breaking the law and more children will live to see the light of day.
# Posted By Mary | 6/6/08 10:53 AM
Pro-Aborts also adhere "not sentient" to post-abortive AND Pro-Life women and men, their families and friends.

"NOT SENTIENT" defined: (incapable of) feeling, living, live; conscious, aware, responsive, reactive.

Choice MO: Keep women unfeeling, unconscious, unaware of the SURGICAL MURDER RAW REALITY thus "Croak Choicers" have their daily death of thousands unborn, non-responsive Pro-Lifers and a non-reactive muted public.

Pro-Lifers who are NOT RESPONDING by speaking out, even anonymously, are PLAYING in the PRO-ABORT dirty "not sentient" game. Yes, you are!!! The Pro-Aborts have gone too far! Everybody knows it! Everybody sees it! Is it just to much for Pro-Lifers to address these iron skinned haters of innocence and magic? Are we also non-sentient FOOLS in their MADNESS all around us?

Seriously, Lord Have Mercy!

When you stand in silence, failing to act, you tear away at the very fabric of the kingdom. We owe it to Christ and to humankind to take as part of our Christian mandate humanitarian principles.

Amazing book, "ON THE SIDE OF THE ANGELS" quote, "Ultimately, however, we have long ago been assured that we are on the winning side. Injustice will in the end be defeated. Those who live by evil shall perish by evil. Evil has the smell of death upon it. It may prosper for a time but its end is certain. To hasten its demise, we as Christ's ambassadors must be more willing than we have been so far to cross borders--geographical, spiritual, political, and social---to throw wide the doors to allow the spirit of freedom, the spirit of life, to flow throughout our world." --end quote.

There is an evil in our silence. There is the smell of death in our "dead works"...


...later on the fruits of what you do will become apparent on their own. One's responsibility is to do the right thing, in the face of "free speech" fear! How gross that Pro-Aborts brandish a pride in legal surgical death of living human beings, while Pro-Lifers cower in low esteem, freedom fear, unclaimed opinions and non-entitlement.

It IS NOT a Pro-Lifer's prerogative to feel insecure in a sovereign grace. By making a verbal Pro-Life witness to the Pro-Abort Media and Politicians (bloody hands in ghoul's gloves) we witness to Christ, also. Socio-political involvement is a part of our Christian duty. We should never be afraid to denounce evil and injustice wherever it exists. "Dead Works" is not "Living Faith"!

Yackety, yack, yack, yak. Are we merely talking amongst ourselves, while the Pro-Aborts envelope the minds and souls of all humanity with death's dazzle-dribble?

The Pro-Aborts are organized, united, HEAVILY funded and with all quackie-duckies in a row. Did I mention, UNITED? Repeat, UNITED!!! Heads Up: Pro-Lifers are not!

Ah, a non-sentient "delicate" death. Ain't that just the sweetest of humanity misfortune?
# Posted By | 6/19/08 5:21 PM
Were this not such a serious subject, it would be quite funny. The idiotic things that proaborts trot out as "arguments" would get them laughed off any serious academic stage. As it is, it illustrates a couple of things: One, as Mark commented, (paraphrasing) there is no rational way to morally justify healthy women killing healthy babies. And two, it speaks to the mindset of women and men who want to kill their babies, but desire a fig leaf to hide behind. Proaborts know that those people who are willing to kill their babies need only be given the thinnest, most transparent of excuses. The know, that like a drowning man, they will grasp at any straw to cover their shame. So they will gratefully accept whatever ludicrous notions the proaborts throw their way, like "It's not really a baby"..... when a three year old child knows better.

Sure, we can knock down their flimsy, pathetic rationalizations as fast as they throw them up, but rest assured they will just come back with more that are even more bizarre and other worldly. In fact, another world is the only place that unborn babies could come from and not actually be a member of our species... which is yet another bizarre claim made by the proaborts.
# Posted By Doyle Chadwick | 6/24/08 8:56 AM
Wow! Amazingly said!! It is amazing though how if a small child is showed a picture of a baby in the womb, right off they would know its a baby, but grown pro-choice adults will beg to differ. What ignorance. aLL THE PROCHOICE party is good for is whinning and lying!
# Posted By Ashley | 6/27/08 9:37 AM
Please make that book Pro-life Answers available to all americans free of charge so that everyone has it.
Perhaps if you had it on a website to view and advertised the website. The public could view it with at no cost and if they want to order a hard copy they can do that. This book is very powerful and in the right hands it could make the difference.
We should be taking one to each and every household in America and asking them for a signature so we can change the pro-choice law by getting it on the ballot.
# Posted By Eddie Marmol | 6/27/08 6:17 PM
Hi Mark,
I think that your pro-life answers book is the answer, we just need to get it to the public and get signatures to get it on the ballot in hopes of changing the law. I know in my heart that the American people who voted in favor of the pro-choice abortion law were mis-informed and what they were voting on. This happens all the time. I think that most people agree that women have rights as men have rights but when people voted no-one pointed out the facts that the unborn also have rights, the right to live. Most people at the time were so focussed on womens rights and not so much the effects of the law on the Abortion issue. Pro-choice has used this Womens rights as a cover or shield. We need to take that shield away from them and expose the real issue to the american people.
Your book can do that, we just need to pass it out and collect signatures and what better way to do that then for starters the Christian people. The Catholic church is huge and most other christian faiths are also pro-life.
We should set-up a door to door campaign in everytown where there is a Catholic church and or a Christian group pass out your book and get as many registered voter signatures as we can for a ballot. The people that do not want to sign or are not sure if they should, we can give them the book and come back in a few days to see if they have made a decition.
We should also run advertisements on prime time national or global events on TV. and offer the book free of charge.
Use banners over head with an airplane,bill boards, balloons etc. The Advertisements on EWTN are great but they need to be on prime time TV etc.
All Catholic churches should have the booklets available to hand out.
Lets change this crazy pro-choice law, the time has come. The life walks are great but the media is not covering them so we need to find a way to force the to cover it as discribed above fly over National events,sports events etc. with banners, ballons etc.
# Posted By Eddie Marmol | 6/30/08 1:29 PM

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics