The Truth that Deceives

On the surface, it seems illogical that truth can be manipulated to achieve deception.  But the reality is that it happens all the time.  In fact, it is now the fundamental operating principle of the American media.  Of course, it is also a stunt that politicians are not above calling upon when the need arises.  No one, however, is more skilled at it than the abortion lobby.  It is a clever little game these people play in order to keep uncomfortable and indefensible realities hidden from the American public.

An example of their expertise in this field is evidenced every time they are confronted by the issue of late-term elective abortion.  At the moment it becomes clear that they cannot defend the practice, you will hear something along the lines of, “This is a non-issue.   The overwhelming majority of abortions take place before the end of the first trimester.” 

Of course, it is true that, as a percentage of all abortions, only about 10% are late term procedures.  What this truth is intended to obscure is that, because the sheer numbers of abortions done are so large, 10% translates into more than 300 second and third trimester babies butchered every day in the U.S.  Further, virtually all of these abortions are carried out for no medically indicated reason and involve healthy babies being carried by healthy moms.  And that is a fact.  The bottom line is, the sole reason these babies are killed is because someone wants them dead and someone else is willing to kill them.

On April 2nd through the 4th, 1995, George Tiller, the notorious late-term abortionist in Wichita, Kansas, was speaking at the National Abortion Federation’s 19th Annual Meeting, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The subject was late term abortion and Tiller made the following statement: “We have some experience with late terminations, about 10,000 patients between 24 and 36 weeks and something like 800 fetal anomalies between 26 and 36 weeks in the past five years.”

Listen to what this man is saying.  He is admitting to killing 10,000 babies between 24 and 36 weeks in a five year period and over 90% of the babies had no fetal anomalies.  Moreover, it is illogical to assume that the remaining 9,200 abortions were performed to protect the lives of the mothers involved since, (a) with today’s medical technology it is extraordinarily rare for pregnancy to be life-threatening, and (b) abortions done to protect the lives or health of the mothers are done far earlier in the pregnancies. 

The point is, Tiller is admitting that the vast majority of the late-term abortions he does are strictly elective.  To understand how sickening this is, consider that a 36-week baby is almost full term and that it is not uncommon even for babies born at 24 weeks to survive without major health problems.

The next year, the 20th Annual Meeting of the National Abortion Federation was held from March 31 to April 2, 1996, in San Francisco, California.  At this event, Martin Haskell, the Ohio abortionist who invented the D&X (Partial-Birth) abortion procedure made the following statement: “Two of the criticisms that I've been hearing lately about how our side is structuring its debate is that, one, we seem to be taking a position that—in the case of the D&X—that the fetuses are dead at the beginning of the procedure, which is generally not the case.  The second criticism has been that we are really skewing the debate to a very small percentage of women that have fetal anomalies or some other problem that really need the procedure verses the 90% who it’s elected, at least through the 20 to 24 week time period, and then as you get on towards 28 weeks it becomes closer to a hundred percent.  But these seem to be very uncomfortable issues for people on our side of the debate to deal with.”

Haskell is openly criticizing his pro-choice colleagues for lying about, (a) the babies targeted by late term abortions being dead before the procedures start and, (b) the women having these procedures needing them for any kind of health reason.  Amazingly, he even admitted that as the abortions got later, the percentage that was “elective” went up, with 28-week and later abortions being virtually 100% elective. 

This is exactly opposite of what the abortion lobby says when publicly confronted about late abortion.  To this day, they still claim that late abortions are never done except when something is wrong with the baby or the mother’s life or health is in jeopardy. They are lying and these quotes from two well-known late-term abortionists prove it. (The actual recordings of these statements are on file at Life Dynamics.)

I realize that, for people who defend legalized abortion, 300 dead late-term babies per day is no big deal.  They lack the basic moral foundations necessary for this to matter.  But they are smart enough to realize that, for people with even a minimal amount of morality or human decency, it is a big deal.  That’s why they always direct the debate toward percentages and away from numbers.

It is time for the pro-life movement to introduce some perspective into this discussion.  Our enemies say that late-term abortion is a non-issue but, from a numbers standpoint, 300 dead babies is equivalent to a fully loaded jetliner crashing somewhere in America every single day.  That is the sort of thing the abortion lobby does not want the public thinking about.

Our job is to make sure they do.  Our job is to show them that 300 babies a day having their legs torn off, their arms ripped from the sockets, their chests crushed, their skulls collapsed, and their pathetic remains ground-up in abortion clinic garbage disposals, is more than just a “choice.” 

It’s a disgrace to the human race.        

We Hate to Say, We Told You So. But

From the day the battle over abortion began, the pro-life movement has been saying that repeat abortions are a natural and logical progression of the pro-choice mentality.  Unfortunately, a new study by the research arm of Planned Parenthood – the operator of America’s largest chain of abortion mills – reveals that we have been right all along.

Statistics released by the Alan Guttmacher Institute show that repeat abortions are on the rise and that about half of all abortions in the U.S. are now done on women who have had at least one previous abortion.  That is up from about 40 percent just a few years ago.  We have also seen other research indicating that it is no longer uncommon for women to have several abortions.

This new information should surprise no one.  After all, watch any serial killer interviewed on television and you will hear him say that killing becomes easier each time it’s done.  It would be illogical to think that this phenomenon does not apply to moms killing their own babies.

For the pro-choice crowd, these latest revelations have created a public relations minefield.  Remember, since before Roe vs. Wade, these people have always said that abortion is never used as birth control and that women use it responsibly and only in the rarest of circumstances.  For them to now defend the practice of women having repeat abortions would confirm the fact that they’ve been lying all these years.  

In an effort to dodge that admission and appear reasonable to the average person, the abortion lobby’s damage control strategy is to give the illusion that even they don’t support women having multiple abortions.  The good news is that their new position is illogical, dishonest and easily exposed.

Imagine that five individual women had their first abortions today, and a sixth woman had her fifth abortion.  According to the abortion lobby’s newly concocted standard, what the five women did is okay but the sixth woman’s behavior is unacceptable.  The obvious flaw is that, in both cases, the same number of abortions happened.  In other words, by the abortion industry’s macabre reasoning, it is acceptable for five women to kill five children but not acceptable for one woman to kill five children.

There is also a second philosophical question raised by the abortion industry’s contrived concern over repeat abortion.  Simply put, if elective abortion is morally defensible, and if it is not the taking of an innocent human life, then what is the basis for saying it is wrong for a woman to have 10 or 20 or a 100 of them?  Abortion is either right or it’s not, and how frequently it occurs has no bearing on that question. 

The bottom line is, it is naked hypocrisy for the choice mafia to sell abortion as a constitutional right which protects women and then, for political cover, condemn women who freely – or even repeatedly – exercise that right.  It is also dishonest.  For these people to claim that they are uncomfortable with women having multiple abortions is as phony as it would be if the CEO of General Motors claimed to be uncomfortable with people buying more than one car.   

So don’t be deceived.  The only people in America unhappy about repeat abortions are the same ones unhappy about first-time abortions.  That would be you and me.  As for our enemies, a pregnant woman can walk into any one of their death camps and say she is there for her 15th abortion and the only thing that would keep her feet out of the stirrups is a lack of money.  And you can bet the family farm that the killing of her latest baby would not cause the hired killers to lose one moment’s sleep.

Figures Dont Lie But Liars Do Figure

Our enemies consistently claim that most Americans are pro-choice and that there is no consensus in the United States for making abortion illegal.  then they’ll trot out some poll that seems to back up their argument.  

But remember, the pro-choice position is that abortion on demand should be legal through all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason whatsoever or no reason whatsoever, and paid for with tax dollars.  And there has never been even one poll which showed majority support for that.  The most that can be said is that a majority of people may support abortion in the extremely rare “hard-case” situations.  Since even abortion industry studies show that virtually no abortions are done for these reasons, the only conclusion is that most Americans do not support the vast majority of abortions that are actually performed. 

The fact is, this “pro-choice majority” lie is nothing more than political spin and the abortion industry’s own actions prove it.  Anyone who truly believes their viewpoint has majority support will steer their battles toward the legislatures where majorities rule.  But the abortion lobby has spent over 30 years doing whatever it takes to keep abortion out of the legislatures and in the courts.  Only people who know they can’t win in the legislatures – the court of public opinion – would do that.  

As for the consensus issue, let’s not forget that, in 1850, there was no consensus in America for outlawing slavery or allowing women to vote.  There was also a time when the popular consensus was that the earth is flat.  In fact, world history is littered with examples where “consensus” simply meant that most of the fools were on one side. 

Moreover, if consensus is what should drive out country’s abortion policy, that’s just one more reason to overturn Roe vs. Wade.  After all, no one can honestly claim that, in 1973, there was a consensus in America for legalizing unrestricted abortion on demand.

And that’s still true today. 

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics