No Men? Think Again.

I write this to America’s pro-choice community. 

It seems that a shop-worn old theme you people regurgitate from time to time is back making the rounds once more.  On several radio talk shows I’ve done recently, I have been admonished that I have no right to be involved in the abortion issue because I am male.  Some of you have even gone so far as to advocate that only female elected officials be allowed to vote on legislation that might impact abortion.

Even if we ignore your blatant sexism, I advise you to be careful what you ask for.  After all, when polls are broken down by gender, they consistently find that women oppose abortion at a higher rate than men, are more opposed to government funding of abortion, are more active in the pro-life movement, and are more likely to favor banning abortion outright.  In other words, if you exclude men, support for legal abortion plummets.   

The reality is, the most numerous proponents of legalized abortion are men.  Of course, that makes perfect sense given that men are the ones who most profit from it.  That is why, with almost no exceptions, pioneers of the women’s movement like Susan B. Anthony, Mattie Brinkerhoff, Sarah Norton, Emma Goldman, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were outspoken opponents of legalized abortion.  It is also true that suffragist newspapers such as Woodhull’s and Claflin’s Weekly, had editorial policies which openly attacked both abortion and abortionists.  Even Alice Paul, the woman who wrote the original Equal Rights Amendment, considered legalized abortion to be the ultimate exploitation of women. 

These early feminists saw that abortion is patronizing and paternalistic and that it doesn’t free women, it devalues them.  They understood that, as a practical matter, legalized abortion is nothing more than a safety net for sexually predatory and sexually irresponsible men.  And if the last 35 years have proven nothing else, they have proven that these women hit that nail on the head.  It is now clear that the legalization of abortion, and the willingness of women to submit to it, are the two greatest gifts these kind of men have ever received. 

If you want to see that played out in the real world, stand in front of an abortion clinic on a day when pro-lifers are there trying to offer women alternatives to having their babies killed.  What you will quickly discover is that the most vicious and violent reactions they get are not from these women, but from the men who are dragging them in by the elbows.  The fact is, regardless of what you think about the abortion issue, you would have to be a certifiable idiot to think that women are the ones who profit from putting their feet in the abortion industry’s stirrups.  On the other hand, you can be certain that every man who ever put a woman in that position was fully aware of whose interests were being served.             

Now if your point is that men should be excluded simply because we can’t get pregnant, let me ask you about women who can’t get pregnant.  Is it your view that the only women who should be allowed to have an opinion about abortion are those who are (a) fertile and still in their child-bearing years, (b) sexually active with males, and (c) not practicing birth control?  If so, that is going to thin your herd even further.   

I have also noticed that those of you who take this “no men allowed” approach, always seem to have an exception for pro-choice men.  For example, I have never heard one of you tell that paragon of respect for women, Bill Clinton, to keep out of the abortion issue.  Neither do you ever argue that the 1973 Supreme Court had no right to be involved in the Roe vs. Wade decision, despite the fact every member was male.  You don’t even seem to mind that the overwhelming majority of abortionists who make their fortunes off women are men, and you never say anything about the male “escorts” who work at the abortion mills.  You don’t even say anything about men who force women to have abortions.  Evidently, the only men for whom you have contempt, and the only men you want censored, are those who think women deserve better than abortion.

My final point is one that I do not expect you to understand, but I’m going to make it anyway.  Men do not merely have a right to speak out against abortion, we have a responsibility to do so.  Real men do not just stand around with their hands in their pockets while people like you slaughter helpless children by the millions.  So you may as well get used to the fact that, as long as your death camps are churning out dead bodies, many of the people fighting you will be men.      

Don’t Feed the Hand that Bites You

Have you noticed how often pro-lifers, unknowingly, use rhetoric that reinforces pro-abortion positions.  For example, when we focus on the horrible and indefensible nature of late term abortion, we are suggesting that earlier abortions are less horrible and more defensible.  This creates an artificial distinction between one human being and another human being based on how old it is, how developed it is or how large it is.  That is not far from the pro-abortion position.  

Another example of this relates to the revelations that some hospitals are doing what are called “live birth abortions.”  This is where they induce a pregnant woman to give birth and then put the baby in a closet and let it die.  Horrified pro-lifers have responded by talking about the fact that these hospitals are “killing living babies!”

As understandable as this outrage is, such language undermines the pro-life position.  It suggests that there is a difference between killing someone inside the womb or outside.  The reality is, whether they are put in closets to die or ripped apart in the womb, all abortions happen on living babies and we must be careful not to ever say or do anything which suggests otherwise.

We also get tricked into supporting the abortion lobby’s agenda by the way we talk about teen pregnancy.  The abortion industry wants people to believe that when a teenage girl has a baby her life is over.  She is doomed to be single forever, poor as a church mouse, uneducated, and on welfare for the rest of her life.  Their goal is to convince people that abortion is her only hope.        

While it is true that no one believes 13-year-old children should be getting pregnant, it is not the end of the world.  In fact, many unmarried teenage girls have babies and go on to lead happy lives.  Moreover, among those who don’t, a significant number come from socio-economic environments where, by abortion industry standards, their chances for a “successful and productive” life are limited whether they have babies or not.  For these girls, the problem is not their baby but their environment.  When we ignore that and focus instead on the pregnancy, what we are really saying is that the baby is the problem.  Again, that’s the pro-abortion position.

It is also common for pro-lifers to attack abortion by saying we may have aborted the next Beethoven, or Mother Teresa, or the doctor who would have discovered a cure for cancer.  While this sentiment is understandable, it is inconsistent with the pro-life position.  The unborn child who might grow up to cure cancer has no more right to life than the unborn child who will spend his life on welfare and living under bridges.  The “aborted Beethoven” argument suggests that it is a bigger tragedy to kill Baby A than Baby B because Baby A is more valuable to society.  Clearly, that is not what the pro-lifer meant to say, but that is certainly what the listener might conclude.

The point is, always be aware that what you say may not be what your audience hears. 


If Saving Women is Really the Goal . . .

Now that the political season is back at our throats, we are again hearing the abortion lobby trot out its usual collection of distortions, half-truths and outright lies.  Of course, one of their favorites is the old line that since women are going to have abortions regardless of what the law says, we have to protect them against dangerous back-alley abortions.

This assumes that the legal abortions women are getting right now are safe, but we'll let that fairy tail slide for the moment.  We'll also ignore the fact that, if abortion were outlawed today and illegal abortionists started springing up next week, every one of them would be someone who is pro-choice.  In fact, every woman who was ever killed or maimed during an abortion was killed or maimed by someone who was pro-choice.  That means the obvious solution to the back-alley abortion problem is for the pro-choice mob not to do them.  But like I said, we'll ignore that for now. 

What I'm wondering about is this.  If the motivation for legalized abortion really is to save the lives of women, why aren't the people who make that argument also calling for the repeal of laws against rape?  After all, it is not uncommon for a woman to be killed by a rapist so she can't identify him to the authorities.  Legalizing rape would save those women by taking away the rapists' motivation for killing them. 

Legalization could also result in the establishment of rape clinics where rapists could take their victims instead of dragging them into dangerous back-allies.  These facilities could offer clean rooms, condom machines, emergency contraception and perhaps even doctors on staff in case the rapist injures his victim.  We could also issue licenses to rapists requiring them to undergo monthly testing for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. 

Remember, the pro-choice argument is that women are going to have abortions regardless of what the law says, and that keeping abortion legal will make sure they occur in a clean and safe environment.  Well, those dynamics also apply to rape.  We know that keeping rape illegal has not stopped women from being raped, so why not try to create a more “enlightened” nation where rape is safe, legal and rare?

And by the way, as ridiculous as this suggestion is, if our goal is saving women's lives, it makes as much sense as legalized abortion.

On the Trail to Rodham and Gomorrah

We have seen several examples lately that America’s largest abortion profiteer, Planned Parenthood, is opening new facilities across the country and using deception and dishonesty to do so.  In one high-profile example, they recently completed construction on a new 22,000-square-foot state-of-the-art death camp in Aurora, Illinois, that they readily admit was built with it’s true purpose and real owner’s identity intentionally concealed from the public.

While it is understandable that the pro-life movement would be outraged at the naked corruption Planned Parenthood is using in its expansion plans, we must not allow that outrage to blind us to the motivation behind this expansion.  The truth is that, in this case, our enemy’s motives are far more important than their methods.  

It is well known that an ongoing problem for the abortion lobby is their rapidly shrinking number of facilities.  From the peak years of the late 1980s, approximately two-thirds of the abortion clinics in America have closed permanently, primarily because the abortion industry has been unable to hire enough employees to keep them open.

In the 1980s, most of Planned Parenthood’s death camps had all the abortionists they needed including reserves in case one of the “regulars” went on vacation.  Today, the reserves are long gone and most facilities are forced to make do with just one contract killer on the payroll.  As for the support staff, it’s pretty much the same story. 

Of course, the abortion lobby says their recruiting problems are a result of “pro-life violence” when, in fact, the amount of violence directed at the abortion industry over the years has been incredibly low.  When the U.S. Department of Justice or the FBI publish studies on workplace violence, the rate of violence at abortion clinics is so statistically insignificant that it doesn’t even make it into the final reports. 

So before we go further, let’s put this “pro-life violence” myth to rest once and for all.  Even if you focus on the time period during which the most violence was committed against the abortion industry, it is clear that all of this arm-flapping and hand-wringing about pro-life violence is nonsense.  Of the seven murders that have occurred at American abortion mills in the last 34 years, five occurred in 1993 and 1994 alone.  However, according to statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, during those same two years there were 2,154 other people killed in work-related homicides in the United States including seven school teachers, four members of the clergy, 10 lawyers, nine newspaper vendors, seven writers, six realtors, 22 waiters or waitresses, four groundskeepers, five architects, 40 garage or service station attendants, 23 auto mechanics, 21 janitors, 10 hairdressers, six farmers and four carpenters. 

In other words, during the period of the greatest violence against abortionists in history, more farmers and twice as many hairdressers were murdered on the job than abortion clinic workers and abortionists combined.  This does not even take into account the taxi drivers, convenience store employees, police officers, firefighters, and others who were killed during that same time period.

The fact is, the abortion industry’s inability to recruit and keep employees has nothing to do with violence.  The explanation most often given is the increasing stigma associated with abortion.

The abortion lobby had always counted on legalization to erase the stigma of abortion, but that never happened.  What they refused to accept was that abortion is like pornography and prostitution in that the stigma is related to the act itself and not to its legal status.  That means the stigma is never going to go away.  Today, the abortion industry finally seems resigned to this and has decided that the stench of abortion is something they will just have to live with.

As legitimate an issue as stigma is, however, it is not the only thing that keeps these death camps understaffed.  The abortion industry is also facing a financial crisis that has been brewing since the day this battle began.  And this is a problem they can’t just live with.

In the first few years of legalized abortion, studies were taken to determine the cost of an abortion.  The findings were that, generally speaking, the price was between $300 and $350.  Interestingly, those figures have changed little since then.  That begs the question: with no competition and a seemingly reliable demand, why have they been unable to raise prices in almost 35 years?

The answer is that, contrary to appearances, the demand is not reliable.

In any marketing environment, all decisions fall onto a “marginal / non-marginal” scale.  Decisions based on “want” are considered marginal while those based on “need” are classified as non-marginal.   A major factor in determining where a decision falls on this scale is its degree of price sensitivity.  The more price sensitive something is, the more marginal the buying decision is.  This is true about all purchasing decisions, including the decision about whether to “purchase” an abortion or not.

Since day one, the abortion industry has pushed this idea that when a woman does not want to be pregnant she will crawl through hell on broken glass to get an abortion.  In other words, their contention is that the abortion decision is a non-marginal one.  For that to be true, it would also have to be true that the cost of abortion does not significantly affect the abortion rate.

Contrary to abortion industry claims, the evidence does not support this.  The financial publication, Economic Inquiry, Vol. XXVI, April 1988, produced a study about the relationship between abortion cost and abortion rates and found that, “The significant inverse relationship between the price of abortions and the abortion rate confirms that the fundamental law of demand is applicable to abortions.” In other words, as the cost of abortion goes up, the demand for abortion goes down.  This finding has been confirmed by other independent studies which have also documented that an inverse relationship exists between the price of abortion and the rate of abortion.  

Perhaps even more revealing is a quote from Colorado abortionist, Warren Hern.  During a May, 1997, annual meeting of the National Abortion Federation held in Boston, Massachusetts, the subject was the use of ultrasound in abortion.  Hern complained that paying for the ultrasound machine would increase the cost of an abortion by $25.  In his own words, this would cause the patient load to plummet.  What Hern was saying was that, not only does price affect the abortion rate, even small increases in price have an overpowering impact on it.  This was real-world confirmation—from someone on the inside—that the abortion lobby’s “hell on broken glass” rhetoric is a lie and that the abortion decision is, in most cases, a marginal one.

The obvious solution to the abortion industry’s current financial dilemma would be for them to raise prices to meet their increased costs and simply make more money off fewer killings.  But as fiscally reasonable as that may sound, the abortion lobby knows it is not a viable option.  They have long understood that, in order to maintain abortion’s legality, they need the political and cultural inertia created by a high abortion rate.  This has put them in a kind of “Catch 22” situation.  They need higher abortion prices to solve their financial problems, but the lowered abortion rate produced by these higher prices would threaten their political survivability.

That is why the abortion industry has not raised prices for almost 35 years.  The problem they now face is that the cost of doing business has risen dramatically during that time.  So while a $350 abortion may have been profitable in 1973 dollars, it may not be profitable in today’s dollars. 

That has prevented the abortion industry from being unable to compete for employees with the rest of the medical community.  One result of this has been that the quality of the employees they can hire is abysmally low.  With almost no exceptions, there is no way the typical abortion clinic worker could get a job in any other medical-related field.  Another result has been that, other than the actual abortionists, most abortion industry workers make very little money.  Even for staunchly pro-choice employees who are not bothered by the stigma, this has kept morale low and turnover rates astronomical.

The point of all this is brutally simple.  In order to survive, the abortion industry has to find a way to raise their prices without lowering the abortion rate.

Enter Hillary Clinton. 

Planned Parenthood’s current expansion is their way of betting that Slick Hilly is going to be the next president.  They are also counting on her to install a system of socialized medicine that will include elective abortion.  So even though the Choice Mafia rallies their troops with red-meat rhetoric about Supreme Court appointments who could take away “the right to choose,” what they are most giddy about is the possibility of government-funded abortions.  That is the driving force behind Planned Parenthood’s expansion agenda.  They see Hillary Care getting larger in the rearview mirror and are positioning themselves to be a major player in it.

You may think I’m baying at the moon here, but if there is one thing I know for certain it is this: at the moment national healthcare becomes a reality, the cost to the taxpayer for an abortion that now costs about $350 will, instantly, be many times that amount.  I know this is true because a model for it already exists.  All you have to do is imagine two women sitting in an abortion clinic waiting to have identical first-trimester abortions.  One is paying cash; the second has a health insurance policy to cover her abortion.  The first woman will probably get out the door for the usual $350 or so.  But make no mistake about it, the second woman’s insurance company will be lucky to escape with anything less than a $3000 claim to pay. 

That scenario is repeated at abortion clinics all across America every day.  It is also why the nation’s death merchants see Hillary Care as their salvation.  They are relying on socialized medicine to solve their current financial problems by converting every $350 private-pay abortion into a $3000 government-pay abortion.  The icing on the cake is that, since the customers will be offered these abortions for “free,” the abortion rate is guaranteed to skyrocket.

Like I always say, if you want to understand the abortion business, just follow the money trail.  The signpost ahead reads, Rodham and Gomorrah.

The Scam of Moral Irrelevance

Have you ever noticed that every time the Godless Left promotes any of the moral depravities that they hold so dear, a predictable pattern develops. 

Whatever their “vice du jour” might be, their initial sales pitch will be that it is morally acceptable.  Of course, this inevitably fails because whatever they are pushing is generally so ghastly that it is impossible to sell it on its own merits.  So their fall-back strategy is to play the old “you can’t legislate morality” card.  They will even wrap it around some absurd interpretation of American history in which our founding fathers sacrificed their lives and treasure so we could all live in a nation where laws are made free of any moral considerations.  Then, for good measure, they will toss in something about the constitutional separation of church and state, despite the fact that such a concept is found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. 

Sadly, this scam often works.  America is in such a state of moral and intellectual decay that otherwise decent intelligent people actually suck-up this loopy philosophy.  It is part of the culture of “situational ethics” in which genuine ethics are seen as abnormal and perhaps even unpatriotic.  In our brave new world of unfettered tolerance and moral-relativism, it is not enough to believe that some things are not black and white but shades of gray; you must now believe that everything is a shade of gray and that black and white do not exist.  This philosophy thrives because the American people have become so open-minded that their brains fell out.     

Here are the facts:  No governmental body can pass laws that will make an immoral person moral.  So they don’t try.  Legislation is not about regulating beliefs, it’s about controlling behavior.  When a legislature passes laws against racial discrimination, it does not concern itself with the personal moral beliefs of people who sincerely think racial discrimination is okay.  The legislature has determined that discrimination is not morally acceptable and, therefore, it will not be legally permitted regardless of what some racist might think.  In other words, society imposes its belief system on someone who has a completely different belief system.  Any way you look at it, that is legislating morality.   

So don’t let the Godless Left fool you.  The law is nothing more or less than society’s collective moral values, and it legislates that morality by regulating behavior.  At the moment we abandon that principal, our legislative bodies will be left with no legitimate foundation upon which any law can be justified.  If that happens, our country will be doomed to collapse into a state of bedlam and anarchy.

It’s Time to Lose the Rose-Colored Glasses

A woman recently came onto the Forum to talk about the grief she was experiencing over the miscarriage of her unborn child.  The response she received was very revealing.  Immediately, she was verbally savaged by two of the pro-choice hyenas who routinely patrol the forum.  One of them ridiculed her and called her a “drama queen” saying, “you have lost nothing.”  Shortly, the other one joined the feeding frenzy and informed the woman that she should just get on with her life since an unborn child is nothing more than a “bump in the belly” 

Now you can be assured that both of these people have seen sonogram images and know exactly what the unborn child is and is not.  So not only were they coldly indifferent to this woman’s suffering, they knew that they were lying about the nature of her loss.  But in their small minds, any discussion that acknowledges the humanity of the unborn is a threat to the pro-choice political agenda.  If protecting that agenda means that a grief-stricken mom has to be demeaned and attacked, so be it.

Of course, more sophisticated pro-choice types would have known better than to go into the public and make such moronic and heartless statements.  It’s not that they don’t feel that way, it’s just not good public relations to admit it.  But the fact is, this attack was a perfect reflection of the pro-choice mentality.

However, in a world where the reality of the unborn is becoming harder to deny, many in the pro-choice mob will now concede that the unborn child is indeed a living human being.  But they still contend that it is okay to butcher them.  In their war to advance their demented worldviews and political agendas, they consider the humanity of the unborn as inconsequential and their deaths as collateral damage.   And that is quickly becoming the core operating principle of the pro-choice movement. 

It also defines the nature of our enemies.  Although some pro-lifers would prefer to see them as just misguided or uninformed people with whom we have a philosophical disagreement, that is simply not the case.  With almost no exceptions, those who most vehemently defend legalized abortion are morally bankrupt, self-absorbed people who dismiss concepts like “right and wrong” as quaint and irrelevant. 

At the moment we accept that reality, we gain a much better understanding of what it takes to beat these people.   In short, if we want to stop the killing we must not be naïve about the killers.

Gays and Baby Killers: A Shaky Alliance?

How would you like to ask the pro-choice mob a question that is guaranteed to have them jumping around like worms on a hot rock?  Well, read on.  

Three facts are important to know.  First, though there are certainly members of the gay community who are pro-life, go to any large public event put on by the pro-choice gang, or read any edition of the NOW Times or MS Magazine, and you will see that the “mainstream” homosexual lobby and the “mainstream” abortion lobby are joined at the hip.

Second, the current “enlightened” and “politically correct” view is that homosexuality is not a choice but a function of genetics.  While I am not convinced this is true, if it is then it is only a matter of time before scientists identify the genetic marker for homosexuality.
Third, the abortion lobby has made it clear that they will never back away from their fundamental assertion that the reasons for abortion are no ones business except the women who have them. 

In light of these three facts, let’s ask our enemies one simple and completely appropriate question:  Should it be legal for a woman to kill her unborn child solely because there is genetic evidence that the child may turn out to be gay? 

When you ask that question, their only options are to either abandon their basic position or risk alienating one of their most loyal support groups.  We should also keep in mind that these people have failed this sort of test before.  You may recall that standing-up for the disabled was, at one point, sold as an integral part of the liberal agenda.  But the first time that effort conflicted with the abortion license, the Godless Left did not hesitate for one moment to throw the disabled under the bus. 

The result is that, for example, in America today over 90 percent of babies with Down syndrome are killed in the womb.  In fact, legalized abortion has so decayed American society that abortion is now the default position for women carrying a child with even the most insignificant abnormalities.  In our brave new world, if a new mom delivers a handicapped baby she better be prepared to routinely answer the question, “Didn’t your doctor tell you about this while you were still pregnant?” 

That sorry question and all it implies is part of the “better-dead-than-disabled” mentality that now infects our country.  And make no mistake about it, that mindset is the sole responsibility of the pro-choice mob and it has helped them sell lots of abortions.  To one degree or another, it has also created a rift between them and those who truly care about the disabled.

Whatever the consequences, it is pretty clear that the Choice Mafia is not going to turn off this path.  They have apparently decided that they cannot afford to say that any woman should be denied her “right to choose” for any reason.  If a “homosexual gene” is ever identified, the bloodbath they are currently prosecuting against Down syndrome and other “imperfect” children will be expanded to include those who might turn out to be gay.  In fact, we may discover that parents are actually more likely to have a potentially gay child killed than one with Down syndrome. 

If the homosexual lobby has not yet thought about this issue, it’s time they did.  We need to show them that when the American holocaust turns its attention in their direction, it will be their pro-choice buddies who not only defend it but carry it out.     

We should also introduce the reality that this phenomenon is not going to be limited to homosexuality.  Some scientists are now speculating that genetics may influence people to embrace certain political ideologies.  So imagine that someday a conservative, but otherwise pro-choice, organization launches a campaign to encourage – not force or require but simply encourage – pregnant women to kill any fetus they are carrying who is identified as having a politically liberal genetic marker.  Would these pro-choice death-merchants have any problem with that? 

If you analyze what genetic scientists are now suggesting, the possibilities for this line of dialog are endless.  If it is true that virtually every person born into the world is a potential member of a group that could be genetically identified, that means they could be targeted for extinction through abortion. 

The bizarre part of this is that, if we press this issue to its logical conclusion, the abortion lobby may be forced to adopt a completely different “abortion-justification” argument.  Instead of saying that women should be allowed to abort for any reason whatsoever, they may have to say that the only women who should be allowed to abort are those who are doing so for no reason whatsoever.

Quindlen’s Latest Lie

Abortion enthusiast, Anna Quindlen, recently wrote an article for Newsweek Magazine in which she raised the issue of what the punishment should be for women who have abortions once they are again illegal.  Her claim was that this is a question for which the pro-life movement has no answer.  Of course, she is lying since most of the pro-life movement’s leaders have addressed this issue many times, over many years.  The only problem is that, like the rest of our enemies, she just doesn’t like the answer. 

Having said that, however, I will agree to take the bait and go down this dusty trail one more time.  So here it goes.   

While some of my fellow pro-lifers feel that jailing women who submit to illegal abortions is necessary to be consistent with the pro-life principle, most seem to agree with me that there is no practical incentive for doing so.  Our view is that, for several pragmatic reasons, future laws against abortion should concentrate on the abortionist just as they did before Roe v. Wade.

To begin with, except in the extremely unlikely event that a woman is actually caught in the act of having an illegal abortion, a conviction would be virtually impossible to obtain.  In addition, the woman is the best source of information and evidence needed to convict the abortionist.  If she faced prosecution, she would never admit to the abortion.  That would make it almost impossible for the state to get the evidence needed to convict the abortionist and leave him free to kill again. 

This doesn’t excuse the woman for having participated in an illegal act.  It simply recognizes that the public interest is best served by removing the abortionist from society, and that legal sanctions against the woman would reduce the chances of that happening.  It’s no different than the authorities granting immunity to a small-time drug user in exchange for information on a big-time drug dealer.  Remember, the goal of the pro-life movement is to stop abortion.  Imprisoning a woman who had an illegal abortion would prevent nothing since her child is already dead, but imprisoning the abortionist might save thousands of babies in the future.  If giving women a pass on prosecution is the best way to make that happen, that is a deal worth making. 
We should also consider that, given the shortage and expense of jail space in America, it makes no sense to incarcerate a woman who had one abortion when that same cell could hold an abortionist who might do them by the thousands.  And let there be no mistake about it, jail is precisely where abortionists deserve to be.  Their customers may or may not be fully aware of what they are doing, but no such defense can be made for them.  When they pull those tiny arms and legs and heads out of women, they know for a fact that they are committing the most brutal of murders.  I offer no apology for saying that there is not one person sitting in a prison cell anywhere in the world who committed an act worse than performing abortions.  Furthermore, not one of those people victimized someone as helpless as an unborn baby.  So not only are abortionists contract killers with the morals of sewer rats, they are cowards as well.

When discussing this punishment issue, something very curious inevitably creeps into the conversation.  Although some pro-lifers argue for imprisoning women who submit to abortion, the people most adamant that this is the only rational policy are those who call themselves pro-choice.  Like many other things they do, this exposes their cynicism and hypocrisy.  On one hand, they try to frighten women with the suggestion that pro-lifers are going to have them tossed into jail.  When we make it clear that we have no such intention, their response is to say that if we don’t call for women to be jailed the only conclusion is that even we are not really convinced of our position.  It is classic abortion industry double-talk.   

Now, I have a suggestion for the Anna Quindlens of the world that will resolve this whole issue.  If these people think it’s unfair for only abortionists to be targeted, let them be the ones to lobby for legislation to put the women in jail.  If instead of helping women facing unplanned pregnancies find alternatives to illegal abortions, the Choice Mafia would prefer to seek legislation to put them in prison, my gut feeling is that they will find little legislative support for it.  But we’ll see.  In the mean time, while they look for the best way to put all their customers in jail, those of us in the pro-life movement will focus on finding the fastest way to stop the killing.   

Are Connecticut Family Planning Clinics Protecting Men Who Rape Children?

14-Year-Old Given Three Abortions in Six Months!

On Monday, a New London man was indicted in the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.  Now, a police investigation has uncovered that the child was taken for abortions to the Planned Parenthood clinic Norwich in April, July and September of 2006.  

Mark Crutcher, the president of Life Dynamics Incorporated of Denton, Texas, says that this is part of a nationwide pedophile protection scandal involving facilities associated with Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.    

During a two-year undercover investigation, Life Dynamics recorded over 800 calls to such facilities across America in which a female actress portrayed a 13-year-old girl pregnant by her adult boyfriend and seeking an abortion in order to hide the illegal sexual relationship from her parents and the authorities.  On the tapes, many of the clinic workers are heard telling the caller that this situation was unlawful and that they were legally mandated to report it to the state.  However, even after acknowledging this, 91 percent of the 800 facilities contacted agreed to illegally conceal it.  In fact, representatives of these organizations—often operating on tax dollars—routinely instructed a child who they believed to be a sexual assault victim to:

• lie about or conceal her age or the age of the man who impregnated her
• participate in illegal activity in order to circumvent the state’s parental notification law
• use a fictitious name, phone number or address when she came to the facility
• keep the situation hidden by altering what she would say when she came to the facility
• be more careful about what information she gave out and to whom

The Planned Parenthood facility in Norwich was a target of this investigation and gave a response that perfectly matches this pattern.  Tapes of the calls made to other facilities in Connecticut show the same results.  Crutcher stated, “Our investigation proved that rapists who target underage girls have no better ally than Planned Parenthood.  If these people in Norwich had any sense of decency, or any concern for this child, they would have reported this situation to the authorities the first time they saw her.  Of course, that would have cost them the profit from the next two abortions.”

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Beat Down Women

The pro-choice crowd continues to use the sales pitch that legal abortion is something that empowers women.  This is, of course, and out-an-out lie.

If you want to see the weakest and most subservient women in America, just stand in front of the nearest abortion clinic and look at the faces of the customers going inside.  What you will see is sadness, desperation, fear, and resignation. 

What you will not see is women who feel empowered or in control.  These faces make it clear that, like suicide, abortion is a choice made by tragic people who have been convinced they have no choice.  Better than anyone else, women who submit to abortion understand why no woman was ever admired for her abortion, and why no woman ever bragged about her abortion, and why no woman ever climbed off an abortionist's table felling better about herself than she did when she climbed onto it. 

This loony idea that having a clean place to kill their babies is the cornerstone of women's equality, is simply a marketing tool of the abortion industry.  It is also a perversion of real feminism.  With almost no exceptions, pioneers of the women's movement like Susan B. Anthony, Mattie Brinkerhoff, Sarah Norton, Emma Goldman, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were outspoken opponents of legal abortion.  Alice Paul, who wrote the original Equal Rights Amendment, called abortion the ultimate exploitation of women.  Even suffragist newspapers such as Woodhull's and Claflin's Weekly had editorial policies which openly attacked both abortion and abortionists.

These early feminists never bought the idea that women need surgery in order to be equal to men.  They saw that abortion is patronizing and paternalistic and that a woman's willingness to submit to it doesn't free her, it devalues her.  They also understood that legalized abortion is nothing more than a safety net for sexually predatory and sexually irresponsible men.  And that may explain why – since the day this battle began – polls have consistently shown that the greatest support for legal abortion comes from men, not women.   

The fact is, as pro-life feminist Melissa Simmons-Tulin once said, “Women will never climb to equality over the dead bodies of their children.”

What the Pro-Aborts Won't Say in D.C.

The American abortion lobby is poised to hold its death march in Washington, D.C., and renew their commitment to the slaughter of premature babies.  Of course, they will cynically disguise their agenda as concern for the lives of women who might be killed if abortion is again made illegal.

As always, these people are lying through their teeth and as proof I predict the following:

1) There will be no mention of the women who are currently being killed in their "safe and legal" abortion clinics.  At, we list several hundred of them and we know of several hundred more including at least six in just the last few months.

2) There will be no mention of the American women who are being murdered by pro-choice men because these women refuse to submit to abortions.  This is a common and very well-documented problem that has victimized women for years.

3) There will be no mention of the suspected link between abortion and breast cancer.

4) There will be no mention of the women who are raped and sexually assaulted in these "safe and legal" abortion clinics.  This problem was well documented in my book, Lime 5.

5) There will be no mention of the almost universal use by abortion-industry lawyers of the "slut or nut" defense against women who bring malpractice suits against abortionists.

6) There will be no mention of what the abortion industry intends to do about the substandard quacks they know are working in their "safe and legal" abortion clinics.  Even some industry apologists have admitted that they can only attract the washouts and losers of medicine, with one chain of clinics killing at least 10 women as of February of 2000.

7) There will be no mention of what the abortion industry plans to do to stop over-the-counter sales of emergency contraceptives despite the fact that these drugs are known to cause serious problems in some women.

8) There will be no mention of the new internet abortion business in which the pro-choice crowd is teaching underage girls how to use powerful and dangerous drugs to induce abortions on themselves.  In the past, these drugs have proven to be potentially fatal, even with medical supervision.  Now, the abortion industry is showing 13-year-olds how to get them without a prescription.

9) There will be no mention of the fact that the American abortion industry is currently operating a nationwide pedophile protection racket (see despite the known consequences for young girls who are victimized by older men.

The list goes on and on, but the point is that one would have to be either stupid or naive to believe that America's abortion profiteers care about the welfare of their customers.  As is always the case with these people, the bottom line is ... the bottom line.

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