The Argument Itself is Not Viable

Some people try to finesse the abortion issue by saying that they would support a ban after the child is viable but allow abortion before that point.  There are basically five reasons why this is an indefensible position. 


First, defending pre-viability abortion on the basis that the child cannot survive if removed from the womb is so illogical it’s laughable.  It’s like a man saying, “Since my wife can’t survive if I shoot her in the head, that means it’s okay for me to shoot her in the head.”  Or better yet, it would be like a doctor saying, “This patient will fully recover if we leave his feeding tube in place, but he will die if we remove it.  Therefore, it’s okay to remove his feeding tube.”  In reality, if an unborn baby has not reached the point of viability, that is an argument against abortion not in support of it.


Second, viability is a function of medical technology and is unrelated to the question of whether the unborn are living human beings or not. This is proven by the fact that premature babies are now routinely surviving at gestational ages that would have been unthinkable a hundred years ago. 


Third, if viability is the yardstick, a legitimate argument could be made that we now know that the unborn are viable from the moment of conception.  After all, if that were not true, in-vitro fertilization would not be possible since the new human life created in this process would die immediately.  The fact is, it is only placed in the mom’s womb because medical technology is not yet able to provide an alternative environment in which it can survive.       


Fourth, if the argument is that the unborn are not viable because they are dependent on others to survive, then a one-week-old baby is no more viable than an unborn baby.  Neither can survive alone.  That could also be said about people who are severely handicapped or suffering from some debilitating illness, as well as people who are senile, comatose, unconscious, or under general anesthesia.  If the ability to survive without the aid of others is what creates the right to life, these people have no more right to life than the unborn.


The fifth reason viability cannot be used is the fact that the abortionist is always the one who gets to determine whether his intended victim is viable or not.  And if there was ever a textbook example of letting the fox guard the henhouse, this is it.  

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The photography of Lennart Nilsson shows the beauty of human form in its most delicate stages. Go to this website for a real treat and spread the word....

I viewed the site with my three year old son who easily was able to identify the baby and the body parts. Calling all environmentalists....America is squandering its GREATEST's children through abortion. If a three year old gets it, it is really not that complicated.
# Posted By Mary | 8/20/08 7:16 PM

I am part of the organization known, simply, as Anonymous. Among other things which are not important at this time we are battling against the so-called Church of Scientology and their crimes against this country, it's Government, and the human rights of people. But the reason you will be interested in them, is the hard and ugly fact that they force abortions on their Sea Org members. The only choice these women have is an abortion or to be kicked to the curb Pregnant and alone. This disgusting act has been going on since the start of this 'religion'. I am not asking you to join us or to ask people to join us. I'm just asking that you look into this matter and do what you think is right.

Thank You
# Posted By Anonymous | 8/23/08 1:11 PM
Dr. Bernard Nathanson is personally responsible for 75,000 abortions. He claims the ultrasound changed his heart and mind? I'd like to see him donate all money from books and vids to pro-life charity. He knew full well by the examinations of 75,000 abortion surgeries that the little hands, toes, chests, faces, etc., were human. For so long no one was privy to The Silent Scream unless purchased. Let's see this former 6 million dollar a year abortionists put his money on the table. DARE YA, DUDE!
# Posted By | 8/25/08 5:10 PM
Excellent post! I have always argued that viability is subjective and varies from person to person. It's not a solid measurement and therefore an unreliable argument to try to stand on.
# Posted By WriteWingNut | 8/26/08 12:56 AM

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